if you can sing the strum you can play it, someting like, tam   tam tarararara tam, tray to sing the strum you hear, or tukle it on the table as you hear it.
once you got that you can tray play it on you´re guitar.

greetz trippy


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i found a few of them, i found the beatles let it be, but not the originel one, its a bit simplefid
enyone haz more of those?


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here i am again,
i would like to ask if anybody now some music without siging that sounds nice and are relative easy to play, i´m practicin hammer ons so i would like to tray something that has a couple of easy one in the song.without singing i mean not just strumming

i have guitar pro4 and have been searching for days to find somthing peolpe say is easy to play, but i cant get them going. i could be any kind of music but classic, i tray´d the beatles let it be but thats way to far for me, also nothing else matters and kind of stuff, y need something slow and nice.

so any advice?


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now thats a big cake for me, i will stik with the minor for a while and later come back for that piece of cake, i want to thank all of you in special Jerome for all the pacience and help i´ve recived, i´ve read a lot about " you have to learn scales becous..." but you got me really going, i think i´m gonna make a plan of studie to follow, 15 minutes scales, 15 hammer ons....  this has been really very helpfull to me

so thanks for being so great!

a warm greet out spain



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i just did 15 minutes of the A scale, its not so hard, tomorrow i´m gonna start with learning the  notes, this is the diagram of the notes i found to make the scales,

Fret         1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    10    11    12

Keytone e |--F--|--F#-|--G--|--G#-|--A--|--A#-|--B--|--C--|--C#-|--D--|--D#-|--E--|

        B |-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|

        G |-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|

        D |-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|

        A |-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|

        E |--F--|--F#-|--G--|--G#-|--A--|--A#-|--B--|--C--|--C#-|--D--|--D#-|--E--|

i think its quit basic, is there someting you wanna add on the diagram? oh, by the way a´m still looking for the major patatonic scale ....


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ok, i´m gonna start today right away, but there is still one thing thats not so clear, and i would´nt want to learn it wrong.

so that is a pentatonic pattern for every minor scale, this one is de AM scale, and what "i" have to do is search for the C scale, if i got it right, i search for the C note on the low E string and play the same pattern to get de C scale...

is that right?
i hope its right wink

ok, i got it, i´ve printed out the notes and the pattern so i can start with the minor pentatonic scale, now i should need the major pentatonic pattern.... i search for it but what i found i really confusing

again i wanna say thanks for all the help and attencion, you are great!


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Wow! thats a lot of information in one day, i´m a bit confusd, is it a pentatonic scale or it´s the pattern that is pentatonic?

i just found this:







The notes of the A minor guitar scale are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and then the scale repeats at the A again.

if i understud right, this would be the pattern for a minor scale? every minor scale? and if i understud right what this guy said this pattern would end with a C note?


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i know that there´s a lot of scales, and there´s a lot of people that say :start with this minor scale, or with a g mayor scale....
they all say different,  witch should be the one to start with? and witch one would go after that one?


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OK i think i understand that, (i think i´m beginning to hate scales even without starting) but sincerely, is this within my possebility?

i´m playing for 7 months now, and i can play, lets say something like "american pie" with a simple strum and a reasonble speed, but thats kind of all i can do, i mean, only open chords, strumming and singing, no hammer ons, or pull ofs, nothing like that.
is there a time to start with this, do i wait or just throw my self in there and tray untill it comes?, the same is with the hammer ons and so on...

is there a rule to start with these things, like learn this before you start with this other thing or just keep traying what ever you want to do?

i think i´m confusing myself smile.....

thanks to you all for you´re pacience


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now chords are something i can say i "do" know (pfff glad i know something wink) not all chords of course, but still a few of them, most of the open chords, and can play arpeggios on them also ( i´m so proud of my self),  so where do i start from here, do i learn the name of notes? and there situacion?


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like they say here in spain: " Ole, Ole y Ole",
   glad you made it!


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that sound really hard for me, i guess i´ll have to learn scale after all and get back to it then, the walking bass line i heard where triplets and sound real nice, so for beginning with this, with witch scales do i begin and wich notes i learn first, becaus all those notes you mencioned, i have no idea where they are, and learning the whole fret board i one peace sounds to hard for me, but i would be able to spent 10 minuts a day to a scale and its notes...

so please point me the right way to start smile

thanks a lot


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hi every one,

recently a saw a video where they show how to play a walking bass line for the chords G, EM and C, its pretty cool and y wanne learn that, but obviously i only know those 3 lines,...

how can i make a walking bass line for other chords,...  i think it has to do with theory and scales or something like that but al i know for now is practice no theory so it would be great "if" its posible, to simplify smile (this go´s for the experts) the explainings or tips if you have one to help me.

thanks en advance

alvee33 wrote:


I don't know anyone who says to themselves - right, I'm gonna learn the guitar so I better go and spend a few hundred samolians.

Well, i know its not the point of the topic,

but thats the way i started about 7 months back, i went to the toy shop to buy a birthday gift and saw a small guitar, not a good one, but a real one...
and i thought by my self: i want to learn guitar....  smile  what i dident do whas spend a few hunderd samolians....


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hi, me and my bar chords again, wink

how high are the strings suppost to be on the bottom of the guitar? on top of the nek they are real close to the frets but past the 11 fret they are 7 mm from the frets, how high is normal? anybody knows?

Waaaw, i´m glad you shared the new with us, i hope i can say something like that in time.

congratulations for those barre chords!!!



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jerome.oneil wrote:

A is at 440.  To tone it down a full step, you would tune each string like thus.

E    ->   D
A   ->   G
D   ->   C
G   ->   F
B   ->   A
E   ->   D

Although I don't know I'd agree that it is a good idea.   You need to develop hand strength, so you might as well just keep it tuned to standard.   I do think lighter strings would be a good idea, though.

i think i agree with you alltho ist a good idee, y need to get my strings down,  soft strings may be a better solucion for me, softer but still with  the strings put at 440.

thanks to all guys yo gave me a lot of good idees


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alvee33 wrote:

Also tryt tuning down a full tone. This makes it easier to fret the strings.

i tune my guitar with a elektronic tuner, how do i do for tuning down a full tone? right tuning is at 440 Hz, tuning down a tone is at 430 Hz?

but wont this make my chords sound bad?


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thanks! a´ll stay at it smile


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zurf, we´ll get there no doudt about it, just do what REM said " hang on"

greetz trippy


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jerome.oneil wrote:

Practice, man.  That's the only real answer.

Try just playing the bar, and striking the notes one at a time.  Adjust the barre accordingly, then ad the other frets.

Play lots of minor 11 chords, too. 

But mostly it's practice.

i pratice a lot, and should be able to play like you said "just playing the bar and striking the notes one by one"

but i stil cant even do that! sad

well should say could not,
now i´m at least able to play a couple of notes that sound medium decent, but i could not get out my mind that i whas doing someting wrong, and also think a lot about the strings that came with the guitar. i´m really starting to think that soft string may help me...


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mrjay wrote:

Trippy, maybe the action's too high on your guitar? Try getting that looked at.

you mean if the strings are to high on the guitar? and making it hard to push them down?

i have to mencion that i dont have the strings change jet,  the owner of the store told me that i could play some time with them but that i replace them quick becouse the default string arent verry good.

i´m thinking of getting some soft strings, could that make it easyer to play barre chords?


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about using thumb , sound easy if you have big hands, but mine´s are smale and dont get my thumb fare enough to get the bass pucht down, i did tray what you said about moven finger back and forward and it seems i get a bit  of decent  sound fron the 4th fret, but when i pass the 7th fret  it sounds bad.

well thats been a great help, at least i got same decent sound ( not to decent but a bit) and thats enough to keep me going with it.

thanks very much



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i´m working on barre chords for weeks even months, and there is no way to get the high E and  B string ringing,  the B is always muted and the E if i get it to ring sounds bad

i push with with my index and thumb until y hurts and even pull the guitar against my body like y read samewhere, what am i doing wrong? its getting really frustraiting not being able to get this sad

if anyone can give me same direccion about what to do are what i could be doing wrong...

thanks a lot  trippy


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Roger Guppy wrote:

Hi nz,

Unfortunately I have just moved and my recording gear is not set up yet or I could show you better than a written explanation. I will do this when I can for you.

In the meantime here is a thought for you.

I would like to bet that there have been many times you have been listening to some music and you have beaten a rhythm on your lap or a table top with your hands. That is all that strumming is, not some fixed mathematical formula, but something that you feel. So instead of beating your right hand on a table top you are rubbing it down and up across your guitar strings in time to the music. As I said earlier start with just a steady rhythm before putting in up strokes and double time downs.

If you know three strumming pattern that is three more than me. I will not be restricted by trying to play in a fixed manner, I will do it my way as the mood suits.

Don't think about it - feel it.


thats the best explaing about strumming i read ever!! im shure gone tray it out