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Your contribution to Chordie has been immense over the years TF...
Wishing you all the best for the future..


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Wow all I can say is I'm glad I listened to this one Phill.
It really is top draw work an excellent example of what can be done with a home set up coupled with a great all-round musician that includes the technical bits.
An inspiration for me.....


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Hi Ct
I got the Medieval vibe with this instrumental.
I see it used in "Cadfael" or some such TV series..
Like to hear more of your instrumentals.
well done.     


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Tenement Funster wrote:

From one old man to another, Happy New Year, Arkady!

Another gem along these lines is FireBallet's 1975 album "Night on Bald Mountain". They were a short lived group (only two albums) but this is great rendition of another of Mussorgsky's works:


Thanks for that TF the rendition seemed to be a mix of European Classic prog rock style/ tracks.
A belated happy new year to you to.     


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Tenement Funster wrote:
Peatle Jville wrote:

Great choice TF  I have in last few weeks been listening to to my  old  Emerson, Lake & Palmer album Brain Salad Surgery. My 98 year old mother loves the song Jerusalem on it. Most of  my old record collection I have passed onto my younger family members but I have hung on to that one and a few others. I will never be politically correct and not talk about Christmas. Here in NZ it  is celebrated by people I know and mix with of of all religous and none religous  persuasion.

Cheers, Peatle ...I've also been catching up on some ELP lately. Great minds think alike / fools seldom differ ... pick one. smile For many of us 70's stoners, ELP gave us a first introduction to classical music. Their performance of "Pictures at an Exhibition" at the California Jam in 1974 left the audience "gob smacked" (as my Brit wife would say).

Your words about ELP's album "Pictures at an Exhibition" being an intro into the world of classic music was spot on with me.
I hadn't heard of Mussorgsky until then and well it inspired me to listen and to love most all the greats of the classical world.
Greg lake was a great singer, musician and a truly nice man and he's sadly missed.
Their music was the anthem to my youth.... Old man waxing lyrical smile

TIGLJK wrote:

The D-Day tribute was mesmerizing !
How do you achieve that sound ?
Do you use a synthesizer or something ?  The music matches the battle for sure.
I agree with what  Jan said - ought to be a movie soundtrack for something.
Excellent stuff !!!

Hi Jim thanks for the good comment it's appreciated.
Mostly the sounds are created in an ap called Music Maker with the use external  guitar and keyboard when needed.
It's basically the use of FX and track mixing to create the final product.
LOL I've lost count of how much I bin when creating a piece.
Have a great Christmas and new year.     

Tenement Funster wrote:

Magnificent work, Arkady ...excellent in fact. Ambient music (may I call yours that?) always stirs me, since my earlier days of following Tangerine Dream. My preferred way of listening to this is not as background music, but foreground music. Comfy chair, head back, eyes closed, and cranked up loud ... the total feel of the composition is all encompassing. Love your work, mate ... five stars!

Hi TF I'm the Ambient Mod so happy with the description.
I guess ambient music can be used and listened to in many different ways. It's all good smile
Thanks for the positive comment.
Have a great Christmas and new year.


Jandle wrote:

wow arkady, i totally agree with the comments above.  Excellent, you have a great talent and I can totally see these as sound tracks on movies or even a documentary.  Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for positive comment Jan
I've always been a great fan of film music.     
Have a great Christmas and new year.

Hi Phill sorry I took so long to reply to your good comment.
I've always a bit reluctant to post them up on Chordie as it's principally a guitar site.
So any comment is welcome.
Have a great Christmas and new year.

Thanks Peatle for taking the time to listen and comment.
have a great Christmas and new year to.     

Hi all
I thought I would post these up been a while since I have smile
Just a bit of info on them.
Afghanistan Part2 follows Afghanistan but can be a stand alone piece.
The first part is "Letter home" followed by "RPG attack" then "Aftermath"
https://ourstage.com/media_items/DVYAIS … nistanpart

D.Day is as the name implies as about the build up of ships on the horizon on that momentous day that changed the world.
My Dad was there and it's a little bit of a tribute to him.

Hey Phill still  turning out some great vocals and tunes.
well done.     


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Great stuff Russ I enjoyed listening.     


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ctech wrote:

Here is the new "ill die with a sword in my hand"I went a little wrong near the end. I blame my age,HAHA!  Listen to I'll die with a sword in my hand by Ctech #np on #SoundCloud
https://soundcloud.com/user-415450650/i … word-in-my

Very good ctech. I enjoyed that song you have a pleasant voice which suited your song well.


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I was interest in hearing a recording of this song but can't find a link.
Always liked historical songs   smile
I have visited Battle Abbey and the surrounding area a few times over the years.


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Another good one Jeff.
Well I guess the glass of life is either half empty or half full depending on how you feel. smile


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Well done Jeff nice story and song..
Reminded me of a movie I saw recently called "The Butler" about the life of a White House servant played by Forrest Whitaker.
He served Presidents from Eisenhower to Regan and was party to all the major events albeit in the background and confident to most.
great film.

TIGLJK wrote:


I liked that a lot - just floats me away to imagining nice places. My first thoughts were, a scene watching my grandchildren play in the yard, secondly, a graduation ceremony, and lastly - I pictured in my mind a photographer going around videotaping the wedding party prior to the wedding. 
It was very well done.

Thanks Jim.
Well that's three things I didn't imagine smile but of course imagination is a personal thing.
I think gentleness and peacefulness was what I was after.
My garden that year was very colourful full flowers etc and I love the chord progression of the Cannon in D and I guess they came together smile

Grah1 wrote:

Arkady I thought you'd tell me you used audacity I some times use the same program I thought I could detect  a slight latency in some of the mix. I  find I have to 're position the starting point of each track to combat this .Good track though  .I always enjoy your stuff.

Your most probably right there Graham.
I think I was just glad to get something reasonable recorded then smile
Audacity like all computer multi track recorder software takes time to master. (I'm not sure I ever did smile )

Jandle wrote:

arkady .... that was so good.  I listened a couple of times to it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I didn't think it was rough at all.   It took my imagineation away to where  I could imagine people dancing to that in a garden in that lovely old fashioned style of Royalty back in the day where they would curtsy and bow before joining hands and proceeding to gently dance around the garden.  So nice, well done.

Thanks Jan.
Instrumentals do have the ability to paint pictures in people minds.and I have in the past been surprised at what are sometimes are pictured.
I can see what you mean smile

Grah1 wrote:

Cool  Ark whats  it  recorded  on ?

I think I used an early Audacity to record this one.
It was free download then and good for a beginner.
Thanks for interest.

Hi all
As Jan has declared this month an open one smile I thought put this one up.
July Garden. A chill out all guitar instrumental based on the Cannon in D progression.
Record quality is a bit rough as it was done a few years back.
https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/pla … ID=6476273

I thought the post would be better here Bill in chat.
You know I could get to like this Country and Western stuff.. smile

Nice thoughtful song Jeff.
Well done.

mojo01 wrote:

as usual a day late and a dollar short. but thanks to the musicator  nagging err i mean inspiration i found a little time to do a instrumental. this was done really quik so it starts off pretty rough and dosnt end much better. so with out further ado here is a children's favorite


That's what you call a musical guitar smile... wink

Jandle wrote:

arkady ......... I am thrilled to see you participating in here as I said before smile  'Greensleeves plus' , that was so good, it was really relaxing to listen too.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  'She Moves Through the Fair' I actually don`t know that one but it was great and I loved that drumming, the beat of the drums just really caught my ear.  P.S. I hope you continue to bring your covers or originals to FSOTM for us.  Even if its not advertised as instrumental as such, any instrumental to whatever the song is that month is still a cover whether its singing or instrumental smile

Thanks Jan.
I will try and be more active on the FSOTM in the future.
Thanks again for the encouragement!