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I recently was struck with a though. Alot of my music is from Europe and so it is in various language like German and welsh. any way i was wondering if anyone here enjoys music they cant understand?


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I like older music in my older car so my list is



Guns & Roses

Iron Madian

and Black Sabbath

well i agree with topdown. if there is a band i like i will buy a cd. if its just one song thats popular for a few weeks then i may buy it online.

That's a rather odd statement. I can read music but not very well. Tabs are a excellent because they are easy to learn and always easy to read.

Its not about how you read but how you play. Think you should probably learn that


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My first guitar was a acoustic Silvertone junior thats about 40 years old. Still playing it but now i rock out on some electric guitars


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I work at a movie theater. its poor pay but decent work and decent people

I think i ended my never ending search for a great site when i found chordie


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hey, guten tag, hola and so forth


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I would recomend the zune. it has much more capabilits then an ipod. there have been some major recent updates which have made it even better such as buying music straight from the zune. i have the first gen that came out and it still works even after being soaked in water, dropped, and stepped on. tough little things. anyway enjoy your new mp3 player


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I am from america and personaly i think the only reason people worship god is because they like the idea of getting treat in a heavnly way when they die. theres to much conflict and fighting over religion. but i agree its harder to find people who dont believe in god.


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Who do you think has more money.

Greenday or Mettalica


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the scam i constantly get is about a person in africa moving to america.
and they have alot of money they cant move for some reason so they
offer me 500,000 to put ten million in my bank and give the rest back.

if anyone has ten million to "risk" like that then id love to meet them.

scammers are dumb


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I would play

south of heaven by slayer
heavy metal by sammy hegar
and Green sleves by (blank)

he wouldnt know what to do with me after that


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system of a down isnt metal its awesome rock.

american metal is weak. lamb of god is ok with some songs.
good metal is Celtic Frost, Arch Enemy, In Flames, As I lay dying, Apocalptica and so
i love all metal and rock so system of a down is still awesome


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my favorit song to play.... "Greensleves" even though i like hardcore metal. its cause i kool like dat


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Its hard to say if he did it or not. Watching his music videos it looks like he is having some fun.

But when your high you do werid things with out fully realizing what your doing. maybe he did put the gun to his mouth. on some guns the triggers are way to sensative (i dont know for shotguns thought).
But then again it would have been a really hard angle for him to shot himself.

Maybe he had help?
or maybe it was the koolaid man getting revenge. we may never know


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I have been happy with my small 10watt AMP until lately. I have gotten serious about playing. So i want to upgrade my AMP and guitar and get some new things like footpedals.
Can anyone recomend a good AMP that is 50watt (50 is all i want for now and failry cheap)
and give me information on footpedals and stuff like that?


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So I have heard about this awesome place called "Power chord academy".
I do not know alot about it but here is what I have heard.

They have guest artist like Unwritten Law, and Rise Against
You form a band with lead, rythm guitarist, drummer, and a singer and make a band
At the end all the "bands" play a huge concerts for the adults.
You spend the week working with your band and writing songs
You learn how to play diffrent styles and learn about recording and
working together as a band.

It sounds really cool and I signed up for it.
But I was wondering if anyone has been there and can tell me more about it?


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I was wondering if anyone knew some good pratice for rythm guitarist. something easy
but not just 4 chords over and over. Also some simple lead but very simple

I think my first album was the soundtrack to "the scorpian king" and thats what got me into music

The Irish gave bagpipes to the swedish as a joke...they still havnt gotten it.


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Slow and long? of fast and short? (songs you sicko)

wow you guys have this fancy recording stuff and i have a $20 headset hanging of a drum stick right over my AMP and a free recording software on my computer.

Im not cheap. just broke


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I have been playing for 2 years or now and never had much trouble with my hands.
But since it is not winter and very cold where I am It is almost impossible to play because
my left hand can not hit the notes. My hand is slow and clumsy, I could do better when I was
starting out. I do however have very large hands. is this just circulation problems? or since i have been playing alot more is it too much to fast?


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ok heres another one

A blond, brunett and redhead (i know my spelling is bad) agree to a swiming race.
They all get to the river at the same time and agree to use the breast stroke. So the
brunet finish's in about half a hour, the redhead at 35 min. the blond finishs 4 hours later and says to the two "hey you both cheated you used your hands"

this is probably a true story