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Easy for me ... Gibson Les Paul ... a true classic like most of what you posted slaya


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cytania wrote:

"Now what do I do?"

You start off playing the root note. This will allow you to plod through any song without embarrassment. Here's 'Louie Louie';

http://www.chordie.com/chord.pere/www.b … nt=3824510

It's A D E D A all through the song but what does the bass play? Most obvious is;


This is dull but it's what I play if I'm singing the verse.*

To get 'Louie Louie' to rock you need to add passing notes. So the bassline becomes;

baBum-ba-Bum       da-Dum-(ch)-Dum

Changing to this at the chorus really makes the song rock (at this point I stop singing, so I hope the rest of the band are up for 'Louie Louie, woaooao' not a hard lyric to remember). Remember the bassline is not set in stone, you can move around the A Dd D D# E shape how you like. You'll also note it falls over 4 frets, look to have your thumb and second finger on the 5th fret and use your pinky on the 7th (yep I know it's tough but that finger will get stronger).


* There are other areas on the bass neck where A D and E are close together you could simply play the open strings but it sounds boring, if you haven't fretted a string you can't give it feeling. There's also a A D E two below and down but this gives a more treble feel. But once you've learnt the basic groove you could transfer to it for effect later in the song.

Cytania ... I think I just managed to read Chinese! lol ... I'm sticking with my guitar ... it's easier tongue


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Hey dh ... if you go to the resources section you'll see a full scale chord section ... if you click on them you'll get different variations ... not sure if this is what you mean ... but as far as tabbing your own, you need to make sure the font is in courier new ... so everything lines up ... hope this helps!


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Tron ... If you happen to have a Guitar Center or applicable music store close by you will always find Bass starter packages on the cheap side ... usually less than $200 ... and they come with a case, small amp, strap, etc ... for the beginner it's good but you'll eventually get good, want something better, and never touch it again ... just check online and you'll find what will work for the beginner

SouthPaw41L wrote:


Man I like that one SouthPaw ... I'm in the Air Force so I used this:


jerome.oneil wrote:


This week it's

1.  Zep
2.  Hank Williams and the Wandering Cowboys
3.  Meshuggah
4.  Bobby McFerrin
5.  The Artists Formerly Known as Deep Dish Gravity (pimpin style!)


Who is Meshuggah?  I've heard of the name a couple of times ... actually I have a preset on my Line6 of Meshuggah and it sounds pretty slick

Little convo starter guys

1.  Iron Maiden
2.  U2
3.  Disturbed
4.  Led Zeppelin
5.  Judas Priest

lol yeah ... my buddie actually bought it before it hit the airwaves ... and I was like, GnR?  What the heck do they sing?  He started playing Welcome to the Jungle ... and I was like Holy **** dude  ... I actually thought they were going to be like LA Guns ... but man was I wrong

Siege of Troy wrote:

The First Album I bought? T'would be Appetite for Destruction by Guns N Roses, an old tape I found in a pawn shop.
The First album ever given to me was: Are You Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. My mom bought it for me when I was in the hospital with heart problems...

Thats a very good first album troy ... I remember my buddie played the tape and it was like getting kicked in the teeth ... they finally brought hard rock back to the mainstream

clansman1973 wrote:

Powerslave by Iron Maiden

Sweet pick-up Clansman ... that album launced me into my maiden addiction!

My first album purchase was given to me by my sister, Kiss - Destroyer ... needless to say, I was hooked on Kiss ever since that album ... although the post-makeup albums weren't the same


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Thanks GSE/badeye ... I've never thought of the Logo design for it ... maybe it's time to sit down and come up with one! lol


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I've had this band name around for years (way back to '93) ... I was stationed in Korea with a buddie of mine who played ... the very first thought I had for a band name happened to be one of the posts we worked as K9 Handlers (Hill 180) ... there's a long history about it where a major battle was fought during the Korean war ... so we adopted that name for our band ... after we left I told him you ever use that name for a band without me or asking my permission to use it and I'm sueing your ***!  (all in good fun of course tongue)

25Frankster wrote:

I don't have it exactly right either Tim, I play through a Hartke 60 watt hybrid, and channel one has a "crunch" knob, channel 2 has "gain".  I'm usine channel one, about 4 on the crunch, 6 on the bass, 3 on the trebble.  I play an epi les paul with alnico hot pick-ups, and I'm in the middle position with both pickups on.  It sounds good, but when I play along with the cd, it's still not right....maybe a marshall half stack would help!

Are you happy with your spider III?  When I've played through them I've really liked the crispness.  I like my amp, but on clean settings it sounds jangly to me....don't know if it's just the character of the amp, or that I just don't have it dialed in right.

My Spider III is still very good ... I'm using one of the artist presets on it (70's marshall amp preset) the majority of the time ... I love the sound but I recently went to the house of guitars and they had Mesa Boogie amps (a 5:50 Express to be exact) ... I've never heard tubular amps yet and he recommened Mesa's ... hooked it up and was completely blown away by it ... it has that clear hard rock tone I've been searching for ... it's an incredible amp ... I played on it for about 15 mins and was sold on it ... naturally it blew my Line6 Spider away ... though it is pricey at $1099


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Just scan the acoustic message board and you'll see some previous requests for the same thing ... alot of good info from posters ...


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You wont be disappointed with the Schecter ... TRUST ME ... and when you hear it plugged into a Mesa Boogie 5:50 ... let's just say that's my next purchase to really make my Hellraiser come alive!


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Ahhhh so this one will record what you play?


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Has anyone tried these out yet?  I've been looking at getting one ... when your sitting downstairs and watching tv, traveling, etc it'd be nice to have so your not dragging your amp, chords, etc around



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What does the Chromatic Tuner do for you?  Same with Chorus, Overdrive, etc.?


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alvee33 wrote:

Don't know the guy but check out Justin Sandercoe at www.justinguitar.com

Agreed Alvee ... hands down the best free site I've used ... learned more from Justin than anything else


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Sweet ... that's exactly what I was looking for .... thanks South!


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Cool thanks guys that helps alot ... one other thing I was wondering is which Boss Stomp helps "clean up" some of the background noise?  I didnt know which one does that.


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The only thing I noticed was the videos wouldn't load sometimes ... but not sure if that was prior to the new server or currently with the new one


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Does anyone use these pedals for their rig set up?  I've seen them and have been wanting to try them out but I have no clue if you just plus your guitar line into them and then run another line into your amp or what?  Also, what do you set your amp to to get the sound effect from just the pedal?

Russell_Harding wrote:

tim songs are poems put to music it dates back to the old testement psalms and before that i imagin so post some of your poems your amoung friends if they stink i'll let you know LOL

Tim0473 wrote:

Cool deal guys ... it'll be nice to see what comes up when you're all done ... one thing I've been wanting to find out is this; I used to write poems, etc ... now when it comes to writing songs ... is there a format???  I know it sounds odd

You got it Rus!  But I think I'll pass on the majority of them; since I was in love with the ex when I wrote them! wink

25Frankster wrote:

Tim I love Offspring's sound--give it some crunch and bang out the power chords.  Gone Away is the one I'm playing too loud now.

I'm trying to find the right tone and havent been able to get it yet (since my line6 has presets) ... is that the setting your using?  Crunch?