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I have never owned one but evey Aria I have had a chance to play left me impressed


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I actually went to a guitar shop with the intention of buying one. the salesman convinced me to purchace an archtop in a higher price range. ( it had nothing to do with the quality of the 5th ave. ) if your looking for an archtop in that price range you really cant go wrong.


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like all rockabilly guitarist that I have seen I must say that a tube amp is a must and if you happen to be like me as far prefuring something simple to ajust, you cant go wrong  with a fender amp. I play out of a super reverb and cant say anything bad about it. I once owned a vox ( I believe it was an AC 30) I know ajusting the nobs properly they sound great. the problem for me was I could not get it to sound right. I know it was becuse of me , for one reason when I went to trade it in the guy at the guitar shop tested it out and it sounded great.


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quite frankly gender is not an issue here, thicker guages create a much nicer tone. I played with light gauge many years, its only in the past few that I switched to medium and for a long period of time it killed my fingers but now they are comfortable for me. I later played a guitar with light guage strings and it was like playing with spagetti strings. today I would never put light gauge strings on any of my guitars and I have been considering trying heavy guage on my electric

hey zurf, I am originly from maryland (just outside of DC) next time I am back in town you perhaps you could have another


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I own one of theses amps and I am satisfied for the most part it. I recently found an upgrade kit on the internet made by a company called Mercury Magnetics which claims about a vast inprovement, also stateing that these amps are made with el cheap -o components. Anyone got any feedback on this ?


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I have had my eye on the EL-00 for quite some time now (on the internet). I have yet to find one in any of the music stores in my area. Anyone out there own one or have played one.


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hey zurf,
I got hit by that when I dicovered you tube a few years back. as long as you keep practicing the clay in the clay hands wont harden. you just got to love it


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FastLane wrote:

Discovered an amazing guitar player a few months back. Peppino d'agostino. Simply amazing guitar playing. Close to the Heart is a terrific album. Check him out on YouTube as well.

this guy peppino was in town a few years ago at the montreal jazz festival and for whatever reason palayed a concert at a local music school. apperently it had to do with something in reguards to godin guitars, some big wig from the company told a story of how they hooked up with peppino when they started off in the buisness in california dealing out of a hotel room. any way if you notice all his guitars are godins. anyway I had never heard of this guy before. it was just by chance that I went to see him. there were only about 25 people in the audiance. I could not comprehend how someone would go about studying  to become that advanced. I have been playing for close to 30 years and the stuff he was playng made me feel like I knew nothing. I was very impressed, although for me he is just a little to complicating. dont get me wrong, I really did enjoy the show . saying this guy is amazing is an understatement

in reguards to my (favorite) guitar hereos they seem to change depending on what I am practicing at the time, right now its Brian  Setzer  I beleive a lot of people dont realize just how good of a guitarist he is


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over the years I have owned 5 different strats, at the present time I have the deluxe HSS with a rosewood neck. its the first one I have had with the rosewood neck and the first one with a humbucker. for me I loved each one. reguardless of what choice you make you will love this guitar. the HSS will give you more diversity. I always went for the maple neck in the past, never taking the time to check out the rosewood. today my preference is the rosewood neck. I would advise that tou take the time to try them both before making your choice.


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if there is a song that you have figured out how to play and the tab does not exist, can an individual post his tab on chordie, and if so how would one go about it. I could not find the tab to this particular song on line so I figured it out myself. I know there is reference to adding songs on resourses but I was not sure if this included newer songs in which a tab is not found here or elsewhere. excuse me if this is a dumb question


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hey zurf,
I went with the lr baggs I-beam and I am really happy with it. my biggest concern was I wanted the least amount of cutting and or drilling on my acoustic and with the I beam they only need to drill one small hole. it does need a 9 volt battery and there is a volume control on the edge inside the sound hole

jaygordon75 wrote:

I've always had a problem with the way Guitar Center just lets kids and others just grab stuff off the hangers and start abusing and playing... I've seen teens sitting on the floor with high end guitars using quarters for picks. Seems that they should keep the "High" end stuff out of reach and then supervise or let people take the instruments into a sound room to play. I picked up an expensive Mandolin at Guitar Center and found out that it was actually split lengthways across the top. Most experienced players can pick up an instrument, look it over, and then play a few chords to check it out. Not really any need to sit and Jam with a bunch of others in the store. At Guitar Center we see them walk in, grab a guitar and plug into an amp and turn it way up and just "whang away" for seemingly hours! I can't stand it!

I can see your point. in every type of situation there are always people that will screw it all for all the rest of us. but I am one of those experianced players who enjoys hanging out at a guitar store sometimes for an hour or two and just sampling out all the diferent guitars. I am always respectful and extremely careful with any thing I touch. I have always figured that if a potential customer (novis or someone who wants to learn) sees someone playing that it may influence a sale. it would suck having some sales person looking over my shoulder the whole time and not being able to sample what I like


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thinking  back I believe I started by playing partial barre chords which I found a bit easier, what I mean is just barring the bottom G and E strings. it gets you by until you master the full barre. this may not be the proper way to go but it worked for me.


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I must say that I have heard the name but I have never played a Larrivee, are they expensive for the most part. I am not sure but are they made in Canada. Any one familiar with these guitars


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I first became aware of the 5th ave through an artical in acoustic guitar magazine, the reviews were very favorable, the artical was along the lines of finaly an archtoptop at an afordable cost, so I had to try one. I was set on buying one but the saleman suceeded on getting me to buy a more expensive eastman. but I still play one every time I am at this local music store that I often go to. by the way maybe you already knew but seagull, art and luither, simon and patrick, richman, norman, lapatrie and of corse godin are all made here in quebec and are all sister companies started by Robert Godin


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I am taking a guess that its tuned down to fit to the singers voice. jimi hendrix and SRV both tune thier guitars a half step down. if you think it sounds better in standard tuning and that works for you by all means play in standard tuning


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one day you will look back having forgotten of your struggle with barre chords only to realize that you are stuggling with something else. good news is it feels great when you get things down. the thing about guitar is there is always something you want to get down, you never stop being challenged and you never stop learning new things. bottom line...practice,practice,practice


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tandm I played a 5th ave at the guitar store, I liked it. I pick it up every time I go in there. does yours have a pick up and if so how is it pluged in


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try one of those clip on tuners, its always right there at your fingertips whenever you feel the need to check if you are in tune or not. I lthink they are great


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Detman101 wrote:
patrickjacques wrote:

Dateman, I was living in Frederick before moving to Canada. I really miss all the great resteraunts which we dont have here in Canada. Theres a small music shop in the old part of Frederick that sells martins. I bought my eastman mandolin there. also took a few lessons there too. I grew up in rockville

Yep...the store you're talking about is "Boe's Strings".
I've walked past it about 80 times but I've never gone in as it's a classical instrument store...and to me, every acoustic is the same.


wow dateman, every acoustc the same. do me a favor, step into a guitar shop, sit down and try out a martin, taylor and or a gibson or any of the high end guitar and get back to me with what you think. Boes has some but they are not the most friendly when it comes to siting around and playing thier guitars. I would often go to guitar center in rockville, right of off twinbrook parkway. (take montrose exit off of 270) you can sit in there as long as you like and play different guitars and no one will bother you


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I must admit that when it comes to anything electronic I dont know jack. thanks for the info


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I own the champ 600, and for the price you relly cant beat it. one knob is one of the things that atracked me besides being a tube amp. I use a boss 65 deluxe reverb amp pedal which gives me the reverb I desire and also has treble, base, level and gain. boss also make another pedal which is basead on one of fenders vintage amps. (never tried that one, but would like to) I also own a super reverb. I have a buddy I jam with and when he comes over he brings his marshall speaker cabinet (2-12 inch speakers) we  hook my champ 600 to his speaker cabinet and thats what he plays through. sounds great. (he also has a bunch of pedals  which I dont pay much attention to and dont know much about) but as I said it sounds great and there is no lack of power needed to match up to my super reverb. we play at a volume level loud enough to have a drummer. one more thing. there is an uprgrade kit that sells on the internet that claims to improve this amp big time. this is something I am considering in the future. one day when I have more money


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hey there ed, mabe I did not explain myself well but you hit the hammer right on the head and thats exactly what I was talking about. I will look into blue ridge. trouble is all the guitars that catch my attention dont seem to be in any of the guitar shops I have found around here. Living in canada deprives one of a lot of products that you get used to living in the states. Buying sometthing through the mail is either not availible or subjected to additinal taxes and customs fees. I dont really like the idea of buying a guitar without trying it out first either, so I do aperciate suggestions and thanks to those whom sent me any. an idea that I was thinking also is replacing the saddle and nut (which I assume would be plastic on a low cost guitar) with bone or a supieror material. I imagine this would greatly improve the instrument. I tried out a small bodied guitar made by art and luither ( a godin co.)and did not care for it. I dont want to buy a 12 fret model either. I would really love to try out that epiphone since having tried the gibson (blues King) in a music store, just to feel the difference between the gibson vs the epiphone model. we are talking about a 2500 dollar difference in price.


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as bensonp was saying it really depends on where we are talking about. when I said carry around I am not refering to somene I know home, more like an outdoor party  in the sommer , or somewhere wherre I could feel safe leaving it my car. Litterly a guitar I would just haul around everywhere. as I said I play the martin every day, its hanging on the wall in my home where I grab it daily whenever I feel like playing it. havent you ever been somewhere when you wished you had your guitar with you but didn't. Well this guitar would always be there, to me it does not seem that hard to understand. and thanks  artless I will look into that takamine. while watching elvis costello spectical on tv the guest was bruce springsteen, he had a small bodied takamine.

Dateman, I was living in Frederick before moving to Canada. I really miss all the great resteraunts which we dont have here in Canada. Theres a small music shop in the old part of Frederick that sells martins. I bought my eastman mandolin there. also took a few lessons there too. I grew up in rockville