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if u spell it "Nickelback" you'll find some.

http://www.chordie.com/song.php/songart … index.html


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I think its the same as any other decade, most of the stuff on the radio is rubbish, but if you go looking for it, you'll find some brilliant new music.


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You're too nice to your guitar, if you're changing strings, you should put some gauge 10's on it. Chances are, it came with 9's and 10's have that little bit more tension to straighten up the next and stop your fret rattling. My guitars live in my car boot, i'm probably a bit neglectful (neglecting?) but i always have practice straight after work.

Actually, just googled "Yamaha APX 4A SPL", turns out its an acoustic. Try to get slightly thicker strings, if that doesn't work, very very carefully, adjust your action with the truss rod using an allan key. Can't stress how careful you should be, to avoid stressing the neck (hardy har har). If you've no idea where you're truss rod is, it should be where the neck meets the body, and you should access it through the sound hole. You'll probably need an 1/8" allan key and you should turn the rod anti-clockwise.


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Gill once burpep vermisilitude (no idea what it means, our guitarist came up with it). i reckon thats impossible to repeat by anyone. mp3 proof to the contrary will be required.


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Yeh, thouht it evolved from the cuatro (little spanish 4-string guitar).

Wikipedia gets that name from this: 

"Spanish guitarra, derived from the Latin word cithara, which in turn was derived from the earlier Greek word kithara"

Before that, a lute was taken to spain by the romans..

Actually just read this:



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If you wanted to have a capo on the 2nd fret then you should just transpose a whole tone down (two semitones) and it should give you the chords for above the capo. Aye, should work nicely.


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That's brilliant, hope i have musical kids, and not engineery kids, or a nice mix of both. Gill should make em fairly musical too. either way they're gonna be ginger. big_smile


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oh, then yeh, Cadd9, its in Greenday's Good Riddance, one of the first songs i learnt


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Apparently (after googling) this is it


Don't ask me why, i'm a bit drunk


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Don't see why not, if theres space for it. You'd have to do something with the wiring, maybe get a strat pickup selector.


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Its got two D's so its the most likely. The low G is the sus4 part because it is the fourth note in Dmaj, the C on the A string is the 7th. The other three notes go DAD, which is a D power chord.


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Most of my odd tunings are D something

Drop D


Open d is pretty nice


open Dmin

DADFAD (much the same, really sad sounding)


D Suspended


(all low to high)


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ha, ouch, i had another gig that i played horribly injured. I had a broken wrist, which was broken in a similiarly stupid way.

found a picture actually:


You can kinda make a black cast wround my left wrist


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i like really scottish voices, like idlewild (sometimes) or boyfriend/girlfriend. they're pretty good, i try to sing a bit scottish but also fairly legible, but i'm a rubbish singer so it doesn't affect things too much.


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i love sufan stevens, so does gill (my girlfriend). she occasionally appears on the forum.


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Its a lot easier further up the fretboard, if you can get them there, try to work back down the neck until your fingers are strong enough to hold the Fmaj. I'm still rubbish at Fmaj, i end up doing the low F with my thumb and leaving the high E open (I tell everyone its a Fmaj7, which it is, but its laziness mostly).

Also try shiftin your index finger back and forward until you find a bony bit bit of finger to hold the high notes down, mines is my second knuckle in. Either that or go for the jimi hendrix technique of using your thumb for the low notes and then you don't have to barre anything.

[font=Courier New]

You should probably ignore my thumb advice if you want to have "perfect" technique but it works for me.


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I played a nasty trick on our singer when we were recording. He did his first take and his seemed so proud of it (it was pretty good) that I decided to burst his bubble by autotuning his performance to the wrong key. So I manually selected G#maj (think the song was in D) and shifted the fine tuning a few cents. He listened back to it and was really annoyed with himself for going out of tune so often. We did this for a few takes before he went home in the huff. I sent him the finished track a few days later with his performance sounding awesome again (un-autotuned) and he thought I was some sorta audio wizard until I told him the truth.

I thought it was funny, but i'm probably a bit nasty.


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Nah, you can hear it. Its a nice chord, if a little odd.


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You should try to find tabs for songs you quite like. What sorta music do you like? I'll see if I can think of any fairly easy songs to learn.


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http://www.torvund.net/guitar/index.php … luesguitar

I learnt a lot here, its a good site. It has some samples to listen to and play along with.

BTW, does anybody know how to write tabs in the forum using courier new? I can only do it with the "code" box


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You should probably try the shuffle, its based on triplets missing out the middle one.
So its like this:

1  2  3  4  


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hmmmm, might go to that, is it the one in glasgow?

I think you should get a Boss OS-2. Its an overdrive/distortion pedal with a knob to sweep between the two. Gives you a nice range of distortions and overdrives. I've had two (not because I broke it but because I left it at a disgruntled band members house).


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maybe this:


(i hold the low notes with my thumb)


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Both the blisters have gone down mostly now. I'm plastering them with savlon every so often. I've got band practice later today so i hope they've healed enough. Seems not bad, been playing ukulele a little bit and it doesn't hurt much anymore.

Thanks for all the remedies, i'll wander round tesco later looking for some aloe vera or lavender oil.