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Saves the Day

1984 (3 versions)
Ain'€™t No Kind of Love (3 versions)
All I'€™m Losing Is Me (3 versions)
All-Star Me (3 versions)
Always Ten Feet Tall
Anywhere With You (6 versions)
As Your Ghost Takes Flight
At Your Funeral (12 versions)
Banned From the Back Porch (3 versions)
Because You Are No Other
Blindfolded (2 versions)
Bye Bye Baby (3 versions)
Can'€™t Stay the Same (3 versions)
Certain Tragedy (5 versions)
Chameleon (2 versions)
Delusional (4 versions)
Diseased (4 versions)
Do You Know What I Love the Most? (2 versions)
Driving in the Dark (5 versions)
Dying Day (3 versions)
E (3 versions)
Firefly (3 versions)
Freakish (12 versions)
Head for the Hills (6 versions)
Houses and Billboards
In My Waking Life (4 versions)
In Reverie (3 versions)
In the In Between (3 versions)
Jodie (4 versions)
Jukebox Breakdown (4 versions)
Let It All Go (3 versions)
Living Without Love (3 versions)
Lucky Number (3 versions)
My Sweet Fracture (8 versions)
Nebraska Bricks (2 versions)
Nightingale (3 versions)
O (5 versions)
Radio (3 versions)
Remember (3 versions)
Ring Pop (6 versions)
Rocks Tonic Juice Magic (4 versions)
See You (4 versions)
Shoulder to the Wheel (6 versions)
Stand in the Stars (3 versions)
Stay (6 versions)
Supernova (3 versions)
The Choke
The Last Lie I Told (3 versions)
The Tide of Our Times (2 versions)
Third Engine (4 versions)
This Is Not an Exit (5 versions)
Three Miles Down (8 versions)
Through Being Cool (3 versions)
Tomorrow Too Late (2 versions)
U (3 versions)
Undress Me (2 versions)
Verona (3 versions)
Wednesday the Third (2 versions)
What Went Wrong
You Vandal (9 versions)
Z (3 versions)