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Who - naked eye


Naked Eye

(Difficulty: undetermined)



Naked Eye

(Difficulty: hard)
Note: all leads are approximate approx picking pattern; two guitars on record arr. for one cborus end restored fills first solo intro and verse outro solo; 6/8 repeat cborus verse CHORDS

[Note: includes 4 restored measures in solo 2 from remastered Odds & Sods version] Dsus2 (Dadd9) xx0230 Cadd9 x32030G6/B x20030 F6/9 xx3233 and 131233 C5 x355xx D5 x577xx G5 355xxx Cadd9 x32033 G 3x0033 ||:Dsus2 Cadd9 |G6/B (G) Dsus2 ( (