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Topic: Like An Old COuntry Song

Howdy yall, I know yall probly think I've give up on writing altogether, but after a long stretch of schoolwork and revival meetings I finally got time to sit down and write sumthin
In my mind, I picture a really top notch country band complete with twin fiddles and steel guitar, and somebody like David Allen Coe doin' the spoken parts to really pull it off....
Anyhoo here goes:

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Re: Like An Old COuntry Song

Welcome back LastRebel,

Your like a breath of the best  Fresh Irish Air..   So  to is your song.

Love it.  Ya havent lost the knack Girl.

Old Doll.

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Re: Like An Old COuntry Song

I love it...do you have it recorded anywhere? I'd love to hear it!  I think DAC really could do this one right. Or at least the old DAC, he sort of seems a little bit road worn now. But then I guess we all wear out.


Re: Like An Old COuntry Song

thanks yall, and no this ones only officially one day old so you know.... like i said though it really needs a great band to make it shine, and unfortuntely im fresh out :I.
but yeah i kept thinkin' 'lord its hard to be humble ' (dont really remember who sang that one), but I think old david allen coe's voixe would have been perfect. Havent heard him recently but im sure hes gotta be gettin pretty old,,,

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Re: Like An Old COuntry Song

I like your song rebel, Mac Davis did hard to be humble and you just gotta like David Allen Coe, think I'll do it again.


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Re: Like An Old COuntry Song

Nice one Rebel,

This is the first song that I have finger picked on my 12er (I am still getting used to the string spacing and picking double strings). I loved playing it so much that I 'Badeyed' it before posting my message.

Well done,


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