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To help with this issue we need to know exactly what is happening.

To delete a song from a Songbook you first need to select the song (or songs) by clicking on the grey box to the left of the song title:


Then you then click on the box with the bin image at the top of the Songbook page to delete the song:


Please let me know how far you you can get and list any error messages, or say when things stop happening.



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I am preparing stuff for our band's Halloween gig and we wanted to play some scary Halloween songs in the interval. One of these songs wanted was The Monster Mash and I found a copy of what was advertised as the original version, not the Bobby Pickett one, so I downloaded it (and a couple of others) mixed them onto one track late last night sent it to Julia, our lead singer, for her opinion. This morning I took the ten minute recording I had made and copied it to make a repeating track to last an hour, Then, for the first time, I listened to the tracks to check for evenness of levels.

Suddenly I though I heard the 'f' word in Monster Mash, so I listened closely. The track I downloaded was absolutely disgusting so I had to contact Julia rather rapidly and tell her not to listen to it as it is not fit for a lady to hear. Too late!! She listened to it earlier and was laughing her socks off as she knew how utterly embarrassed I would be sending it to her.

This is one very red faced Roger lol 

Sorry all, I have not completed my challenge(s) and I will not be able to do before the end of the month, I have not even had time to listen to other's challenges yet. I have sorted a out a metal song but I will just not have time to finish learning it and record it before the end on the month. However I will get it done as soon as I can and post it late.

My problem is that I run a small band and we have a Halloween gig and are trying to raise in excess of a thousand euros for a local dog rescue charity. There are several new songs, and I have to sort out the key for the vocalist, write the lyric/chord sheets and because we have inexperienced ukulele players I sometimes have to transpose for them, I have also had to find and record horror sounds and scary songs for the pre-performance and interval.

I need 48 hours days at the moment smile

Sorry again,


The short answer is no you cannot. Chordie is a search engine and finds that songs that are available on the internet but then re-formats them so that they are easy to read and transpose.

If you have a song you will have to upload it to a site that accepts them (but in 'ChoPro' or 'chord pro' format) and in a short time it will be available here also.



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Today is the 16th birthday of Chordie. Happy Birthday and may there be plenty more of them. smile



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Have a good one Doug. Happy Birthday.


Sadly that is not our Per (his name is the Nordic equivalent of Peter) and I have had the pleasure of meeting him a while ago when he was on holiday here in Portugal.



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A big Happy Birthday to Russell Harding who is 21 again today. lol

May your strings never break and always stay in tune...

Have a great day Russ.



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The basic difference is that an acoustic amp is built to eliminate (or at least reduce) feedback, so an acoustic amp will work fine with an electric guitar but and electric amp and acoustic guitar might have feedback issues.


This is not a song that I know too also. However I did enjoy listening to it and have no need to listen to the original, well done Richard.     


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Hi Russ a student of mine had his Ibanez damaged though flying it from Sweden without loosening the strings and he gave it to me to break for spares.


As you can see from the last two pictures I surprised him by returning it two weeks later. The wood filler in the neck could well be a natural colouration and the damage on the front of the headstock was hidden by a false truss rod plate.



He said it played better than it had before and threatened to break a couple more that he had (I had done little work on the action smile) and he is still using it 8 years later.



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Clearing your cookies usually sorts this one out. Try and see how it goes Jan.


Easybeat challenged anyone to record a Chordie original song but he did not say how recent, so here is one from February 2007 lol

The original post: https://www.chordie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1344

My YouTube recording from 11 years ago smile : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekl_88XLb4A


Well done Doug!!!

I have nominated you for extra pickles to be awarded in this year's remuneration. lol



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Welcome to Chordie but as this is an About Chordie subject and not chat I have moved the topic.

There should be no problem. Transpose the song to the preferred key and then save it to your Songbook, it will save in the transposed and not the original key. Copy and paste is not a good option, although you can copy and paste the transposed version, any print out will have the chords in the lyric line and not above it. A direct print out from the Songbook will print what you see.



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OK. This is what I see:


So I am not getting the full view (maybe it is my screen resolution) anyway I will drop a line to Per if you are still not abe to get all the books in All Songbooks.


Nice work on 'Love is All Around' Richard, and great to have two other artistes join you on it. Great fingerpicking and a super job for a first take.



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So sorry to hear of your loss, many condolences.



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That is strange, I do not see an 'all songbook' option. I have a 'No category' with 1144 books listed and I can see the first 5 pages of that with no problem. My listing starts with 'Absolute beginners' followed by 'Blues' and, as they are in alphabetical order, an 'All songbooks' should be between them. Can you show me a screenshot with the  'All songbooks' please.



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This should now be fixed. It all seems OK on my laptop so please check and report back.



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This is an About Chordie subject so I have moved the thread,

I see the problem. The first page shows 1 to 10 books of howevermany there are in the category but page two which should show 11 to 20 only shows one and the advance key does not work.


I have reported this to Per and I am sure he will look at it as soon as he has time.


I have covered many of the Chordie original songs but not lately, I'm afraid. There are just not enough hours in a week but I still reguarly sing James MacCormick's "One Of These Days" and Phill William's "The Broken Doll". However if you read Jan's message the challenges are specific. Neo has the Chordie original, I have Heavy Metal, and you have the cover of last month's songs. So we are lumbered and cannot switch lol.

I do like your challenge for Jan though.



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That is the trouble with using local lingo.

A 'punter' is a customer, a spectator or a gambler, so in this case the audience.


I love the ballads and slow songs done by many of the heavy metal bands but I guess they don't count. I will have to do some research. lol


P.S. I wish I had Neo's challenge lol

I am up for a challenge too but please, please, PLEASE, not an instrumental as my lead playing sucks and need more than a month to learn to play anything. lol