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Anyone here pick up the Raconters' first alum?   Its great.   Thats all i have to say.


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Anyone ever hear of this guy? I watches him on the public channel a while ago and I just remember him going wild on his guitar with his slide.  I would really like some of his music too, so I think im going to have to find a cd of his.


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I have a name for some projects im workin on and the jumble of it all is called "Hello, we are music"...  I think its interesting.


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Congradulations, youve bought an instrument.  Ive somehow misintrepreted your post and it seems as if your looking to brag.  Well... ive seen some bad sg's and some decent ones.  If you bought a guitar to show off and brag about then why did you buy it?   Unless you make a song with it, its impractical.


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Some white stripes, Brigh eyes, Bobby D., The Greenhornes...The Bastards...  They work well for rythm practice, and many are great sociable songs.

If you want to take care of it, get a case... If your lookin to repair it, check out www.projectguitar.com


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Well.... Still usin records...  Too long ago to remember sorry.   I do have De Stijl and a single of the white stripes on record...


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When I first started slide I just went crazy till I felt comfortable with it.  Dont know what youre looking for for tips...(when I said I went crazy, I really meant all I played was slide for 2 weeks)  Try working on muting the strings with your free fingers on your fretting hand to quiet the squeals, or If you like em try to amplify them...  Or use some 7th chords and add some slide for variety.  Sorry if I didnt help but thats all I can do.


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Well, since its your group... I think you should reallly really try your own stuff.  Dont tell me you cant think of anything because if you ever want to become better at anything (including being in a band) I really suggest you press yourself 'till you cant move.


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Learn  some slide or work on your capo.

Sorry for the unrelated idea, I didnt want to start a new conversation so ill say it now... Id be cool if when we click on someones name, a link to their songbook shows up so we can see what other people have.  Or not.


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So... Do you pick up any instrument layin around your place or do you use some highly detailed works of art? What do you wish you had?  What do you wish you didnt have?  I guess ill go first...

Im usin a strat along with 11 million other people, but its working uncannily well.  Im lookin' for an acoustic, with my current sights on a sloped shoulder epiphone.  I also have a light blue casino which is amazing for slide.  Some marshall amp that I really dont care much for.

But im considering waiting off on the buying an acoustic, because Im going to minnesota state southeast tech for acoustic and electric construction.

Ive also got 3 large pots and pans, yet im running out of spoons.  An old honer harmonica in the key of G, and an old accordion which I have no idea how to use.  The last instrument that I have available here is a Kawai piano which is great.

I like Bob Dylan too,  and ive also gotten into Bright Eyes a little.  I hold the White Stripes high aswell.  Id also like to add anyone who takes a guiar and sings along with it anywhere.

Also someone names "Rick West"  He is local though.

I am lucky enough to have no recording device...  However I do have a 4 track reel to reel that has no reels with it. I need to get some basic recorder at least.


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Awesome... this is already a good site.