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I always wanted to play guitar at school but wasn't allowed to. sad

Won 50 quid on the premium bonds when I was 18 so I went out and bought a Fender F3 Flat top accoustic.

Dropped it once and the neck started to split from the body. Fortunately some good wood glue fixed that. Then I leant it to someone and they put a big dent in it. So it's pretty battered but I've still got it at home in the UK. It still sounds great and very easy to play.


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Tibernius wrote:
KanagawaKid wrote:

Originally from the UK. Now living in Kanagawa Japan.

Lucky Git! lol

What's the weather like there?

A little bit warmer than the UK in the winter. A lot warmer than the UK in the summer.

And I live 10 minutes walk from the beach! sad lol

First tape owned: Led Zeppelin 4 (symbols). (Present from my Uncle) ~ 7 years old.
First tape bought: Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti. ~ 8 years old.
First LP owned: Pink Floyd - Wish you were here. (Present from my Uncle) 11 years old.
First LP bought: Ian Dury and The Blockheads - New Boots and Panties. 12 years old.

My Uncle is only 8 years older than me. He had a lot of influence on my early music tastes.

He started me early and guided me down a great path. I have a lot to be grateful for.


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Originally from the UK. Now living in Kanagawa Japan.


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Ok I've just started seeing this girl and she's heavily into Smooth Jazz.

I'd love to play some but I don't know the first thing about Smooth Jazz or what to look for.

Can anyone give any pointers on stuff I can look at here? Not too difficult if possible I'm only just starting to get the hang of bar chords.


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Thanks guys I'll keep trying. Takamine with a built in pre amp is my favourite so far. I have a tuner built into my V-Amp. Makes things easy.


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I'm looking at buying a 12 string. Has to have a tuner as I don't have the patience to manually tune that many strings.

Not looking at a lot of money somewhere in the Yamaha/Takamine price range.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have to agree with all the Takamine comments. I have a PT07E. Easy to play and a great sound and a very reasonable price. By far the best acoustic I've ever owned.


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I use my V-Amp 2s tuning function when it's there and I can be bothered to turn it on.

My main advice is get used to tuning with harmonics. It's much easier to hear the speed up and slow down of the interference waves at the higher frequencies.

Start by taking the string you're tuning low and then tune it up. This helps keep the tuning longer.

Always check back through and fine adjust if necessary. As other strings tighten or loosen the change in tension can put strings you've already tuned out. This is especially true when you're putting new strings on. On some guitars with thinner necks this can even make a difference on daily tuning.

If you're finding that the guitar doesn't keep it's tune for very long it could be that you may need to pay more attention when stringing it.

When you put new strings on put the string through the hole. Hold the string up and tight a couple of inches above the fret board with the thumb middle and ring fingers of your right hand while holding it firmly against the nut with the index finger. Wind the key keeping the tension on the string at all times. Direct the string so the first wind around the peg goes over the end poking out of the hole and then all the subsequent winds go below.

Just once more as it's important... Keep steady tension on the string at all times gradually lowering your fingers as you wind.

To start with you may occasionally find that you end up double winding at the end, particularly on the larger strings. This is not good as the overwound strings move against each other over time throwing the tuning out. You soon get an idea of exactly how much spare string to push through the hole at the start of the process for each different string.

This so called special deal sounds way out of line. Was it reallyt ever on sale at that price? I've been looking quite heavily into getting a Les Paul Recently. The cheaper Gibsons go for around a grand. Epi's are nowhere near that much. 300 sounds like a more realistic starting price.

Personally I've finally decided that I'm going for a Gibson. I accept that there probably is not a great deal of difference in the sound you get out (particularly since I'm not very good).

I think the difference for me is that second hand Gibsons go for about the same or sometimes more than the new ones whereas second hand Epi's are about half the price of a new one.


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I started with an old Fender Flat F3 Jumbo acoustic. It has a beautiful full bodied sound.

When my F3 got dropped at a drunken party and cracked the neck away from the body I bought a Tanglewood(Can't remember the model it's back home in the UK). The Tanglewood is a lovely guitar but a bit too crisp sounding for me.

I've fixed the F3 and despite receiving a few further bruises over the years that remains my favourite guitar to play.

Back home in the UK I also have an old knackered Epiphone Semi and a Jackson Charvel Electric.

Now living in Japan I've bought myself a lovely Takamine PT07E Electro Acoustic which is a dream to play. I really believe it makes me sound better than I am.

My next choice is difficult I'm trying to decide between a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Fender Japan Strat? Every time I go to the shop with my mind made up I try them both and loose it again.  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_confused.gif" border=0 alt="Confused">