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Every time I read the news papers or switch on the TV lately, there's a report of someone being shot or knifed, or someone bombing something. This is my knee-jerk reaction

I'm Sorry.             

by  Phill Williams

I'd like to say that I'm sorry
For something I might have said
I might have offended your mother
Or joked about someone who's dead

Well you might have a gun in your pocket
You might pull it out [and joking] take aim
You might catch your finger
And the bullet in the chamber
Might get fired, and I might get dead!

And then we would both be so sorry
You for doing the deed
And me on the floor, clutching my toe
`Cause the stump that's left me will bleed

You would drop your gun in amazement
You would throw up your breakfast for sure
The judge says; “no bail�
As he sends you to jail
As you got caught looking `round for my toe!

So let's just say; “accidents happen�
And “whatever will be will be�
Do you need a gun?
`Cause he's got a gun
`Cause he's got a gun, `cause of you

And the gun that you dropped on the pavement
Was picked up by a 12 year old kid
Who held up a shop
For a bottle of pop
Then the owner and some shoppers... he killed

So the moral of this little story
I find hard to put into rhyme
But if you've got a gun
Or a knife
Or a bomb
It's a sure thing you're gonna do harm.

Now take it along to the cop-shop
There's a friendly young constable there
He'll take it away, he wont ask you your name
Then it will be destroyed and we can all sleep easier tonight [this bit isn't meant to rhyme]


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Re: I'm Sorry

Hear Hear, I'll second that Phill.
Just heard on the news that a student (I think) shot and killed 17 innocents in Germany.
Just too sad to hear this kind of thing.

Great writing


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Re: I'm Sorry

I'm sorry yet again, this should have gone to the poems section, as I don't intend to put music to it, unless someone else fancies the job?


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Re: I'm Sorry

So great minds think alike ?

Is that what they say Phill ?. Im so sick of  listening to all this killing.
Our lives are gone in the blink of an eyelid. Its all so pointless.

Your words are expressing my sentimens also Sir.

Excellent as always.

I have a loop of chordie  songs playing on the pc here. So good to listen to you all.
At the moment its "Sparkler Playing",  One of James Mc Cormicks songs.

Selso, Alan, and anyone else who would  like to send me there songs please do..
Id be delighted to recieve them..

Ark ? any new instrumentals ?

Old Doll.

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Re: I'm Sorry

This is well written, music wise, did you have chords to accompany it?

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Re: I'm Sorry

hi eagleeye

no musical thoughts on it at all, and i've got too much on at the moment to even consider it, and i'm having one of those writer thingies where i think everything i do is sounding the maybe you'd like a go at putting some dylan-esque melody to it, please feel free. let me know when you've done it, i'd like to hear it

hi lena,

yes it always seems that whenever you think things are settling down, they turn around and bight you on the back-side!
that's all i'm hearing lately here in llanelli, is about knifings and people being beaten to a pulp, there was even an attempted robbery in a newsagents shop just down from me, where some guys held a sword to the assistant's throat, he cut her and beat her! and worst part of all is he comes from a well to do family...but it was drug related, so they'll probably get away with it!

sorry i didnt mean to make a sermon.

hi kenny,

good to hear from you, how you keeping?
if i had my way; all guns and offensive weapons would be destroyed. why is it always ex-students or ex-employees? we all get a little miffed at being bullied at school, or being fired from work...but we dont go shoot everyone? we??

thanks for all your kind comments


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Re: I'm Sorry

I work with kids, and as a daily duty, I'm required to search them before they enter the school. You'd be suprised how many of them bring weapons to school. You cant catch it all, unfortantly. Just today a kid tried to stab another kid before I intervened. Blows my mind

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