Topic: Missed High Fives

Short and sweet, my first venture into this lark!
Originally done this to help with learning barre chords!
normal 4/4 time.

(All Barre Chords)


[G] [A] [G] [A] [F]

[F]The soiled soul's of strangers,

[F#]The fickleness of fate,

[A]Standing in the spot light,

[A#]The task that brings up hate,

[G]Your confidence not shining,

[G#]With failure in your mind,

[C]To turn around defeated,

[C#]Your time will come again,

[C]Another you will find,

[Cm]Missed High Fives.

[Cm] [Bm] [Cm] [Bm]

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Re: Missed High Fives

hi apedoctor,

you been auditioning for x factor? this reads like a rejection on the faces of all those sad misbegotten souls who are humiliated by the judges and ultimately by themselves.

strange chord sequence, good for barre excersises but to know exactly how you meant it to sound you should put it onto your own myspace page. please do, and let us know when it's there


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Re: Missed High Fives

hi apedoctor welcome to chordie a nice piece for your first post well done....stay cool

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Re: Missed High Fives

Hi Apedoctor smile

Well done for a first post.
You handled Chopro now we just have to hear how it sounds recorded.


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Re: Missed High Fives

haha I don't think my vocal talents are for public ears! A friend of mine can play and sing beautifully, I think I would get her to do it!

Eyes peeled!

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Re: Missed High Fives

Nice wee piece of writing Sir,

Well done.

Old Doll.

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