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The New Pornographers

Adventures in Solitude (5 versions)
All for Swinging You Around (3 versions)
All the Old Showstoppers (4 versions)
All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth (3 versions)
Another Drug Deal of the Heart
Ballad of a Comeback Kid (4 versions)
Born With a Sound
Breakin'€™ the Law (2 versions)
Broken Breads (3 versions)
Challengers (4 versions)
Champions of Red Wine
Chump Change (4 versions)
Crash Years (2 versions)
Dancehall Domine
Failsafe (4 versions)
Falling Through Your Clothes (3 versions)
From Blown Speakers (3 versions)
Go Places (3 versions)
It'€™s Only Divine Right (3 versions)
Jackie (2 versions)
Jackie, Dressed in Cobras (6 versions)
July Jones (2 versions)
Letter From an Occupant (3 versions)
Loose Translation (4 versions)
Mass Romantic (6 versions)
Miss Teen Wordpower (3 versions)
Moves (2 versions)
Mutiny, I Promise You (3 versions)
My Rights Versus Yours (5 versions)
My Shepherd (2 versions)
Myriad Harbour (3 versions)
Mystery Hours (2 versions)
Silver Jenny Dollar (3 versions)
Sing Me Spanish Techno (2 versions)
Stacked Crooked (2 versions)
Star Bodies (3 versions)
Streets of Fire (3 versions)
Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk (2 versions)
Testament to Youth in Verse (2 versions)
The Body Says No (3 versions)
The Electric Version (2 versions)
The End of Medicine (3 versions)
The Fake Headlines (3 versions)
The Laws Have Changed (3 versions)
The New Face of Zero and One
The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism (3 versions)
These Are the Fables (4 versions)
Twin Cinema (2 versions)
Unguided (3 versions)
Up in the Dark (2 versions)
Use It (2 versions)
Valkyrie in the Roller Disco (2 versions)
War on the East Coast
We End Up Together (2 versions)
Wide Eyes
Your Hands (Together) (2 versions)