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I recently got my 8yo great-grandson a uke. He seems to have taken to it quite well. His mom was impressed enough to get a case and tuner for him. She said of this picture;"He says it's his serious look. Nate and his new case with tuner. He says he's a serious band player now. Hence the look." I told him;"Tell him to smile. Don't need to look grouchy to be serious. BTW Nice case. We need to jam."


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I thought I had a pic of myself on here but I don't see it. Here's a recent one from an open mike.


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I will be on vacation in The Smokies and was wondering if any Chordians know of open mikes in the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg area. I've been searching, including openmike.org with little success. Most of the info is old or the places have closed. Thanks.


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I had one that read, Support Live Music, with a pic of a guitar.


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FREE DOWNLOAD: The Cigar Box Guitar tribute to Blind Willie Johnson. 2 cds of deep blues music. http://shanespeal.com/fr_blindwillie.cfm
They have downloads of other CBG music also.  It's on a "name your price" system, starting at $0.00.  I've heard Shane Speal play and he makes those three strings sing!


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The title is just, The Pusher. My buddy used to have 3 8-tracks with this song on them.  We would get them all cued up and drive The Loop in Lancaster PA. An 8-track player sitting on the seat of his dad's station wagon would be cranked and the windows rolled down.  We were such rebels!  ;^)


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Growing older is mandatory, growing UP is optional.


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Thank you everybody for your help.  I think I got it.


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I'd try that but I'm still on dial-up.  You Tube doesn't work to well.  A friend of mine watched a video and came up with some chords.  I'll give them a try and let you know how they work.

For the past several hours I've been looking for the chords to the song Red Guitar by Loudon Wainwright III.  I've got the lyrics but I'm terrible at figuring out chords.  If anybody has any suggestions it would be much appreciated.


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For my full time job I'm a mechanic for a company that makes foam cups.  I also have a part-time job at a beer distributor who in PA  sells beer by the case or keg.  I'm also a grandpa of four and great-grandpa of five.

Count me in.


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Louden Wainright III also had one titled "Red Guitar".  At least he feels remorse at the end of the song.

Hey Ray, you shouldn't ask "what else can happen?",  you might find out!  You need to take it day-by-day and bug the Doctors until they figure it out.  (At least as long as the insurance holds out.)  We went through something like this after my wife had complications from gastric bypass surgery.  Now, we have a great-grand daughter who was born with a tumor in her arm and abnormalities to some blood vessels.  It's tough when no one seems to have the answers. 

Kurt Brackin

Dear Lord, I'm not what I should be,
not what I want to be and not what I'm
going to be.  But, thank God I'm not what
I used to be.

You could always go to; http://www.bandnamemaker.com/generator/
It randomly generates band names for you.  You can also put in a word you want to make sure is in the name.

My sig lists what I play.  The mandolin belonged to my uncle and when he passed away I was allowed to have it.  It's one of the first mandolins made after production started back up after WW2.  The Yamaha I got for Christmas '73.  It's well used & abused and on it's 3rd case.  I filed the bridge a bit many years ago and the action is real nice.  The Squire is the bolt-on neck model and after a few adjustments it plays sweet.  I recently tried a VG Strat and prefer the feel of my M-80.  It's got a satin finish neck that feels great.  I run it through a Fender Frontman 25R and a Behringer FX600 multi effects pedal.

Okay, I changed my sig so I guess I need to update this.  The mandolin is a 1947 Gibson A50, The Yamaha is a 1972 FG-75. I added piezo pickups from JB Electronics for use when playing open mikes.  Not sure of the year of the Squire M-80.  I have also acquired an Esteban American Legacy Master Class Cutaway Acoustic-Electric in black.  The preamp went south just after I got it so I bought another one online.  It's sort of a butcher job installing it but it sounds nice plugged in.  Most people can't believe it's an Esteban.


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I still have my first guitar, a '71 Yamaha FG75. It was their cheapest folk guitar at the time.  It's well abused but I have a friend who has a bunch of Martins and other expensive guitars and he likes to borrow it because it plays so well.  I think I'm going to see if I can have it cremated with me when I die so I'll always have something to play.  8-))

My dad joined a record club and let me pick some of the albums.  Chicago Transit Authority( 1st one), Blood, Sweat and Tears(1st one that sold, actually their second album), Spiral Staircase-"More Today Than Yesterday"(one hit wonder), Iron Butterfly-"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", Jimi Hendrix - "Smash Hits", Steppenwolf - "At Your Birthday Party" and Sly and the Family Stone - "Stand".  The first 45 I bought was "Green Tambourine" by the 1910 Fruitgum Co.

The Lancaster County Folk Music and Fiddlers' Society has a jam session the second Sunday of the month and the theme for the next one is, that lovin’ feelin’ – lost and found.  So for that I'm working on My Girl - The Temptations, Glory Of Love and Key to the Highway - Big Bill Broonzy, Love is the Drug - Brian Ferry-Roxy Music, Slip Sliding Away and Duncan - Paul Simon.  For the future I've started learning Sam Stone - John Prine, Richmond - Faces, and All Downhill by Lyle Lovett.


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Leola, Lancaster County, PA, USA
Hey jcellini I see you are from Lancaster.  Do you ever go to the jam sessions the second Sunday of the month at the Friends Meeting House?  If you don't and are interested email me.  It's a lot of fun and free.


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I never played an Epi but I do have a Squier M-80.  I love the neck though the frets are a little rough on the ends.  It's more like a Gibson than a Fender.  The tuners are 3X3 and it has 2 Duncan designed humbuckers.  The body is neither Strat nor Tele.  It was designed in the Fender Custom Shop and built overseas.  Mine has the bolt-on neck but there is a set neck version that costs a bit more.  If you can find one check it out.
***I realized I had to update my avatar to include the M-80.***


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Does it look like any of the guitars here; http://www.suprousa.com/ ?


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Alvin Lee, Ten Years After, I'm Goin' Home at Woodstock.


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Hi, I'm new here also.  I've been using Chordie for some time without registering.  Decided to sign on.  I play a 1971 Yamaha FG75 that I've had since new, a 1947 Gibson A-50 Mandolin and a 2007 Squire M-80.  I've played the Yamaha and Gibson in church several times and participate in an acoustic jam session the second Sunday of the month.