Topic: Ibanez TS10 Tubescreamer

Anyone use one of these? If I'm correct, the TS9 is the new version of this pedal...any comments on it would be appreciated.

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Re: Ibanez TS10 Tubescreamer

Stephen I used to have the old tube screemer im not to familiar with the new one but the new effects pedal I just got has the same features and sound,I remember having 4 stomp boxes and a waw waw pedal this was before they had all the units mounted in one unit and the boss ME-50 covers all these effects and a whole lot more,I still have the Jimmy Hendrix cry baby and it still performs as great as the day I got it just a little worn from the road wear like me lol

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Re: Ibanez TS10 Tubescreamer

I've heard that the Tube screamer circuit is one of the most copied and produced...course there's a good reason for that. More info can be found at:

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