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I have tried it.  Didnt taste bad and didnt make me sick but I am also not a child

Thanks a lot guys!


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A thought for you:  What do you do in class that makes you successful?  What are you doing at home that makes you unsuccessful?  Think on this and try to recreate whatever makes you successful in your chosen environment.

Thanks a lot everybody, you have given me somethings to ruminate on.  So, just to summarizing question, I need a 1000 plus watts in speakers (active or passive), mixing board, monitors, and mic/stands?

I need to invest in a PA system for my band, however, I know nothing of them.  We have a pretty loud drummer and will need it for bars/medium gigs.  We play Rock and blues and really just need it for singing. Also the cheaper the better.

Any suggestions?


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My gibson sg with seymour duncan hot rodded pickups and coil splits....pushed through my ac30 I cant complain...so tasty


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Also learn those chords in as many voicings as possible

lol no level, jacks, power supply all check out...however it turns out that it simply wont work depending where in the chain of pedal it is...is that unusual?

it was working fine (its a germanium fuzz) then i put it into my pedal chain and when i turned it on it the led came on but no sound came out of anything...What happened?  Is it broken?  What do I DO!!!!???





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I have been doing a lot of hendrix music lately and ppl say he played in (mainly) a chord melody style...I know what it is but cant seem a good way (on the internet) to learn...any suggestions?


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ibanez has skinny necks but ive played a shecter once or twice an they were just as thick as my gibson (which is the way i like em)

idk about what topdown says about strings...two-four weeks...I think it depends on how hard you play em.  I play every day for hours and my strings last for months and months without losing their tone


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But if your looking for three individual keys and you've only found two songs that would be...sad so I am gonna assume you want songs with those chords....how about hotel california, wild horses (Am), had a bad day, and....ummm nope thats all off the top of my head


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all long the watch tower is Am G and F...


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I was surfing youtube the other night and saw the magical and mysterious e-bow and all of it's awesome abilities...and I started to wonder.  Could it be that awesome??? anyone ever use one the thing looks amazing. Is it though...?


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i was curious to know of everyone's favorite solo scale?  my personal favorite is the basic pentatonic shape.  I am looking to branh out a bit and wanted to see what you fellow soloers like to use.


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Still like coldplay though


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When covering a song at a school event is it necessary to file anything or to contact the artist or something?  What about fundraisers?

Please anyone who can answer this let me know.




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An easy song that every one knows is Sweet home alabama.  But after playing that five or 6 times youll get bored so try finding some easy classical pieces for guitar.  They sound great, they are challenging, and they are easy to arrange to make what ever sound you like.


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Dorian Mode


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Ovation. Cost effective, pretty, gorgeous sound.  Its a round back design though but that doesnt affect my playing style.  look into them.


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In my long history of performance the thing that helps me the best is.....practice.  Not just until its good but until you can do it frontwards, backwards sideways, in your sleep, behind your head.  Then you will have no problem playing in front of anyone. further more stay focused on what your doing not the audience, narrow your world down to you and the stage, picture that your world cuts off at the stage theres nothing beyond it only stars.


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evsynator wrote:

take a deep breath and think of all the most worst things that could ever happen to you or your family ..... this one will be the last on the list . stay cool .

No there is truly nothing worse at all. I know i have a truly charmed life but its part of the human psyche to hate change so im claiming my natural write.  but to ken and topdown, thank you very much for pointing out that it be swithced to the old way. i am known for not being able to see whats in front of me.

Thank you very much.



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I have to say this the first time ive ever been disapointed in chordie.

heres the story:

Im surfin the web guitar in lap ive decided to look up some stuff on chordie because its so easy to find what you want.
I was looking for some tabs to let it be by the beatlles. but instead of seeing a list of songs in alphabetical order i find them in a completely different system by ALBUM. ok i thought thats cool all i have to do is find the correct album. NOPE when i clicked on the song there was only one option instead of the scores i was used to seeing. OK i thought  just look in a different album wrong again.  it was the same song over and over again. Not only was the redundancy obnoxious but i couldnt find what i wanted.
And by redundancy i mean they had the same exact songs over and over again but in different groupings with other songs and it just kept going and going

So I ask what the hell happened to chordie i used to love? Where i could find things in seconds and have dozens of different options for the same song?

Please help me

Disgruntled Jordan