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I’m trying to teach myself to be proficient (or decent anyways) in figerpicking. Any chordians out there have recommended  lessons, links, exercises, or just beginner song suggestions that you think might assist me? I’ve been through the JamPlay intro that focuses on the D chords, as well as other simple exercises I found on the net, but I need to take it a step further. Thanks for any help.

This is just a funny song from a you tube guy I really enjoy. Thought others here might enjoy it too!


Check out some of his other tunes while you're there. This guy is pretty good.

SouthPaw41L wrote:

I have a date that I do a similar celebratory waltz, if you will. April the 20th(4-20), I like to wear hippy clothes and talk like Cheech and Chong. I think it's   norml   for people to do these types of things.  (lol)

I hear ya southpaw, I also celebrate 4/20, nearly every day. LOL smile

Thanks for the welcome Frank.

It's an "entry level" Yamaha and serving it's purpose for the time being. I'll probably be in the market for a new one after the first of the year.

I'm keeping my eye on Craig's List and would love to find a classic "name" somewhere around  $1K. I haven't done much research yet, but my line of thinking is kind of like my car -  Why not enjoy something that may actually appreciate in value? I guess I kind of like old classic things and could see myself building a bit of a collection.


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True - And I hate when when they fall IN my guitar

The person below me worships Eddie VanHalen


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Justin Sandercoe has lessons and tabs for fingerpicking Silent Night and Rudolph here:

(Auld Lang Syne too, but that's not really Christmas, more of a new years deal)



Thanks for the welcome guys. I’ve already gained a lot from Chordie from the lyrics / chords and from reading the forum – what a great resource! Funny – When I first picked the guitar back up – had been playing 6 or 8 weeks, and then man I started sounding worse. I was just looking through the forum one night and came upon a thread that recommended changing strings every 2 weeks or a month max – Well dumbazz me,  I didn’t realize that – What a difference!

I checked out you’alls (that’s southern vernacular) myspace pages and listened to some of the tunes. Interesting to say the least – a statistician song writing autoharp / bassoon player – how obscure is that?! And the tunes on Russell’s page are almost as diverse as Southpaw’s songbook. Everything from Bach to Zappa – that’s about the range of styles I enjoy also – good is good, no matter the genre. Southpaw – I used to live in the Ft. Myers area, love the gulf coast!

Anyway, thanks again for the welcome and I look forward to partaking in the forums. Maybe someday I will be good enough to actually offer something instead of just soaking up all of the knowledge!

you guessed it russell - '67 mustang. candyapple red. (though it's "resting" for the winter)

New member here, although I have been lurking around, printing out songs for a few months now. Just thought I'd say hello and offer a bit of background about myself. Let's see - 42 y.o. male from North Carolina  - no scratch that - 43 years now (memory is going I guess). Played guitar a bit as a youngster and just recently picked it back up. I was fixing the ceiling fan in my step-daughters room and noticed the guitar leaning against the wall for decoration. She "had to have it" for a birthday gift a few years ago and it's been collecting dust ever since. So - I said to myself, I used play a bit and I asked Sarah if she would mind if I borrowed it.

It's been a blast - There were no computers when when I was kid, and I'd rather be out playing ball. My mom dragged me to lessons and made me practice and I don't recall enjoying it all. Now, I can't get enough. There is so much good stuff on-line (primarily enjoying chordie and justinsandercoe, but wow, in only a few month's time, I can play a few sing-a-longs and can't find enough time to play. I am really enjoying this!

Anyway - that's my short story and again, just thought I'd say hello to the other chordians out there.


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I've seen a similar game called ^ < V

Like this

^Likes games
< is a newbie
V listens to music I never heard of

Boston - self titled debut album

Boston (1976)

The resulting debut album, Boston, was an enormous success and helped revive the popularity of mainstream rock at a time when disco was beginning to dominate radio airplay and an ascendant punk was attracting critical acclaim. The record ranks as the best-selling debut album in U.S. history, with over 17 million copies sold, a rank it still holds.[1]

Damn - 1976 - I'm getting old!

It's a Big Old Goofy World (John Prine)

Here's a twist - Which of Clapton's many covers are worse than the originals. I like Marley's I Shot The Sherriff, JJ Cale's Cocaine, all of the Robert Johnson originals (although recordings are obviously lousy). But I think Eric improved all of them. Very rare for me at least, 99% of the time, I say the original is best.