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The Moody Blues

And the Tide Rushes In (3 versions)
Are You Sitting Comfortably? (4 versions)
Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back)
Blue World (3 versions)
Candle of Life (6 versions)
Dawning Is the Day (3 versions)
Dear Diary (8 versions)
December Snow (3 versions)
Don'€™t You Feel Small (4 versions)
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume (5 versions)
Driftwood (8 versions)
English Sunset (5 versions)
Floating (3 versions)
For My Lady (10 versions)
Go Now (11 versions)
Had to Fall in Love (7 versions)
Hope and Pray (3 versions)
House of Four Doors (5 versions)
House of Four Doors, Part 2 (6 versions)
How Is It (We Are Here) (4 versions)
I Know You'€™re Out There Somewhere (3 versions)
I Never Thought I'€™d Live to Be a Hundred (3 versions)
I'€™m Just a Singer (in a Rock and Roll Band) (2 versions)
I'€™m Your Man (7 versions)
In My World (10 versions)
Is This Heaven? (2 versions)
Isn’t Life Strange (6 versions)
Isn't Life Strange
It May Be a Fire
It'€™s Up to You (5 versions)
Lazy Day (7 versions)
Legend of a Mind (9 versions)
Lost in a Lost World (4 versions)
Lovely to See You (7 versions)
Melancholy Man (4 versions)
Minstrel'€™s Song (3 versions)
My Little Lovely (2 versions)
Nervous (8 versions)
Never Comes the Day (5 versions)
New Horizons (9 versions)
No More Lies (3 versions)
Om (4 versions)
One More Time to Live
One Step Into the Light (7 versions)
Out and In (7 versions)
Question (8 versions)
Ride My See-Saw (4 versions)
Say It With Love (3 versions)
Send Me No Wine (5 versions)
Shadows on the Wall (2 versions)
So Deep Within You (5 versions)
Steppin'€™ in a Slide Zone (2 versions)
Strange Times (2 versions)
Sun Is Still Shining (5 versions)
Survival (5 versions)
Talking Out of Turn
The Actor
The Best Way to Travel (2 versions)
The Day We Meet Again (2 versions)
The Land of Make-Believe (2 versions)
The Other Side of Life (2 versions)
The Story in Your Eyes (5 versions)
The Voice (2 versions)
To Share Our Love (5 versions)
Top Rank Suite (5 versions)
Tortoise and the Hare (2 versions)
Under Moonshine (6 versions)
Voices in the Sky (2 versions)
Watching and Waiting (9 versions)
You and Me (4 versions)
You Can Never Go Home (5 versions)
Your Wildest Dreams (12 versions)