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But they don't have Dirty Ed's mojo in them.

Not exactly the request, but possibly within scope.


Congratulations on your milestone achievement.


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I spent Saturday at a funeral for a good man who was present at the signing on VJ day. He was rightfully proud of his service. I think Memorial Day was as good of a time for him to go as he could have asked for, if anyone would ever ask for that sort of thing.

I'm buying my father new hearing aids - he's also a vet, so I may look into "free," as that is my favorite price. It beats the bajeebers out of what Medicare considers affordable. However, his dementia is to a point where I don't think he's going to be able to learn the new task of cleaning out hearing aids. There is a nursing team available where he lives, so I may check with them. I'd think cleaning hearing aids is in line with the sort of duties they would do.


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Congratulations. I didn't know Wechter made acoustics.


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Wear a sweatband or loose sweatshirt and let the cuff on your strumming hand muffle the strings.


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Happy NBD.

neophytte wrote:
Zurf wrote:

Here's Crocodile Rock. The name that's in the lyrics is "Susie."  https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/cr … ock-cfsotm

Zurf, that was excellent!!!



Thanks. I'll catch up on listening and leave you some comments on YouTube or here soon.

I might do Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on violin as an instrumental!

As for instrumentals - I think "Wildwood Flower" is pretty much every bluegrass flat pickers first song. That may be worth a mention.

Man In Black - Johnny Cash

Silver Threads Amongst the Gold - old country standard. I don't recall who did it. (I looked it up - Eben Rexford wrote it)

Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain - Willie Nelson

Red Red Wine - Neil Diamond. Covered by UB40.

Well, I've already done Amie and The Weight for previous CFSOTM. I don't know any of the rest, and I just have not had time to learn anything new this month. So I hope it's OK if I go a little off script and do a different song that fits the theme but is from my regular repertoire of ridiculousness so that I can participate this month.

Here's Crocodile Rock. The name that's in the lyrics is "Susie."  https://soundcloud.com/user-35218982/cr … ock-cfsotm

Peatle Jville wrote:

Cheers Unclejoesband it is a great weekend with all styles of music on show. Lots of smiling happy people having fun. I didnt do anything this year.  When I get my heath back together I might do a Blues set with some of my muso friends who want to do it next year.
Zurf the nuclear armidillo drummer and the group are from what I can gather are Steam Punks using stuff that was going to be thrown out. They have this time gone for  a differant era to the Victorian connection that is usually part of Steam Punk..

I just wanted to type "nuclear armadillo." I've never had the chance before.


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Probably not this year, though Topdawgz is looking to do something on Memorial Day weekend in his neck of the woods. Things are still too up in the air with my Dad for me to plan.

Looks like it would be a blast. The nuclear armadillo drummer was interesting.


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Hoping to get to the range today in order to see what all the wind over the winter has done to our 3D range. It's a 2.1 mile path winding back and forth through 38 acres of woodland. There are at least three trees along the path that need to be removed, but because of placement make removal difficult. I should have Uncle Joe come down to shoot a round and expound upon the nature of tree removal then repair to the clubhouse for a fire and picking.


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I have done too many dumb things to remember. Sadly, I find myself doing more rather than fewer.


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That's a good reason to buy from Sweetwater.

Garuchi won an American Strat in a contest. He immediately sold it and bought a Les Paul. One man's dream is another man's nightmare.


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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

I hope there are no videos of me. Due to health issues, my playing is getting worse and worse.  I still do play though. As long as I can still play, I will.

But you'll be OK because you're JoeyJoeyJoey. It's in all the text books.

(for real - best wishes for recovery)


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Again - No problem on my part with making a recording to share with friends who couldn't make it. And I think that's all that BGD asked for - is to set them as private when posted rather than public. Allows for private sharing rather than general public, which is cool.


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Baldguitardude wrote:
Zurf wrote:
unclejoesband wrote:

No way Dude! You get thrown in the public domain just like the rest of us. http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_4557.gif

I actually prefer keeping parties to parties as well. They are less than ideal recording environments, and some conversations accidentally recorded do not bear repeating. That said, I'll live up to or try to live down whatever I've done.

Strongly agree.  If I knew things were getting out in the general public I’d have just listened and not played. smile

Stage is different. Anything on a stage is public already. But at a private party among friends, it's different. Booze is flowing, conversations are being had, people playing over each other, you're trying out new material and testing it in a friendly venue. All sorts of things going on that aren't necessarily what I'd want on Youtube as representational of my musical endeavors.

Private sharing among friends I understand. "Wow! We missed you, and you missed a good jam. Check this out." That seems like an entirely different thing from general public viewing. "This is Zurf playing a Lyle Lovett song," and Lyle Lovett's lawyers come looking for money. If you'll notice, just about every one of my CFSOTM references learning from one another. This is why. To me, it's clear that that function falls under the educational clause of the copyright act. But I reinforce that when I post. Parties don't have an exemption.