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Sister Hazel

All About the Love (4 versions)
All for You (12 versions)
Another Me (8 versions)
Beautiful High (4 versions)
Beautiful Thing (7 versions)
Best I'€™ll Ever Be (8 versions)
Better Way (2 versions)
Cerilene (7 versions)
Champagne High (10 versions)
Change Your Mind (9 versions)
Come Around (8 versions)
Concede (3 versions)
Dreamers (4 versions)
Effortlessly (2 versions)
Everybody (4 versions)
Everything Else Disappears (7 versions)
Feel It
Firefly (2 versions)
Fortress (5 versions)
Freeway Jam (3 versions)
Grand Canyon
Happy (4 versions)
Hold On (3 versions)
Hopeless (6 versions)
In the Moment (4 versions)
Just Remember (7 versions)
Karaoke Song
Killing Me Too (4 versions)
Lay It Down (4 versions)
Life Got in the Way (4 versions)
Little Black Heart (3 versions)
Mandolin Moon (4 versions)
One Life (3 versions)
One Love (4 versions)
Out There (4 versions)
Release (3 versions)
Run for the Hills (3 versions)
Sail Away (4 versions)
See Me Beautiful (3 versions)
Shame (6 versions)
So Long (4 versions)
Starfish (8 versions)
Strange Cup of Tea (4 versions)
Surrender (2 versions)
Swan Dive (10 versions)
Sweet Destiny (4 versions)
Sword and Shield (4 versions)
Take a Bow (4 versions)
Take It With Me
Tear By Tear (4 versions)
Thank You (5 versions)
The Saddest Song (Not Coming Home) (3 versions)
This Kind of Love (7 versions)
Truth Is (4 versions)
Vacation Rain (3 versions)
We Got It All Tonight
What Kind of Living (4 versions)
Where Do You Go (2 versions)
World Inside My Head (4 versions)
Your Mistake (7 versions)
Your Winter (19 versions)

Not to be confused with Hazel (band)

Sister Hazel is an American alternative rock band from Gainesville, Florida, whose style blends elements of jangle pop, folk rock, classic rock ’n’ roll and southern rock. Their music is characterized by highly melodic tunes and prominent harmonies. Most of their songs have optimistic lyrics. The band’s instrumentation often features abrupt shifts among electric, acoustic and a cappella, with striking use of tacets. Though often described as alternative, Sister Hazel leans toward an upbeat sound and away from the clashing punk discordance often associated with the alternative rock genre. There have been no changes to the band’s main lineup after over 20 years, although guitarist Ryan Newell was only listed as a guest musician on their debut album, and non-original member Dave LaGrande has been touring with them since 2012.