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Rael  The Who

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 00:38:52 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: TAB: Rael by: Who
By The Who
From The Who Sell Out, 1967
Written by Pete Townshend
transcribed by
Tune down whole step:
(note: add one whole tone to each chord below to find shapes, e.g., C = D, F
= G, Bb = C )
|| C C F G | C C F G ||
The [C]Red-[C]chins in their [F]millio[G]ns
Will [C]over[C]spill their [F]borders[G]
And [C]chaos [C]then will [F]reign in [G]our Ra[C]el
The country of my fathers
A proud land of old order
Like a goldfish being swallowed by a whale
Ra[Bb]el, the home of my re[Ab]ligion
To [Bb]me the center of the [Ab]earth[G]
The Red-chins in their millions
Will overspill their borders
And chaos then will reign in our Rael
My heritage is threatened
My roots are torn and cornered
And so to do my best I'll homeward sail
And [C]so to do my [F]best I'll [G]homeward [Bb]sail[Bb] [Bb] [Bb]
Now [Bb]captain, [(Bb/A)]listen to[(Bb/G)] my ins[F]truc[(F/Eb)]tions[(F/D)] [(F/C)]
Re[Bb]turn to this spot on christmas [F]day
[Bb]Look toward the shore for my sig[F]nal
And [Bb]then you'll know if in Rael I'll [Ab]stay[G]
|| G G G/F# C/G C/G G ||
If a [G]yellow [G/F#]flag is [C/G]flutte[G]ring
Sickly [G]herald [G/F#]against [C/G]the [G]morn
[G]Then [G/F#]you'll [F]know my courage has ended
And you'll [C]send your boat a[G]shore[C/G] [G]
But if a red flag is flying
Brazen bold against the blue
Then you'll know that I am staying
And my yacht belongs to you
[Bb]Now captain, listen to my ins[F]tructions
Return to this spot on christmas day
Look toward the shore for my signal
And [Bb]then you'll know if in Rael I'll [Ab]stay[G]
|| G G G/F# C/G C/G G || A A A/Ab D/A D/A A || G...
|| Bb Bb Bb/A Eb/Bb Eb/Bb Bb ||
Ooh ooh ooh
[Bb] [A] [Ab] [Eb] [Bb] [Eb/Bb] [Bb] 
D/C Dsus4 D(no3)/C D/C

[C] [C5] [Csus2] [D/C]  

D/C Dsus4/C D(no3)/C D/C Dsus4/C D(no3)/C
He's crazy if he thinks we're coming back again
He's crazy if he thinks we're coming back again
C C5 Csus2 D/C Dsus4/C D(no3)/C
He's crazy if he thinks we're coming back again
He's [C]crazy[C5], [Csus2] [D/C]anyway
(bass only these 2 meas) D/C C D/C C D/C

[C] [Bb/C] [C] [Bb/C]  


(Open C pedal throughout)
[D/C] [C] [D/C] [C] [G/C] [D/C] [C] [D/C] [C] [D/C]  

[E/C] [Ab/C] [E/C] [Ab/C] [E/C] [F/C]  

F/C Fsus4/C F/C Fsus2/C F/C x2 F/C Fsus4/C F5/C

[F/C] [Fsus4/C] [F/C] [A]  

If a [D/C]yellow flag is [Dsus4]fluttering
D(no3)/C D/C Dsus4/C
Sickly herald against the morn
D(no3)/C C C5
Then you'll know my courage has ended
[Csus2]And you'll [C]send your boat a[D]shore

Part II
(approx organ changes; can be played tuned down or in standard tuning:
[C]What I see is all I've seen
In my [F]sweetest [C]sleeping dreams
[F]What I feel is [C]all I've felt
[F]When by newborn [Am]babes I've knelt
[F]What I know now is[C] all I've [Am]known
That has been good while [F]I have grown
Bless the thoughts that [C]made me sail
[F]And the god who made [A5]Rael

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A A5 Ab Ab/C Am Bb Bb/C C C/G C5 Csus2 D D/C Dsus4 E/C Eb F F/C Fsus4/C G G/C G/F#
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