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Thinking of changing my Strats pick-ups, does any one have any opinions on Pre-Wired Pick Guards from a company called "Dragonfire"?


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Howdy Toobusi,

  Sorry you haven't had a lot of "strikes" on this post so far.  My God-daughter's Hubby (would that be God-Son-in-Law?) plays a strat, and bought a "loaded" pick-guard from Stewart MacDonald that seemed to work out fine.  IMO though, if you are looking for a different sound, you might consider just reworking the one you got by installing different pickups.  Dan's showed up in the customary S S S configuration, and he changed the middle to a Seymour Duncan.  Sounds pretty good, but I think that they tend to load the replacements with "average" pickups anyway to keep the cost down.  It is a cost effective way to go from a two to three configuration without going broke though.

  Have no experience with Dragonfire though, so do your research and Good Luck.

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I'm not familar with Dragonfire" but looking at their website I strongly suspect that they are using cheap import products...that's not always bad, but might not be an improvement on your project.

Why are you wanting to change your pick-ups?  Seymour Duncan website has lots of good info and wiring diagrams available to help with information...

Rewiring your own is not difficult if you have some basic skills with soldering and wiring...or you can gather up all the materials and have someone solder everything togather...  I have MIM Strat that I've rewired several times and have a couple of different pickguards with different pickups... It's fun to scrounge around and find all the parts and then put it all togather...almost like getting a new guitar...

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I believe you can still buy pre-wired setups with the Gilmore "Pink Floyd" sound.  I used one once and was BLOWN AWAY!  Best tone ever.  The other guys are correct, tho, you will get what you pay for.  Get the good stuff, even if it takes a little longer.  You will be happier.:)  Here it is! … sku=301515