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Not offensive, but disappointing.

The evils of false doctrines, like prosperity gospel, are far worse in this day and age than any sort of Christian army.  Not even the Vatican has an army. So what is the song talking about? Were there some in the past? Sure. Then there was the Reformation and the printing press and literacy, and people learned that the Bible doesn't teach anything like the abusers of the Word had been teaching and all of that came to a halt centuries ago. Literally ages ago: from the Dark Ages, through Reformation, through the Renaissance, through the Industrial age, and now into the Information age.     


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Classical Guitar wrote:

I think you will be a large step ahead of the game. I made ten masks and then someone who had a case of 3m masks from taking care of a relative and   bought a case of 3m masks  a  year ago and he gave us  20 masks and to be honest I like them alot but I also like the masks I made and they are washable. WE only where them if we have to go somewhere. 

The people I have seen with their windows rolled down is unreal. Mine are on automatic and they stay tightly closed.  Every one here is still  at home unless you have a good reason to be out.  The last time I went to the grocery store I got stopped by the police 4 times in three miles.  I do not mind staying home but we also like to have food to eat.

That's unreal. Especially since the police aren't supposed to be stopping you just for being out. Sounds like you've got a local problem there with whoever is directing the police officers.     


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That was a very nice presentation and also an excellent version of your song.     


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Well. It'll make a right nice, though crazy expensive, Christmas tree ornament.     

Though it's a bit off topic from the post, I think it's related enough not to be a hijack.

As my father was in late stage Alzheimers, a friend of mine gave me one of those Alexa speaker devices he had laying around unused thinking Dad might enjoy listening to some music since he was a singer and trombone player. So I set it up in his room and left a note instructing the nurses and other caretakers how to activate and de-activate it. He had lost his voice already, and was probably not going to be able to read the instructions either, but boy-oh-boy when you put on some of "his" music, did he light up!!! It's amazing how deeply music is ingrained into our psyche.     

Dirty Ed wrote:

Hmmmm...........if being a musician is good for your brain, then it's proof that I've not a musician......... sad

You are a musician. Just imagine if you weren't!     

Well. Good news for us, I suppose.

I insisted on both of my children taking piano classes long enough to learn how to read music and learn the connection between daily practice and skill development. Neither much cared for it, but they have both definitely benefited from the lessons that learning an instrument has.     


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easybeat wrote:

Its been a while,i`ve been visiting most days but haven`t posted because know one seems to want to converse.
But in these uncertain times i thought i`d like to share how i came to grips with my anxiety/depression problems.
While this may not be of use to you, this is what works for me.
1. don`t watch too much news keep informed but dont over indulge
2.Do the things you enjoy
3.talk to others about how you feel,you are certainly not alone.
4.dont try to be brave and put on an act.dont drink too much.
5.I find adult colouring in books very very relaxing,great for clearing the mind
6.Listen to heaps of music
7. reading is another great mind escape.
8.This one i cant believe i do it.I originally thought it was for wankers and greenies.
well i was wrong this really works for me.mindfulness/meditation
And boy is it easy, quick and relaxing,an excellent mind clearer.
9.be generous.
i hope this helps you or someone you love
all the best,Brian

I asked a couple different doctors for medical assistance as I slipped further and further into depression and anxiety. Both said to lose weight and sleep more. Clearly, neither of those docs knew whether the chicken or the egg came first.

I searched for an herbal over the counter substance, and found a compound that works for me. Then I considered meditation and asked a friend who meditates (for anxiety) about it. He knows I am a Christian, so he recommended that I pray an ancient prayer and meditate upon its meaning. The prayer is "Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner." I immediately began to feel relief.

It took about a year, but I'm drinking MUCH less alcohol, I'm not gaining weight and may be losing some, I am beginning to have interest in my hobbies and physical work again, and I'm MUCH less moody. So I guess it's working.     

I'm glad that you are seeing improvement in your outlook too, Easybeat. Given my experience, I'd say that everything you said as a method to help is right.

beamer wrote:

Man i oved him and dolly.and his movies were not great but they were cute.  at least he never had any integrity problems, no one could say he did this or that, such a great man. and we have him to thank for THE EAGLES.

time to look up THE GAMBLER.

An interesting thing about Kenny Rogers scandals...an untrue story was printed about him in The Enquirer. Rather than getting all huffy about it, he called them up, proved that it was false, and they printed a retraction. All normal so far, but what he did that was unusual was that he gave the editor his private line and told him to call if anything else came up, and he'd tell them honestly whether it was true. Some embarrassing stories came up about him, and he was good to his word and confirmed them as true so The Enquirer printed them.     

And his chicken was good while it lasted.

Maybe rest in peace.


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Hi Mike. I was going to ask the same thing as Beamer. Are you Mekidsmomsdad? We may have met in Amy's back yard.     

unclejoesband wrote:

I still have my skype. We used to do that too.

I've got a new computer. I tried to Facebook video chat with Beamer, but for some reason my camera wouldn't work. I'm trying to get that figured out.     


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You've done the right thing taking care of your Momma, Uncle Joe. Like others, condolences on the loss of your father.

Looks like my boss is going to be the one who goes in and works with the on-site crews in order to show them management isn't asking them to do what we aren't willing. I offered to assist, but he has asked me to stay home. This is going to be interesting.     

As TIGJLK's post. We should try to do some live shares to jam where feasible. I'm going to have to figure out how to get the camera on my new laptop to work. It's off as a safety precaution, apparently, and I haven't figured out how to make it work so that I can use the good speakers and good mic.


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unclejoesband wrote:

Wow Zurf. Sounds like you have about 100 hours in that thing. Hope you get at least that many hours of playing from it. smile

It'll be my main stage bass now because I can adjust tone effectively and also the lack of 60 cycle hum.     


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TIGLJK wrote:

Zurf " don't drink whiskey while soldering!" 

OMG there has to be a story there that you are holding back on !   

C'mon Zurf - what happened ?  smile

Great stuff man - real tenacious and demanding of perfection !
I like it.


I went through a lot of solder sucker. I don't like extra solder anywhere and I was a bit slow to react once the solder went liquid.     


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Dirty Ed wrote:

Good to hear you've got things under control Derek. Jen and I were leaving last Friday to visit our youngest and her family in Orlando but cancelled the trip. We also had plans to visit our oldest in Pensacola next month but have decided to delay that trip too. Our middle daughter has left the city and is staying with us until this blows over. My son called and said he has been working from home for the last week and will continue to do so until his employer thinks its safe for everyone to return. Our oldest grand daughter informed us that one of the employees at the facility she works at in Charleston SC (her boss) is exhibiting the symptoms and is currently being tested.

I've got home projects to work on too Jim, so hopefully the next few weeks won't be too boring. Although I'm in excellent health, I'm told that since I'm 70 I'm still in the at-risk group, so Jen and I plan to stay home and wait things out.  As you said, let's get through this.


I have the option of working from home, but I'm a manager in the facilities team. Though my particular duties are administrative in nature and I work from home two days a week on a regular basis, all the folks who are in the facilities doing daily support are on my team. It seems only right that I get in there, too. As a manager, one shouldn't ask someone to do something he isn't willing to do himself. If the higher ups implement one of our emergency response levels when the support staff is not required to be present, then I'll work from home.

Anybody have a group video chat thing? We used to do the Chordie Champfires and those were fun.     


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Good to hear from you DE. I sent you a few texts and didn't hear back. Then I sent an email and it came back as undeliverable. Was getting worried about you.

As for me, I was supposed to go to Florida, but that was cancelled. Then my kid's school was cancelled, but some of her teachers are still giving assignments and study guides. Then my wife's business has been floundering with a battle of just who's in charge, so she's been alternately been getting told to work from home and go to the office. Then my eldest daughter's campus closed with students told to vacate dorms. They will have on-line courses for three weeks. That inserted an unexpected trip to get campus to pick her up.

So I've been working to make sure we have enough work zones, monitors, bandwidth, paper, ink, etc for us to operate four people as school/office. During this I picked up a 1/4" lag screw in my truck tire. I got to the mechanics' and had the opportunity for an unexpected but nevertheless welcome walk home.  We have food, tp, and meds enough for now. No way it'll all last because every time we thought we had a plan the plans changed. But only my wife is at-risk, so we can manage that if I need to run out. I'll shower and change when I return and keep her safe.

The church band is going to prerecord our songs and stream that next Sunday. They did it today, but I wasn't on schedule because I was supposed to be in Florida.

On an unrelated issue, a friend's mother passed on. She was a dear Godly woman who will be well missed by her family, but it was nice to see them again. It turned out she was living less than two miles from my house, but I didn't know it. Her husband likes to fish, so I'll try to take him out to our Izaak Walton chapter grounds to have a spot where he can sit on a bench in the shade and have a solid chance at a 10# bass when his grief allows him.

Also I've been in an insomnia cycle and am operating for the fourth day on less sleep than most get for one day.

So, in preparation I've been running errands, cleaning, driving, organizing, planning, failing to sleep and generally not having a restful vacation. I made plans for a bike ride today, but it's wet and cold and I'm in no mood to persevere through adversity in my entertainment pursuits today. I'm supposed to be off on Monday and Tuesday, but to heck with this. I'm going back to work.

On the plus side, I did buy a lawn tool I've been wanting, which is a leaf vacuum. It's everything I dreamed it would be.

The kids got into a habit of not coming to the table when they were called. Or they'd get to the table and hadn't washed their hands.  Or they'd delay and wouldn't help set the table and get waters for everyone. So I bought my wife a school-marm's style cast iron bell. It's in a specially designed hanger over the kitchen sink. When we have called a couple times and they don't come, I ring that bell.  It's extremely loud. It hurts my ears to ring it, and I am hard of hearing to start with. It's very, very loud. And it rings and rings after the clapper has done it's job. I wish I could get that kind of sustain from my guitars and basses. 

The moral of the story is this. I'm ringing that bell for Bill being cancer free!!! I just lost a Netizen I've known for going on two decades and even sold him a boat to prostate cancer. It's no small thing, and I'm absolutely delighted that Bill has reacted positively to treatments. 

So...Roger Guppy - would "chuffed" be correctly used in lieu of "absolutely delighted" in the final sentence of the previous paragraph?     


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So. Finished. More or less.

Replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounders. They're a high output passive pickup.

I shielded all the compartments with copper foil.

I ran a new ground to bridge with a slightly larger shielded line.

I put in a pre-fab dohicky that has the volume, tone, and jack rigged through a little block that lets me wire in the pickups without soldering.

The neck had a back bow that I got rid of once, but came back within two weeks. So I put on a new neck. It's a lot thicker than the original, but I kind of like it.

I replaced the tuning machines both for color (the new ones are black) but also because the original ones had some quirks I didn't like.

I replaced the bridge with a HIpshot Kickass 4, also black.

I replaced the pick cover because the original was ugly and thin.

And I put on black knobs.

I restrung it with some Dean Markley Cryogenic strings. I don't like them much, but they were $25, so I'll let them wear out a bit before I put on replacements. I have some GHS Boomers waiting. I do think this bass might sound better with half-rounds. But I have half-rounds on my Ovation, and I have flat-wounds on my Yamaha. So Frankenstein will have round wounds for the brighter tone when needed.

I've got the set up to the specs I could find. The nut is right. Using a test with a capo on the first fret and fretting where the body meets the neck, the 7th fret has .015" relief. Then with the capo off, the action at that fret is .125". That seems high to me, but it's the spec. So I'll play it like that for a while. With the nut, the bridge, and the relief all set where they're supposed to be, I then used a curve gauge thingy to set the bottoms of the A and D strings on the same curve as the fretboard. Then I did intonation using harmonics at the twelfth fret and that was a piece of cake with this bridge.

So all of it is set up where it belongs, but the action FEELS a little high. I'll play it a while with this action and the big baseball bat neck and I expect I'll get to like it. Though I may set the action a little lower so long as it doesn't mess up anything else.

I did have to put a very thin shim in the neck to make it all work. It came that way. I took it out when I cleaned up the finish on the body and had to clean out the neck pocket. I ordered some bell brass shims, but they didn't come in. So I used stainless steel washers. I forgot to use the micrometer to measure their thickness, but they're just perfect. When the right shims come in, I'll measure the washers when I take them out and replace with the same thickness proper shim.

I had to buy some new tools. I learned a GREAT DEAL.

Some things I learned:
Not soldering is MUCH nicer than soldering.
Shielding is important.
High output pickups are nice and cut way down on buzz because less "juice" has to be pushed in at the sound board.
Pick guards are a pain in the neck.
Don't drink whiskey when using an X-acto knife to cut copper foil.
Don't drink whiskey when soldering.
Buy extra little tiny screws.
For the most part, the less expensive gauges and tools on Amazon are the same as you can get from a high end outlet like StewMac.  But StewMac cannot be beat for files.
Use correctly measured files from StewMac if you decide to replace a nut.
Back bow is a death knell.
High mass bridges do not add sustain. They all claim to.
A high quality bridge is a delight for adjusting action and intonation and stringing. 
Wear reading glasses when trying to read a 1/64" scale.
The tool with a bunch of very finely measured and labeled thicknesses (gap tool?) eliminates a LOT of guesswork.
The little metal booger with a slot in it to slide around a fret and protect the fret board while you sand the fret is a gift from God.
While it's possible to find the occasional good quality off brand part, time is better spent trying to find good deals on parts from well known manufacturers.
Don't use a high torque power drill to install neck screws. The screw heads will strip long before they are tight.     


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I've recently started to practice again. I've been just playing for a long time (years). But now I'm actually practicing new skills (trying to learn to play one-note-at-a-time lead playing) and it's very hard so I only do it ten or fifteen minutes a day.     


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That's the only pedal I have, and oddly enough it was to play Santa Monica on acoustic for the song of the month. Lol!     


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One of my professors was named Miles Davis. It seems his father was a studio musician who had worked with THE Miles Davis and considered him a good man as well as a good musician. It must have worked, because the Dr. Davis I know is an exceptional individual who has spent most of his adult life building up the character and education of others.     

And my sister Aleta is named after Queen Aleta in the Prince Valiant comic strip.


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Your songs are covered at campfires throughout the mid-Atlantic. Nice that they're getting stage time.     

Bluestone and If I Were The Wind are better than almost everything that's been on the radio in the past fifteen years, and for novelty songs your Rich Kid Doctor is on par with Willie and The Hag's "It's All Going To Pot" or Willie's "I Woke Up Not Dead Again Today."