He was great, I do remember that ... I remember asking my sister (she's 10 years older than me) and I said did you ever hear of a guy named Johnny Winters and she said, "heck yeah, he was big in the 70's when I was a teenager" ... I wish I would have heard him alot sooner! lol


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Yeah its just for practicing ... I love it ... I tried it out this past weekend to see how my timing was on songs, whether I had the right chords, etc ... it's a GREAT learning tool that helps IMO

I don't think you'll be seeing me release a CD with the back-up tracks from Judas Priest wink

KAP ... that must of been during the early, mid-80s ... not many people remember Slade ... I just remember their one song, "Run Run Away" ... I never heard of Johnny Winters until I was in Cleveland during holiday and saw Johnny Winters in The House of Blues ('06) ... simply amazing ... he needed help getting up from his chair but to see him playing at that age was phenomenal ... I only wish I saw him years ago

Hey Jerome do you guys do "Ring of Fire"?  I LOVE the Social Distortion version!

Hey guys I found a GREAT website that has free Guitar Backing Tracks ... I was suprised at the number of available tracks ... it's great for those that want to play the lead or rhythm tracks to their favorite songs ... it's based on donations much like www.justinguitar.com



I would definitely say Austin as well ... I saw so many styles when I went there ... Blues was definitely big with alot of small bars and Blues players jamming ... it was sweet


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SG ... do you ever have any problems doing pull-offs on any strings?  I do pull-offs fine on the high "e" but when I try to do the same on the other strings I hit the next closest string


This is the plane Iron Maiden use for the tours now ... instead of trucking all their gear to the gigs, they load it onto the plane now ... Bruce actually pilots this one for their current tour ... it's pretty sweet!

http://www.shoutmouth.com/index.php/new … Plane_Ever


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Toronto  FC is the Canadian Club your thinking of ... they play in the MLS in the US ... GREAT fan support from the team I know that ... in regards to Beckham with all due respect, no one services the ball better IMO ... and his free kicks are amazing ... he may not have the youth or quality to run with the young guys anymore, but his services are top notch ...

Good luck on your 80 quid Ken!  I can't believe Italy is in the bottom of their group ... I'm routing for Portugal since I follow Ronaldo and like Deco ... it shocked me that Scolari will be coaching Chelsea ... and I didnt know Morinho was coaching Inter Milan


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I learned my strumming patterns through Justin ... different patterns as well and I use them alot depending on the song

Janes Addiction - Jane Says (Live Version) has an awesome strumming pattern
Brooks and Dunn - Neon Moon is a great strum pattern too ... I time my strumming to the tempo of the song


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I agree with Franster ... my first thought with what style you want to play and the fact you want humbuckers is the Gibson Epiphone line ... you cant beat the price


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The majority of what I play is Rhythm due to the fact I've been playing less than 2 years ... a few songs I can do lead but they're pretty simple ... I'm sure once I finish learning my scales, etc I'll be able to do solos big_smile


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Have you ever thought of writing a "learning theory for dummies or chordians" book?  tongue


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Wow ... pretty sweet SG!  Eegads what a huge guitar you have tongue


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That'd be awesome if you could grab it bro ... I'd really like to give it a try


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Hey Illustrated Dance and welcome to Chordie smile  Since your still learning in the beginner stages, this is a VERY good site to learn from:


Alot of fellow Chordians will agree as well ... I learned alot from Justin and still go back to learn things from his site ... it's very user friendly and he has videos to accompany the lessons

As far as hammer-on's, pull-off's, etc I cant remember if I saw those on his site but I'm pretty sure he covers them ... hope this helps smile


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That helped out alot Jerome .. again, thanks as always!!!  Now if I can just get those darn barre chords down!


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Hey Russel ... when did you live on Oahu?  I lived there from 2002-2006


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Wow that's pretty sweet ... I wish you would have had a video too ... that would have been awesome ... especially since a buddie of mine is such a Beatles nut he would have liked it ... you wouldn't happen to have it tabbed would you?  lol


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geoaguiar wrote:

Agreed. That is definitely the right track. I've been playing for years and, like a lot of people I know, real understanding of theory eludes me. A lot of us play it because it sounds "right" and have some exposure to theory. What I'd love to get out of this forum is "when I play GCD you should solo on this scale". I've always done that by ear. I've never "understood" my way around the fret board just sort of "heard" my way around. Does this make sense?
Anyhow, I'm glad Per decided to put this section up and I'm equally glad your moderating it. I'll be looking in often.


Geo and 06 are exactly right ... when it comes to playing a chord progression like GCD, for example, I dont know where to solo or even begin practicing ... I've heard about soloing on a scale for a specific "key" but didnt know where to start


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Wow ... I just got that and never realized it ... the explanation made it clear but the pic helped ... once I saw it, it tied it all together .. so with the "C" formation in the first major pentatonic you can move that pattern down and keep the same "C" formation but not have an open "C" but have a different open chord sound?


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Powerchords are great ... I love them smile ... for songs there are alot of bands that use them for rhythm (which I primarily play) ... ACDC, GreenDay, Social Distortion, The Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest are good places to start

My first song I learned was Living After Midnight by Judas Priest and Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions

GreenDay can be a little tricky (the tempos are usually fast and quick moving) ...Priest and Social Distortion are great ... not to fast on the changes but they sound GREAT if you have a Les Paul


That IS fun!  I've done that on some songs that arent necessarily "powerchord'ed" ... A few weeks ago I heard the song The Seeker from The Who and gave it a go with powerchord formations and it actually sounded BRILLIANT tongue


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Awesome guys ... thanks for considering it and for Jerome accepting the new payless job tongue

I already gave him some work to do on the forum lol


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Ok Jerome ... I'll be the first to pick your brain again tongue

I know my minor pentatonic scales (now I'm working on my major pent scales) ... but in regards to the minor scales, how do you connect them to create solos?

I know that if you are using pattern #2, it automatically connects to pattern #3, and the same for pattern #3 to pattern #4 ... but I've seen something somewhere that shows a progression from a part of say pattern #2 connecting to pattern #3 and so on ... not necessarily playing the entire pattern but bits of one, then connecting to the next pattern, etc

Does that make sense?  I've seen it before but I cant find it ... maybe you can explain it a little easier

Thanks bro!

mixter102 wrote:

Country players often get left off Guitar "Lists"  Vince Gill is a Great picker,  Willie Nellson always impresses me with his solos,  Grady Martins work on Marty Robbins "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail songs" is outstanding.


I agree on Vince Gill ... I saw him play when I was living in northwest Florida ... he's picking is incredible ... all on a rather nice Strat as well tongue