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From what I've seen, the more expensive models have more "bells and whistles" ... but that's from the Electric Guitar perspective ... but I agree with Jerome, try them out before you buy ... you might be suprised that even the cheapest guitar will sound beautiful

Oh, and Jerome I checked him out ... good God that boy could play!  You look at him at think, this guy plays guitar?  And THAT fast?  And THAT good?


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Agreed SouthPaw ... guitar amps and bass amps are made seperate for a reason ... most guitar amps cant handle a deep heavy bass tone unless they're turned down really low ... getting a seperate bass amp will be better for you Linusguitar


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It depends on the neck and person playing ... I know my fingers dont move fast on my Les Paul but on the Schecter they move alot faster ... the neck size between them both is like night and day


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I play the Gibson LP and agree it does have a more bluesy/classic rock sound ... it sounds beautiful though ... a buddie of mine plays the Gibson SG and it does give off a more Hard Rock sound


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Metal is what drives me ... LOVE it ... as a matter of fact, I just went to the Iron Maiden "Somewhere Back in Time" kickoff tour on Wednesday ... absolutely AWESOME ...

I love any kind of metal, whether it be Maiden, Priest, Motorhead, Metallica, Megadeth, etc but I love some "Nu Metal" like Disturbed, SOAD, etc

Love classic Rock like the Zeppelin, The Doors, Boston, etc as well


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Wibble wrote:

I'm in the same boat mate, I just sit and cover other artists material while i learn.

I cover mainly:- (and here comes the list)

Avenged Sevenfold
Guns n Roses
Jimi Hendrix
Bullet for my Valentine
Iron Maiden
Paul Gilbert (bits of - mainly for technique)
Ataris - Boys of Summer
Velvet Revolver
Van Halen
Papa Roach
Foo Fighters
Bon Jovi

Probably more i cant remember too lol

Damn your a busy man Wibble ... I'm trying to learn Audioslave's "Cochise" right now


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Zurf wrote:

Nelson (Willie variety, not the hair pop group)

- Zurf

Thank God Zurf!  tongue


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Ahhh that sounds pretty slick ...  I know the Line6 Spider III amp I have currently has over 200 presets, etc so I'm wondering if this was made for "non-Line6" amp users


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How do you use it ?  I've seen Line6 pods advertised in Guitar magazine and I've been curious about them.


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coltonem wrote:

hey everyone! thanks for the tips. I really appreciate them. I'll have enough time to impress him. I have 6 months until he returns home, so I think that's plenty of time if I practice every day! thanks again guys. have a good week!

Sounds like someone is in the military tongue


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I didnt say they're an Emo band guys ... I said they have a bunch of Emo fans ... re-read it before you criticize ...

But on a lighter note, I'd love to see someone do an impression of "Sober" via acoustic ... would be interesting

I know alot of you guys concentrate on your own originals, etc but some of us arent quite there yet tongue  What songs do you all like doing covers of?  What bands do you mosty do cover songs to? 

I love covering Social Distortion songs and I play the rhythm spot on ... it's the solo's etc that I'm trying to work on now ... I also love doing Iron Maiden, ZZ Top, Judas Priest, Green Day, Offspring and AC/DC covers as well ... for acoustic I love doing country


I'm in the same boat with strumming style ... I never really go by what is "tabbed" ... I go with the rhythm that I think sounds good ... and like you said, it's recognizeable when you hear it


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Ahhh tried it last night actually ... it's weird because I learned my powerchords in standard tuning and have been using them for the past year and a half ... when I tried the Drop D it felt weird but that's probably because 1.  I'm used to standard tuning powerchords and 2.  I'm still not proficient in barre chords


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Very deep and dark band ... think of playing Drop D riffs slowly, sitting alone in a dark dungeon ... and a few Emo people around looking on sullenly while you play ... voila, you have Tool smile


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Rory Gallagher?  That's not that sort dude who used to smash watermellons with a huge mallet is it?  tongue


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I love Metal, Hard Rock and Classic Rock myself


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Some of the music theory guys could better explain ... but I think using the capo moves the notes up in a different octave


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big_smile you beat me to it pix!  All in good fun Ken!  tongue


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So your only playing the 3 lowest strings and thats it?  You dont use the other 3 strings?


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So I guess it's a good thing I learned my powerchords the right way ... I've never tried Drop D yet and was always curious why alot of bands play in Drop D ... I've been using my powerchords for almost a year now and I'm spot on with them ... for the most part I like using the "2-note" powerchord formation instead of the "3-note" formation ... I like mine to sound a little "thinner" ... with all three they sound ALOT heavier


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"Ides of March" - Iron Maiden tongue


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Misfit Llama And The Man  ... pretty sweet!  tongue


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Hello Maine smile  I have a Takamine as well though it's the "G" series ... a couple factors will come into play as far as your fingers getting chewed up ... alot of posters will give you the same advice

1.  Action on the fret board ... if the action is high (space between the string and the fret board) you'll have to exert more pressure to hold the string down to the frets

2.  Your fingers will get "chewed" up until they're utilized enough and start to grow calluses ... once your fingers stop hurting you'll see the tips of your fingers will grow calluses ... also, sometimes that doesnt even help ... if I'm playing any acoustic guitar for an extended period of time my fingers will start hurting big time even with calluses

3.  Different guitars will give you a different feel ... for example the neck might be wider, thicker, thinner, or the action might be lower and thus not kill your fingers

Hope this helps!