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Take Our Cars Now!

Saves The Day

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAKE OUR CARS NOW - Saves The Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Feel free to email me for any suggestions, corrections, or just whatever. take it easy.
By: Danny Bligh (hecklerdanny@aol.com
intro e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--1----1----------1-----1----1----------1-----1----1----------1-----1----1----------1-----| G|--0h2--0-------0--------0h2--0-------0--------0h2--0-------0--------0h2--0-------0--------| D|----------0h2-------------------0h2-------------------0h2-------------------0h2--------3--| A|---------------------3---------------------0---------------------3------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
verse e|--------(1)--| B|--1--3---1---| G|--0--0---2---|
D|--2--0---3---| A|--3--2---3---| E|-----3--(1)--|
chorus e|--(0)-------1--| B|---1--1--3--1--| G|---2--0--0--2--| D|---2--2--0--3--| A|---0--3--2--3--| E|---------3--1--|
interlude e|--1--3--| B|--1--3--| G|--2--0--| D|--3--0--| A|--3--2--| E|--1--3--|
well that should pretty much do it. i dont think i forgot any parts. have fun with it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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