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Hello my name is Gus

I have been trying to play guitar for the past 30 months,, 2 and 1/2 years sounds too much.:-)
well , at this time let me say that I'm not a very good player, but I can figure out the time of the song , and I know some strumming patterns . and some finger picking
I still don't play very clean , specially on bar chords. the singing is another story ...
well I don't intend to be a guitar god ,, but I want to became a decent player,,
in the beginning  I used to practices 2 to 3 hours every single day now maybe about an hour

the question is : am I on the right path or what can I do beside practice to advance as a a player?

any feed back will be apreciated

Pardon my English since is my second lenguage

Hello Sunraiz
Welcome to the site, and at first you're not gonna like the stuff you play but eventually you gonna love it just because is going to be the first songs you learned
you can start out with
House of the rising sun  : the Animals
time of your life by green day If you play it right sound really good
Knocking on heavens door : Bob Dylan version
Horse with no name 2 chords only the rithm is all in the strumming
but first I have to agree with Nela start out knowing the chords and transition smoth and some strumming patterns,, and you'll be on your way to learn your songs

don't get discouraged  because Guitar is not easy ,,
in my opinnion guitar is a very tricky instrument because you'll learn some easy song in no time but , to take it another level,, it may take you a Whole life, but if you really like it you're on safe ground
I'm a begginer too

I hope it helps:-)

take care and Good luck

Hello Possum
in my opinnion, and by experience the best is to start  with a good teacher to avoid getting bad habits , and also you'll progress faster,
If there's no money for the guitar teacher go to you tube and there's a lot of good teachers  there , Personally I like
Really really great guy and he teaches really good,,from begginers to advance players You'll see it

I hope it helps,
Welcome to the site and to the wonderful world of Music:-)

Hello Bobcatu22
If you mean songs in Spanish, there's a wonderful site called
Lacuerda.net is on spanish all kind of music and even classical pieces,, and you can transponde the songs too , not all the song are perfect because people post them, but you'll notice by playing them

of course if you can speak spanish will be a lot easier to navigate de site,,

I hope it Helps
Peace and keep playing


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well hello every one,

I would like to ask you people what kind of glue is good to fix a guitar

the other day my Kid droped my favorite Guitar from the stand and it cracked from the neck very close from the tuning keys,,
any ways,, the guitar has some sentimental value. not to mention that is very easy to play very well setup,,and sounds great
and I think that with some good glue will be playable again

any tips will be apreciated ,,

by the way if you have kids keep your guitars away  from  stands

pardon My English since it's my second lenguage:-)


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Hello every one,

after a year of practice and able to play a few songs not that good of course,,

Here's a question

is it true that  music is a thing that you have it

or you don't

I hope that you guys get the point

because now I am going to guitar classes and I've seen a guy that the teacher states he's been there for six years, and he does not play so well. he sings good but not to many skills with the  guitar

in my personal case I can't remember the chords of the songs and of course after a year of practice I don't play very good

so is it mith or Reality?
or it's just a matter of practice and any one can became a decent player

well the question is there

hope you guys can be so kind and write me a line with your oppinions:-)

pardon my english since it's my second lenguage:-)


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hey  My name is Gus ..

and I would like to ask for  some tips in how to clean strings,,

when I don't use my guitars for a long period ,, even new strings loose there sound ,,

is there any way  to clean them?

any tips would be apreciated

Thanks in advance

Gus S.

hello every ,,
I just got a used guitar , and to my surprise It has a very good sound
It's a little bit scratched,, but the sound it's worth the shame

also it kind of small but more loud than other big guitars

it's a n Epiphone Pr 600 ASB
the label states that is made in japan,,
and I thinks it was made on the early 80's

well I'm not so sure. but what I want to find out what it's made of,,

any information will  be apreciated

thanks in Advanced,,

Gus  S.

pardon my english since it's my second language:-)_


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Hey Lorehany ,,  I am a begginer too, but I like to welcome you to this forum

I felt really good when a lot of member answered my questions or when they gave me a good welcome

as you stated this forum it's full of information and very polite and kind people

Welcome and keep playing:-)


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Congrats  I am a begginer too and I guess you're gifted because I could sing my first song after six months,,
keep playing,, and enjoy your guitar

take care:-)

Hello Gesture,, this is hard to dedice,  there's to many songs it dependes if you want to impress her with the playing or the lyrics,

one of my favorites is: Fools rush in,, but,, to sing it like Elvis it's another story:-)

take care


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Hello Sam And welcome to this wonderful site

first lemme say that I'm a begginer too
well House of the rising sun is dificult for me because I can't sing it on that key I guess it should be trasponded to the tone of my voice
so if I can give some advice would  be to find easy song with open chords that suit your voice
And Amen to what Zurf said
guitar it's not easy like most of the people thinks but Enjoy your time learning and playing
the easiest song I found is : Good riddance by Green day really easy,, and it's kind of cool too I found it on this site which is free you will get a lot of information there from begginers to intermediate players

check it out it may help you    http://www.heartwoodguitar.com/WordPressBlog/?p=10

take care and happy Hollidays

Gus S.


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Hello again!!
and thanks every one for those good comments,,


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Hello every one,, I need some advice,

I have like 8 months trying to play guitar , I can play a few tunes now,, but
I hear my music sound all the same , I guess it's part of the process

the thing is that I have a friend at church who plays in the chorus, and his music sound so repetitive  he says that he has been playing all his life and he is  like 50 year old  but until now , he does not know any song by memory,,
and to be honest every time I see him playing instead of getting motivated I kind of get sad,, I mean I don't want to fall on the same thing,
also since I started playing guitar, I found out the life is so short, but that is another subject

don't get me wrong  I like this man He's my friend but,, I don't want to fall,, doing the same thing,

Any advice?
besides practice

pardon My English since it's my second language:-)

I'm trying to play Hotel California . I know the chords and the lyrics but , I can't get the song to sound right may be the timming or the strumming pattern,, I'm using this strumming: DDUUDUDDU one strumming per measure,,
but , I can't get it, right,, maybe  is a dificult song for a begginer

any help will be apreciated:-)


Hello again every one, thanks for all the good comments en encouragement
and yess indeed I will keep trying

I guess there's only one thing to say ,, the magic word


Hello every one
ok it's been six months since I picked up the guitar and I can play a few chords and some strumming patterns
not so clean some times. the thing is that until now I only can play a few ballads not so well , like: Knocking on heavens door .and house of the rising sun . it's this normal?
other thing is that I cant sing, I sing worst than an asmatic goose
I can't believe that when I was a kid a used to sing in the school chorus:-(

any ways the singing it's another story:-)

thanks in advance for reading my post

pardon mi english since it's my second language:-)
wish you all the best


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Hello Kendo
it's is to early  to get discourage I have like 4 months trying to play  and some times I get it and then lose it ,, my advice in my own experience is to get a very ligth  plectrum that way you going to be able to sound a bit better ,, and motivated to continue playing
I know Im going to sound like a skipping record but :
PRACTICE MAKES THE MASTER''  any  way I would suggest to check youtube for strumming patters , there's a lot of good stuff and very useful instruccions

don't get discourage and keep trying 

Pardon My english since it's my second lenguage:-)

take care and keep playing

Hello every one,, fist let me thank all the  nice pe0ple that reply my questions,,

I love this site is full of frendly people and very  helpful

now the question: recently changed the strings on my guitar, but I'm having a lot of buzzin is the reason why,, because I remove them all at once?

I read on other site that that was totally wrong

thanks on advance:-)

Hello every one,, I'm new at this and I have an acoustic guitar,, but I was wondering what's the right move? to learn with acoustic or clasical?

any advice will be apreciated:-)

Any coments or Suggestions will  be apreciated

Hello its is going to sound akward but, since I was a little kid I loved guitars but now I am 34 ,,,  I dont know if it's too late to start to play

any Advice? from the heart ,, leave your sarcastic side for a moment:-)