Topic: Printing problem

how do I print just the lyrics and chords and not all of the ads and fluff around the lyrics

Re: Printing problem

I usually just use the print option displayed on the song page rather than the print function on my computer.  The one here on Chordie usually just spools the content only, not the whole displayed page frame, and I never get the headers or ads in my printed copies.  See if that works for you and let us know exactly what you did so we can better figure out if and where there might be a problem to be fixed.  Thanks

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Re: Printing problem

I usually copy and print, that way I can get rid of a lot of stuff I don't want, also edit to fit a page etc. More details if required.

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Re: Printing problem

Phill Williams - I am trying to do what you are - copy the contents of a song and put into Word, removing some items.  I am not making good progress.  Can you provide more details?