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not the fuse. tried putting a new one in, and nothing changed.


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i have a Kustom Defender amp, and i have 2 questions regarding said equipment: 1st and foremost, i'm pretty sure i need to replace the tubes. the other day during playing, the amp just stopped working, like i had unplugged my cord by accident. i soon realized that everything seemed to be as it should, and turned it up to 11, getting only a minimal signal. all of that in fewer words: my amp got really quiet all of a sudden. i think this means i need to replace the power tubes, but i'm not entirely sure. the el34's that are in there glow orange, whether or not that has anything to do with anything i don't know.

2nd: if the tubes are bad, i need advice on what to buy. the bias on the amp is switchable between 6l6 and 34's and i just need some direction in terms of brand and what not. and possibly the pros and cons of each type

any ideas? broke the truss rod on my tele, along with the nut, and it needed a refretting, so i am deciding to scrap it. best neck for the money? mighty mite, all parts, or used fender neck?


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its a standard bucker, and its a mexican tele so its routed for a humbucker in the neck and a single in the bridge. thanks for takin the time to answer my question, this is way different than installing a single coil, and i would like to get this done asap.


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i'm wondering if it is possible to install a seymour duncan jazz humbucker in a tele and keep the standard electronic configuration. Well, i know its possible because i've seen it done, i would just really like to see a diagram for it.

I'm gonna give you the answer to all your problems, right here, right now.
Little Billy and the Pedofiles. Awesome, Right? Just kidding. A name doesn't really matter just so long as you know how to right songs.


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when i was in fifth grade i was sitting around in my friends bedroom, and she started playing the album "Elephant" by the white stripes. i made her burn me a copy of the cd, and pretty much from that point on i knew someday i'd teach myself how to play, and now 6 years later that missions accomplished.


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lets see...

1. Jack White - The reason i play the guitar.

2. Jimi Hendrix - No explanation necessary.

3. Bob Marley - Probably the greatest songwriter that ever lived.

4. Nels Cline - He can shred without being a shredder.

5. Jimmy Page - If you don't know this name, put your guitar down. Now.

6. Frank Zappa - If the fact he was a total weirdo wasn't enough, he can actually play circles around , well, pretty much everyone.

And of course, i can't ever forget:

Ben Harper
Jimmy Stagerd
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Iasac Brock
Lightnin Hopkins
Keb Mo'
John Lee Hooker
John Mayer

and god knows who i'm forgetting...

tennesee border by hank williams works wonders.


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does fender route out a room for a humbucker in the neck position on the standard/mexican tele's (the cheap ones?) I just pulled the pickguard off mine and found that little surprise. not a bad one, though. i was planning on putting a seymour duncan invader there, anyway.


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as far as breaking, d'addarios have never given me any trouble at all. In terms of tone/playing, they could be better. I play them because they last a long time. My favorite strings ever, pure nickel slinkys, die in about a week and break easy, like all slinkys i have ever played. Ghs are good electric strings, but they don't sound very good and last as long as the slinkys. DR are very very good, i like them almost  more then the slinkys, but i can never find a set heavy enough. If it is the low E, i would definitely suggest heavier strings, like d'addario jazz/blues/rock 11's.


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to clarify, i have a standard tele, and i love the sound of the neck pickup, so i think i would just route out a new cavity between the bridge and neck pickup, preserving the original tele sound. this poses a new question- should i put in a strat type 5 way pickup selector, or just put on a gibson type toggle switch that essentially turns the pickup on and off.

as far as i know, it is all about appearance, but, on the other hand, you also see a lot of emg active pickups in them. so it really just depends on the specific instrument. further proof it really doesn't matter, is the fact that tom morello from ratm plays both strats and teles. so i think it it just doesn't matter.


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i have a fender standard telecaster in this weird shade of bluish/purple and i would like to add in a humbucker pickup, but at the same time keep the neck pickup in there also. would i be able to stick a humbucker in between the neck and bridge pickups?

sg=metal=ass ugly= really not worth it at any price


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It's tuning DOWN, not up. If you were goin up, the tuning would be F B Eb G# C F, and it would say capo first fret.


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Has anybody here ever played through a Snarling Dogs Blue Bawls or Black Bawl pedal? I was just wondering cause I am really interested in picking one of those up.


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