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Adam Green

Baby'€™s Gonna Die Tonight (3 versions)
Be My Man (4 versions)
Before My Bedtime (3 versions)
Bible Club (5 versions)
Birthday Mambo
Bluebirds (3 versions)
Boss Inside (3 versions)
Breaking Locks (5 versions)
Broken Joystick (3 versions)
Buddy Bradley (3 versions)
Bungee (7 versions)
Can You See Me (3 versions)
Carolina (3 versions)
Cast a Shadow (3 versions)
Castles and Tassels (6 versions)
Chubby Princess (3 versions)
Cigarette Burns Forever (5 versions)
Country Road (5 versions)
Crackhouse Blues
Crucified With Christ (4 versions)
Dance With Me (6 versions)
Down on the Street (3 versions)
Drowning Head First (3 versions)
Drugs (4 versions)
Emily (7 versions)
Festival Song (4 versions)
Friends of Mine (8 versions)
Gemstones (6 versions)
Give Them a Token (9 versions)
Grandma Shirley and Papa (3 versions)
Hairy Women (2 versions)
Hard to Be a Girl (4 versions)
He'€™s the Brat (3 versions)
Her Father and Her (3 versions)
Here I Am (2 versions)
I Wanna Die
It'€™s a Fine
Jessica (5 versions)
Losing on a Tuesday (5 versions)
Mercy Came Running (2 versions)
Morning After Midnight (3 versions)
Mozzarella Swastikas (3 versions)
Musical Ladders (3 versions)
Nat King Cole
Never Lift a Finger
No Legs (4 versions)
Novotel (3 versions)
Party Line (5 versions)
Pay the Toll (4 versions)
Rich Kids (2 versions)
Secret Tongues (3 versions)
Stadium Soul (4 versions)
The Prince'€™s Bed (4 versions)
Tropical Island (3 versions)
Watching Old Movies (3 versions)
We'€™re Not Supposed to Be Lovers (6 versions)
What Makes Him Act So Bad
Who'€™s Your Boyfriend (2 versions)

Adam Green (born May 28, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter, artist and filmmaker.

Green is well known for his involvement in the anti-folk music movement and as one half of the band the Moldy Peaches, alongside fellow singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson. Green has found success as a solo artist, enjoying increasing popularity in the United States as well as a number of European countries, particularly Germany.