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......... for the very nice e-mail you recently sent.

Yes, I have just recovered from Prostate Cancer and have been declared "cancer - free" by my oncologist. I haven't mentioned it here, because --- well ---- because with all of our recent bad luck, I didn't want to be a "Sad Sack" or have you all think, "Oh no! HIM again!"

The whole story is on the blog, as is the news regarding our great-grandson Christopher. I haven't been around lately, so I don't want to add anything else here nor do I blame you for not wanting to read the blog.  Just know that Dondra and I are looking after each other, are doting on our new addition to the family and that I hope to return at some future time. I have not picked up a guitar in months and haven't written anything - so nothing to share except this message.



...... to all of my Chordie family! smile

I'm dealing with some health issues which have resulted in numerous trips to the hospital, so I have not been active of late. I hope you will understand and know that you are still in our hearts.

Merry Christmas to all

Bill and Dondra Craig

PS: Dondra's doing just fine and sends her love. 


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I love jazz guitar - Wes Montgomery being a favorite - and this guy is great! I posted on his YT channel and asked a question. Wonder if he'll answer?

Great choice, TF.     


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Note and like left on Soundcloud, Jeff, but I'll say here, I love writing of any kind and music of any kind which "paints a picture" for me. If your song were of a symphonic nature, it would be known as a "tone poem".  As I wrote on SC, all it needs now is the sound of waves hitting your beach.

You are among some GREAT writers here on Chordie, jeff, and it's a pleasure to me to listen to your work.



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Pete, my friend! I left you a note on your YT channel, but I'll say right here, you own this tune - and not just because you wrote and performed it, but because you put so much of yourself into it.  Did you do this on your phone?

STRONG work, my friend!



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Gray One! I left a note on YT, but here I'll say I think Ray Davies and/or Joe South (rip) would be envious. This one has some real "introspection and hits home with me and I bet a lot of other dads and husbands. I hope you put it together into a rock song for your band and hope you'll consider playing it on Father's Day! wink



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In looking through my trunk (which has all my notes to myself about songs, poems and stories),  I found an addition to the phrase/title: Last Great American Love Song.

The addition (on a different post-it note) goes like this: "By the last great American fool"smile

I think I was trying to turn it into something country-sounding, but just never could get there.

Story of my life - a lot of unfinished business.:)



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Loved it, Jeff and the style you played it in reminded me of the old days, when we used to watch a show called "Hootenanny" on Saturday nights. Folksy, mellow and thought-provoking. Never would have thought this snippet of what I never could use would turn into something so pleasant to listen to.

Thanks again!



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A whole new aspect! I LOVE it, especially the emotion it conveys and how personal the words must be to you.

Great work, my friend - much appreciated, and please don't describe yourself as "ill-educated, ill-informed". Anyone who can hang words together so meaningfully is anything but!


keepitreal wrote:

This is a work in progress from an I'll educated , ill informed Englishman. I hope no one finds it offensive.
Inspired by, Strummer Boy Bill
Words by,  keepitreal.

Walking through the sacred halls of learning.
Voices of Angel's like a choir in my head
People trying to stop Cambodia burning
Nine of them are injured, four of them are dead.

Is this the song of America
America you've only just begun
To sing the last great American love song
Don't sing it down the barrel of a gun

Someone, somewhere in a song I wrote
Said thank God, were free at last
I have a dream of equality
Now that dream has passed


A friend of mine in a dream I had
Told me to give peace a chance
Died in the arms of his lover
Never got to have that one last dance


That's the story so far, with a few more verses to write. If anyone is offended please let me know and I won't post the finished product.


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Thanks to all for the comments and especially - thank you, Jeff for using your talents to craft my couple of phrases into this great tune!



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This is amazing! I could never have come up with the content you wrote here so eloquently, Jets. You and Jim are  very prolific songwriters who can write just by being given a subject.

I do not feel I deserve writing credit since I was never able to actually even put anything together which made any sense, but I thank you for the honor.

I feel a bit like Ringo, who after a very long studio session remarked, "It's Been A Hard Day's Night, mates."     


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Maybe one of you more talented songcrafters can. Anyway, they're yours to try.

The first is just a song title: "The Last Great American Love Song".

The other is a line which may also be a title: "Someone In A Song I Wrote....."

The first one I couldn't handle because maybe I built a "block" against it. I mean who wants to write the last great American love song? smile

The second went bad because of the next verse: "Someone in a dream I had......"

Where else was I going to go with it? "Someone in a doctor's office?".......you see my dilemma. smile

I'd be interested to see if anyone works one or both of them into a decent tune.




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My wife and I send our sincere condolences on your loss. The Chordie Family, though we do not know each other personally, are very loving and supportive - as I can attest.
Sending warm thoughts your way.



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A great honor for a great lady! Lovely words which I know she will enjoy hearing as a song, should you choose to record it, Jim.     


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Note left on your YouTube channel...... I found this very inspirational and your sincerity came through loud and clear. Awesome production on the video as well! smile     


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Congratulations! Maybe learn some soft lullabyes and stuff? Leave a guitar out where the baby can see it and get curious? Drum kit wouldn't be a bad idea - toddler needs something to do with those busy little hands. Just kidding. smile     


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Note left on SoundCloud, but I'll repeat here that I bet your little best friend is smiling doggie-grins in animal heaven. Y'all must love each other a lot.     


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"Banjozilla" ---- I enjoyed reading about how he constructed it and looking at his photos. The one captioned "Banjozilla tries to blend into the crowd in Topanga", I found especially humorous.

Incidentally, at the top of that page is a section marked "Other Instruments". I clicked on it to see what else he's invented and was greeted with one of those, "Attention! This computer virus is sending your credit card info......."  voice announcements, so be careful about clicking on that section. I got out of it as quick as I could.     


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Before I even began listening (and as I do with most instrumental groups, such as The ventures), I asked myself, "Okay, how's he gonna turn 'Roooooxannnne' into a musical phrase?" I was pleasantly surprised to hear it played in an "understated" way, just as part of the music, and if I hadn't known the song had lyrics, I would have accepted it as a total instrumental. He's very good!     


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Y'all did  get the part where I said I was joking, right? smile


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She has a classic "old" blues voice. This is 2 am smoky bar music and I love it.     


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I bet those guys:

1. Live together
2. Rehearse three times a day
3. Have very little other extracurricular stuff going on.

They're that good. smile     


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Yeah..... It was a JOKE, folks. It's just me trying to be funny. I taught English Lit in high school. Looking back, I should have taught everything lit, but some of us bloom in our OLD age, I guess.     


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Nice. has a "country-rock" feel to it.

As one (former) teacher to another, I'd have to ding you on the use of the word "ain't", though.

Don't suppose you'd change it to "There isn't no way"? smile     


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CG, sorry. In hindsight, (I seem to have my best vision from that area)  I think one of the commenters was from Portugal - not the band. I stand redacted.

Great group though!

If I weren't spending my money on the  "Dr. Feelgood" box set, I'd buy that cd.