Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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All the Lazy Dykes (5 versions)
All You Need Is Me (4 versions)
Alma Matters (14 versions)
Alsatian Cousin (5 versions)
America Is Not the World (5 versions)
Ammunition (8 versions)
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together (3 versions)
Asian Rut
Bengali in Platforms (4 versions)
Best Friend on the Payroll
Billy Budd
Black Cloud (3 versions)
Break Up the Family (2 versions)
Certain People I Know (7 versions)
Come Back to Camden (4 versions)
Dear God Please Help Me (5 versions)
Do Your Best and Don'€™t Worry
Driving Your Girlfriend Home (5 versions)
Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
Everyday Is Like Sunday (12 versions)
First of the Gang to Die (8 versions)
Hold On to Your Friends (9 versions)
Home Is a Question Mark
I Am Hated for Loving
I Don'€™t Mind If You Forget Me (2 versions)
I Have Forgiven Jesus (5 versions)
I Know It'€™s Gonna Happen Someday (4 versions)
I Wish You Lonely (2 versions)
I'€™ll Never Be Anybody'€™s Hero Now (6 versions)
I'€™m Not Sorry (6 versions)
I'€™m OK by Myself (3 versions)
I'€™m Throwing My Arms Around Paris (8 versions)
In the Future When All'€™s Well (7 versions)
Irish Blood, English Heart (5 versions)
King Leer (3 versions)
Kiss Me a Lot
Late Night, Maudlin Street (6 versions)
Let Me Kiss You (13 versions)
Life Is a Pigsty (6 versions)
Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning (5 versions)
Little Man, What Now? (3 versions)
Margaret on the Guillotine (8 versions)
Mute Witness
Now My Heart Is Full (4 versions)
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell (3 versions)
Our Frank (4 versions)
Reader Meet Author (2 versions)
Seasick, Yet Still Docked (9 versions)
Sing Your Life (8 versions)
Something Is Squeezing My Skull (3 versions)
Southpaw (5 versions)
Speedway (8 versions)
Spring-Heeled Jim (6 versions)
Staircase At the University
Suedehead (17 versions)
That'€™s How People Grow Up (4 versions)
The Bullfighter Dies (2 versions)
The National Front Disco (5 versions)
The Youngest Was the Most Loved (4 versions)
To Me You Are a Work of Art (4 versions)
Trouble Loves Me (3 versions)
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
We'€™ll Let You Know (6 versions)
When Last I Spoke to Carol (3 versions)
Why Don'€™t You Find Out for Yourself (5 versions)
Wide to Receive (4 versions)
You Have Killed Me (6 versions)
You'€™re the One for Me, Fatty