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By 3OH!3! It is an amazing song!!

i wish i lived there! too bad cuz i have basically the same wishes as you!


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nice! i do indeed like the song, it is........different! lol i never thought that a song about love would have people in it snorting cocaine! great song anyway


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James, you have something new for us every single day! lol! very nice.


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hey phill,

This is a wonderful song that is sung from the heart. I believe that it is a great song that most of us can relate to...I sure can. Thank you for posting, its amazing!


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noooooo!!!! i told somebody that I'd learn this song by the beatles and due to copyright it is not shown!!!!! NOOOOO!!!! ='(


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Hey guys, I just thought I'd let you all know that I have started a band called the Exploited Souls, and I have written about six songs and I am goin to do a cover. We are a rock/pop/punk band, so I thought I'd just let everybody know!


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Anyone here like metal??? for example, System of a Down or The Exploited??


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my acoustic is named Jeffy. I just thought of it when I got it... my electric is "Blaze"


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I wanna learn how to play "please don't stop The Music" by Rheanna, but there is NOTHING when I search her on the text search.


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Yet again you write another great song!! I love stuff man...keep it up!!!


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My cousins have a band called "On To The Next..." and thats pretty kool! my bands name is Navy 85.


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Well this is the first song I've wrote so far, so I hope everyone enjoys it while I work on some others!!! smile


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I Wish I Could Be With YouBy Kurt Campbell

I was[C] coming home from work that day,

when I [G]noticed I was running late,

so I [D]stepped on the gas pedal,

[Am]just a little [G]more,

I didn't [C]see that truck coming,

I was [G]busy humming,

[D]to that song,

on the [Am]radi[G]o

then I [C]heard some tires squeling,

it [G]wasn't very appealing,

to get [D]thrown,

[Am]through the [G]glass

I [G]wish I could be with you,

[C]but now I can't see you,

[Em]for what I've [Am]done. x2

Now I [C]lie in this hospital bed,

[G]filled with tons of dread,

of [D]making you,

[Am]live with [G]this,

[C]why can't it all be good,

[G]instead of these ugly times,

I [D]hoped life could,

[Am]always be [G]fine

I [G]wish I could be with you,

[C]but now I can't see you,

[Em]for what I've [Am]done. x2


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I like this song...it's got a cool little spark to it. It's fun to play and I enjoy singing it!