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What is the difference between a stratocaster and a telecaster.Do they suit different types of music or is one just a later model of the other?

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Strats seem to have their place in blues and classic rock, whereas Teles are more suited for country and blues.  There's always exceptions though.

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The Telecaster has two pickups and a distinctive "twang" sound that is popular in Country. The Strat has three pickups and also has a fairly distinct sound...  that's pretty general since Fender makes probably over 100 different models and variations of the Stratocaster alone! Also the Stratocaster typically has a tremelo bridge...

Both can be awesome guitars for some players!

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Teles usually have single coil pickups as well, which lends to that distinctive twangy loveliness, as well as a low freq buzz with the amps.

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This topic could fill a book.
I'll admit I am biased. The Tele is the original, solid-body, electric guitar and still one of the most useful designs. People usually associate it with country, but Beck, Page and Richards would disagree. The hot, spanky, bright bridge pickup and very comfortable neck make the Tele a favorite. It rocks.

The Strat, on the other hand, has one of the best neck pickup tones going. It ranges from beautiful clean bell tones to smooth, sweet syrup under distortion. The unique 'in between' sounds at switch positions 2 & 4 made 80's music possible. That said, the bridge pickup has always been a little underwhelming (as has the Tele's neck pickup) so, people have experimented with humbuckers there.

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DrewDruncan wrote:

That said, the bridge pickup has always been a little underwhelming (as has the Tele's neck pickup) so, people have experimented with humbuckers there.

Hi, sorry to hijack the thread but I noticed that Fender have a HSS version of the strat as well as the standard. Is it worth shelling out extra cash for the HSS to get the fatter sound? I'm still saving my pennies and haven't decided yet.

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A lot of people like them.
I am not a big fan because of the problem with values for the pots. Fender single coil pickups are best matched with 250k ohm audio taper pots for volume and tone controls. Standard humbuckers do better with 500k ohm pots. So, when you mix types you have to decide between those values. The smaller the number, the more high freqs bleed off to ground. So, single coils through a 500k pot can sound too strident and "ice picky", but a hummer through a 250k can sound a little dull and flat.

The best situation for a HSS strat, IMO, is a fairly bright humbucker (SD JB or similar) through 250k pots. Alternately, a HB sized single coil, like those oversized P90's (P94, Z90, etc) might be even better. If you stick with 3 singles instead, it is easy enough to get a hotter bridge pickup from Duncan, GFS or other vendors.

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I bought a telecaster in 1962, how much would it be worth, if I hadn't given it away. Silly me.

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Agreed Drew ... a few rock and metal artists use Tele's ... John 5 uses a Tele with a humbucker and single coil … 0139000306

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...a '62 tele, in good shape, would be worth a pretty penny now. Depending on the color, condition and other details, I would guess somewhere between $8 - 20k.

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I have a GnL ASAT classic - which is a tele (Leo's final design).  Its swamp ash and the pickups are really cool.  Best sounding tele I've heard.

i am saving for their version of a strat as well now......i find swamp ash makes the whole guitar brighter so you get more out of it.