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try software called 'guitar-pro.' if you have limewire, you can download it for free with loads of songs built on. basically you can add songs (usually from ultimate-guitar.com) and the software shows you the tabs. you can then play it as slow or fast as you like to help you play it. you can also write your own music onto it.


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how about the animals, such as 'house of the rising sun.'


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i agree with bluesman567. a teacher is always the best solution as they can teach you right from scratch. i find with some dvds that they progress too fast and it is sometimes awkward to see what they are doing with their fingers.


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in my experience, i would say 'no'


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perhaps you should go for a smaller size in their range. i use the drednaught size - my hands aren't particularly that large but i have no problem with it. you should either contact tanglewood or a guitar distributor and ask what size would be best for your hands


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your fingers really will stretch the more you practice and it will get easier.

and we've all been there. when i started, i thought 'jesus christ, i'll never be able to go from G to C quickly.' but if you concentrate on just two chords and practice going between them - use G to C for instance, in a week you'll be suprised how much you've come on and then you'll wonder how you couldn't do it in the first place!

another tip is that when i first started i tended to pick all of my fingers up before putting them back down for a new chord, but most chords can be transformed with just shifting a few fingers up or down. picking your entire hand up just complicates things when it isn't necessary, try and find short cuts for easily making a new chord shape from another.


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i'm using a tanglewood. the price is well worth it - seriously. i've always been complimented on what a nice sound it produces. the entire thing had just been built with such quality and care. no cut corners on a tanglewood. please let me know what you end up doing


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the majority of deaths though wee accidental.

hendrix drowned to death in his own vomit

marc bolan had a car crash

i think it's just coincidence that people like cobain, morrison, joplin, bolan and hendrix all went around the 27 mark. i think it's just down to the style of their lives - the drugs and the pressure


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how long does it happen after changing the strings? it could be that its new strings adjusting and stretching into shape. if it's happening a while after, perhaps you could try different brand of strings. i dont think you can go wrong with Fender Superbullets


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hi everyone,

it's been a while since i've been on here - i lost my password - but it's good to be back.

hope someone might help me out. i'm a guitar player but just bought my girlfriend a 6 string banjo for her birthday.

while i was at it i was looking at a good banjo book but i hadn't heardof any of the songs so i just bought an acoustic guitar book.

the guy in the shop hadn't a clue if it'd work for banjo but surely if it has 6 strings and is tuned the same as a guitar, it is the same to play?

can anyone reassure me?

Cheers all!


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you could try 'smells like teen spirit' by nirvana.

it'smainly just power chords and you'd only ened a distortion pedal for the sound.

then i think it's at the end of the last verse or something there's a small solo that's not too hard to play


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lol. me too!


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Hi all,

not sure where to put this post.

I've noticed in the new day and age of www.myspace.com, lots of musicians have bunged their own music up along with a personal profile.

does anyone on here have their music on myspace? if so, i'd love to hear it!

Please share your myspace usernames so we can share eachothers music <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif" border=0 alt="Smile">


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so how do we join this band of yours? are you on myspace?


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i'd lvoe to play for you if you lived in mid-england! lol.

i've done a few dido songs, but i know what you mean. it may be easier finding a guitarist to play for you, althouhg you may find that you may have to alter your song depending on if they decide to change the rhythm or anything if you know what i mean


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perhaps try and learn a different style to play. for example, if you mainly play strumming songs, try finger-picking songs


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hi there,

suprisingly, it can be very simple. i mainly use fsharp when going from G to Em. Here, it is only necessary to place you first finger on the 2nd fret of the 6th string.

If you know your gutiar quite well, it canbe worked out that playing the 6th string on the 2nd fret is the fsharp note.

hope this has helped


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Hi all, I enjoy singing; as i'm sure many of us do; when i play my guitar.

i'm in tune, but i'd love to make the most out of my voice for singing along to songs.

i'm sure we're all familiar with Eric Burdon from the animals howling out 'house of the rising sun' but what can you suggest to build your voice up as powerful as his?

Especially when it hits the '...and it's been...' part of the 'there is a house in new orleans they call the rising sun, AND ITS BEEN the ruin of many a poor boy...'

any help on vocal traiing would be appreciated!

Hi there,

i love chordie.com i find the people on the forums so helpful and there's a great range of songs to find too.

I was thinking in this day and age of www.myspace.com, perhaps chordie should make its own page on there and add everyone interested in guitars. you'dbe sure to get in the hugh hundreds, if not thousands of people join your page.

it would definately promote this web site, which will mean even more songs and more support on the forums


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how about good old 'wild thing.'


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you could always try putting a capo on one of the frets to give it all a higher pitch, but this may cause a problem if you're singing to it at the same time.


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Hi Ken,

thank you very much for your reply. I'll sort out getting that software you recommended and i'll let you know how it goes!

thank you for your time,



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Fenders are a super instrument. I play the fender strat as my main guitar. i would say 'go for it' but it depends how serious you are about playing. if you know you'll keep at it for a good while and want to start with great equipment, get that fender.

if you're not too sure, how about starting with a squier (made by fender). they're a nice learning instrument. If you enjoy it and want to gig, then perhaps that is the time to buy a fender.


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there's no such thing as a stupid question!

When Ir ead your question, the first thing that came into my mind was 'when you are standing, how slack is your guitar strap?'

If you are in a rock/grunge band, you might be inclined to have your strap slack with your guitar down low, like poeple like kurt cObain did. If this is the case, it's extra strain on your wrist to bend round to make a bar chord.

I suggest tightening your strap up a bit, resulting in the neck of your guitar being closer and easier to grab in that bar shape. Try starting really high, where it may look rediculous. once it's easy there, gradually lower your guitar to where you prefer.

hope this helps


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Hi all,

at the moment, i'm still in the tape-age - recording my singing and guitar work onto a good old sinple tape.

but what would you recommend for putting it onto CD at an affordable price?

I could either use some sort of portable CD recorder, or something that transfers tapes onto CD

All suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you