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this one, but candy apple red



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Sorry I have been away for a little while.  I really appreciate the input.  Leaning towards the fatty.  Seems like I can get a new one for $500 which will be backed with service from my local store or one from ebay or CL for about $300.  Just not sure how much to trust a used one.  At least with CL I can try before I buy.


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Detman101 wrote:

Fat Strat.

You will appreciate having the humbucker there when you need it...

Trust me.


That's exactly what one of my buddies tells me.


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Don't post much but when I do it seems I am always looking for advice.  You folks have helped me in the past.

I am sorta gassing for a strat.  I have friends who like the HSS pickup configuration and those who like the SSS better.  I'm sort of leaning towards the SSS for the pure strat quack but some tell me that in certain settings it will suffer from feedback.  I play my Hamer SAFT with the Hamer P90's through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and am completely satisfied with the sound I get but am also looking to diversify my sound.  I have not yet played a strat at all but have heard them.  I plan on trying one out at my local store but would like any comments any of you have from your own experience. 

I like to play classic/southern rock, Beatles, blues and country.  I also play in our church's praise band; mostly rythm and a little lead.

Thanks in advance.



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Sounds like fun but if I could play a 20 minute solo that would probably happen to me without an amp.


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I'm gonna try my Tak A/E with it soon.  Hope I don't wet my pants.

wlbaye - did you use ch 1 or ch 2?  Seem like I read that ch 2 uses less gain.


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Gigged the HR Deluxw last night for the first time.  It's definitely a keeper.  Going through the PA or micing not necessary at all; plenty of volume with plenty of head room to spare.  Clean with a little reverb is unreal.  Didn't use the drive channels at all.  Used a distortion and OD pedal with the clean for a couple of songs with excellent results.   Unbelievable how powerful 40 watts of Fender tube power is.


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OK, I understand now.  Thanks.  Completely new to tubes though.  Any suggestions for do's and don'ts?


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Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.  Don't understand the "Market Place" comment though.  I thought I posted in the Electric Guitar forum. 

Oh, well.  It all worker out.  I scored a sweet brand new all tube 40W Fender Hot Rod Deluxe on Craigslist for $450.  It's more than I wanted to pay but when I did my homework and realized it sells for $700 I couldn't pass on it.  It has way more power than I will ever need but I like the head room. 

I know there are some bad reviews out there as far as reliability but a lot of good ones too.  I have a friend who has had one for 8 years with no problems.  Mine is exactly what I was looking for.  I play mostly clean.  It has beautiful clean sound and great reverb.  Haven't messed with the drive channels much but the clean takes pedals nicely.

I would be interested in hearing any comments/suggestions from anyone who has had any experience with this amp.  I am still pretty much a newbie in the world of electric.

Thanks, David


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Hmmmm, thought I could get all kinds of comments here......oh, well


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Hey dudes.  Long time, no post.  I need an electric guitar amp and only have $300 to spend.  Playing with our church's praise team; mostly rythm and a little lead now and then.  Have OD and distortion pedals.  Currently playing my Hamer SATFP90 through my Marshall AS50R acoustic amp and it delivers plenty of power for what I do.  Get a pretty good clean sound but now I'm ready for an electric amp to get the most goody out of the Hamer.  Suggestions please............

Thanks in advance,


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Zurf - Ever tried playing B barring the 7th fret and playing E shape on 8th and 9th?  I do this when playing all barre chords and occasionally to add a different octave when playing mostly open chords.


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thistles wrote:


just got myself a nice Stagg Paula from ebay... got it yesterday, and it's way better then most Epis I had in my hands. got it for around $70, but that was here in Germany.

But for the kind of music you'll want it for, and to compliment the Paula and Strat (my Strat is a Stagg as well), I'd recommend getting a Tele. If you can live with no string-through body, the Squier Affinity Teles are nice and CHEAP.

Plus they are readily available from most stores, so you can try befor you  buy (which I find is always a good idea with guitars) unless you want to play the "I buy online, let's see what I get" game... (my win/loss ratio is about 60/40, but I tend to buy cheap off ebay...).

Cheers and have fun with whatever axe you get!


Thanks Thistles.  Our lead plays an LP and a Tele.  I'm really thinking Strat or SG style.

But I really know little to nothing about how different styles produce different sounds.  I do know that the amps and effects can determine a lot.

I need more feedback from you electric experts, please.



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Thanks, guys.  I'm looking at the Agile.

geoaguiar - do you find yours significantly heavier than the Gibson or Epi LP?



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OK, I need an electric only rarely but still need one.  By cheapo I mean $200-$300 tops and closer to $200 is best.  I play acoustic rythm in our praise and worship band and occasionally need a little electric sound to compliment our lead player who plays a Fender Tele or a Gibson Les Paul.  I'm running my acoustic through a couple of pedals at times for OD and/or distortion but it's not quite what I'm looking for.

I have an amplifier available without having to purchase one.

Thanks for the comments and recommendations,

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Zurf wrote:

D and G because there is no "Evil B" chord in D or G. 

- Zurf

But the evil Bm is!

I don't know why, but I have no problem nailing the quick change to barre G, A, B, etc using the E shape. 

Move me over one string and the quick change to barre Bm, Cm, Dm, etc using the E shape is another story.

Go figure!


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The tuning on the strings will change as temperature/humidity changes.  It does not matter what the temperature/humidity is when you tune.  The strings will stretch or tighten when you move to a new environment.  The key is to keep re-tuning until you are in the same stable environment long enough for everything to equilibrate.  I have found that it will take about 15-20 minutes after a significant environmental change for everything to stabilize.

tonydr - I don't think your Cadd9 is correct - you need to move your 1 finger to the D string and your 2 finger to the A string

Very nice, Southpaw.  Very, very nice.


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The thing I don't like about the coated strings is that they feel slippery to my fretting fingers plus they seem to sound brighter and I like a warmer sound.

My .02


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Thanks Paw!  I built a stand from scrap 3/8" plywood.  Got it about 4 inches off the floor tilted about 45 degrees.  Worked great on our tight sanctuary stage with the amp close to me.  Will get to try it out on a larger stage in a couple of weeks with it a little farther away.  If the angle is too high I can easily use a couple of shims to bring it down some.

Thanks again and peace back atcha and keep on giggin!  I keep up with your gigs in the other forum.



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Well, I got the AS50R and used it yesterday as a stage monitor and I gotta say this little rascal more than holds it's own.  Had to crank it up to 5 but had no distortion or feedback problems and it cut through 2 keyboards, a bass, drums, a les paul (through a tube Marshall half stack) and another acoustic just fine.  Plugged a cheapo ($400) Tak acoustic/electric into channel 1 and a Fender mandolin into channel 2 with just a little reverb and got a very nice acoustic sound by boosting the bass a little and cutting the mids a little.  Even used a BD-2 blues driver pedal to play a couple of spot leads using a cheap rubber sound hole plug to kill the feedback from the pedal.  Sounded just as good as the more powerful (80w vs 50w) and much more expensive Acoustasonic Jr. our other acoustic player was using right beside me.

Thanks, Southpaw!


topdown wrote:
06sc500 wrote:

My 8 gig iPod Nano comes with album artwork if it recognizes the CD...all of the songs online come with album artwork.

Yea 06 - you're right. My iPod touch has artwork, and the ability to flip through the the album covers is pretty cool. You just can't compare the 1" square photo on the iPod, or even the 3" cover on a CD to what we used get in full size vinyl albums.

And the joy of cleaning out the seeds on a double LP! Another thing this generation will never appreciate wink

You ain't foolin' me, Topdown.  I'm an old fart, too.


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Well, I got him down to $250.  He says he bought it new in 2004 and it's hardly used and near mint having set up for a "few" years at his mother's house.  I'm a 2 1/2 hour drive away and am going to try to get there this weekend.  Thanks for the input.