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Hi, I found a book that has the chords.  It's called "The Daily Ukulele" compiled by Liz and Jim Beloff.  Published by Hal.Leonard and Flea Market Music, Inc.  fleamarketmusic.com

I found the book in a local music shop.  It's a great book and has 365 tunes with chords and diagrams.  smile


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I'm still working on B chords, but, since I am a stubborn son of a gun.  I'll keep working at it!


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Indeed.  A fresh perspective is always welcome.   We're all in this together, for the love of music and the love of playing!!


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scallopman wrote:

Hi Ozy. I'm self taught myself. Been at it since Woodstock. Started on keyboards first. Helps to figure out chords. Keep strumin' away. Practice your chord changes. As we go through life, things do change and we begin to try other music. When we come back to our beginnings, it all starts to come together. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun.
Many of my family and friends play. When we get together it's all a blast. Sounds pretty good most times. Sometimes we even sing in key. Everyone learns from each other. We have to keep the music alive for the young folk. The more they are around it the more they get into it. Currently teaching my grandoughter piano and my grandson guitar. They love it.
There are so many free lessons on youtube. Wish they had them when I started 40 years ago. I've aquired many guitars through the years. My favorites are the acoustic/electric. Different guitars for different moods. Whatever your preferences are, go at it and have fun.

Quoted for truth!!  smile


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Sorry, but, that's a joke that stinks.


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ttunez wrote:

Tough one now is the F6. Dmaj7 is a blast!

And if you want to play a B, get a capo on the 2nd fret and play an A shape.


{notes down for future reference}


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Charlie Daniels...A legend!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCZGNnaW … re=related

dino48 wrote:

That wasgood I did not know he was such a good player and he has agood voice,I can only remeber one song by him and that was spiders and snakes.

That wasn't Jim Stafford, this is a cajun musician who did a video on his back porch.  Check out the version on Youtube.   But, I saw Jim Stafford play and he is an awesome guitar player as well.

Here's a cool version of Swamp Witch by Jim Stafford.  I should add that this is not Jim Stafford btw.  Check out the video's on youtube. 


dino48 wrote:

oz I forgot about that credence song and the other one was good also,looks like credence took there que fromthe other guy.

Good music gets around!  smile



OMG, THE CAKE!!!!!!!!!

I do this every October, looking for things with a scary or magical/supernatural theme for the Halloween season.

First offering:



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You can't go wrong with Hayseed Dixie covering Aerosmiths "Walk this way".


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I have been experimenting with using finger barring to simplify my chord changes on the Uke.   I've got the basics down, so now I just play and try different things and see what works.


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My first time was playing chords as backup for my daughters first recital.  My first time singing was playing a tune I wrote for my teacher.  I am always nervous doing things in front of people.  So I just focused on what I was doing and not letting minor flubs knock me off the pace.


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Got it and am now working on it.  Thanks a lot for the help!!!!!!!


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Thanks, I'll give it a try.   Much appreciated!  smile


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dino48 wrote:

Hi oz I looked at all the music he has here( he has a huge amount) but no luck,might try around the web some or maybe someone here will know where to get it.

Yeah, I looked at what was here and even checked out some books I had.  Wasn't sure if it was an old spiritual or something he wrote.  Somebody may pop up with the answer.


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I'll take two of the blue as well.  email me with the info and I'll send the info or check out asap.



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Hi; looking for lyrics and chords to Ain't No grave can hold my body down by Johnny Cash. 



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Confucius say:

Man who stand on toilet get high on pot.