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congrats on the martin,  i  hope to own one some day,   have even looked online at the limited hippie martin guitar,  looks great,  but scared to buy online, (without playing it).    is there such a thing as a bad martin???

need an easy strum to this song,  have been playing for a short time and need some guidance,  ,  i am playing it with a capo on 1 and using the chords C G Bm C D Em D Am C G,   i would use this for the first verse


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i have been playing for almost 2 years, and have always loved this song by John Prine,  I would love to teach myself how to play this properly, but have no idea how to start,  i don't know what fingers to use and which strings to pick when.  I have watched you tube videos on this but i find everyone goes much too fast.  could someone write me in plain english what fingers too use on what strings for which chord.  i know it sounds like a long torturous way to learn but i need help,  Anybody???? i have printed off the lyrics with chords.  gcd

hi , i am 46 years old, female, from beautiful nova scotia, i am self taught and started about a year and half ago,  i have a yamaha 410 or something like that and just bought a new simon and patrick,  i love love love guitar and singing,  and alcohol helps for playing and for people listening, hahahahaha,  its all good and fun


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just learning this great "America" song,  and need some help with ending it.   after dong the chorus the second time,  it goes a little riff then to a do wop do wops.   the riff and the do wops are what i need help with.  i need tab for the riff and how to do that (since this is my first attempt at tab) and i also need some guidance and chords on the do wop part.  I am doing the song in C, Em, F, C , Em since i am not able to barre yet.  the intro is Am, F, C Csus, C, G, Am, G , F.   (i'm adding this so you will know what chords i have transposed it in).   any suggestions would be great and thank you in advance.  i am trying to move to a next level and this is the song i have chosen to hopefully help me do that.


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these suggestions are excellent,  i actually went to my friends house last night to play,  she and i started together a year ago and we talked alot about this sound same stuff, we are going to try to add in some picking and riffs into our songs to make it more interesting. we play alot of country, old and new, and also folk.  i like all kinds of music and try to play it.  i love all the suggestions and yes i too can say "drink up people" lol,   thanks again, i will keep practicing and try not to get too caught up in stressing over the strumming


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okay,  i will take everyones advise (which is what i was looking for) and try to apply,  and again thank you,  i don't know what i would do without this kind of site where i can ask questions "safely"  (without anyone looking at me like i have five heads or something) lol


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sorry soutpaw, but that didn't really help me,  lol lol,   i have been using a capo all along according to the songs that i print off of chordie.  and as for alternate tuning and barre chords,  please that is way out of my expertise at this time.   i do not have a musical ear at all and have only been learning by books and friends telling me how to play chords.  i learn by looking at chord charts not by ear.  which i could learn by ear then i am sure the alternate tuning would help.  my problem was that i was stuck with the same strumming for almost everything that i play.


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hmmm,  it's nice to hear "a seasoned player" has experienced the same.  and yes i will keep challenging myself, you are right there, i think that is the key.  but sometimes it does get frustrating. i feel at times i am going backwards.  i have started playing late in life (45) and there is nothing easy about it.  but i do love it and that is what keeps me going.  thanks for your response


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i have been playing for 1 year and having been using a basic strum for most songs,  ddu u d u,   however now i am finding that i sound the same most of the time and i'm thinking that i am probably boring people cause i'm sure they are thinking the same thing.  i love to play and do it for my own enjoyment but, i just don't know how to break myself of this.  lately when i am learning a new song i try to convert myself to strumming how i hear it in the original song and then before long i fall back into that same old strumming pattern.  Is this normal for a newbie like me and how can i or should i break myself of this.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.  thanks


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oh yes, i have checked out that website and that it great that i can order that,  thanks a bunch for your help


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I found a new wedding song on youtube called "Dance With Me", its a very upbeat song done by Anthony Carter.  I have the lyrics however don't know the chords.  I have been playing for under a year and i suck at figuring out my own chords.  Can anyone help me out with this song.  thanks

where can a person learn how to finger pick ,  i'm looking for free online lessons


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i have only been playing for 8 months,  it helps when you really really know the song, this will help you feel the song and you can just strum the way you feel it,  and practice practice practice.  be patient cause it will not sound like the real thing but eventually it will come together in a way that you can sound somewhat like the song.  always keep in mind when you hear the song on the radio or on cd,  there are alot of sound quality things going on that you just don't get when you are playing alone and are new.   i too struggle with strumming but i practice everyday and i also have my favorites on my mp3 player and i will listen to the song over and over and try to play.  but i try not to be hard on myself cause i am just learning.   don't give up  and find a buddy to jam with,  that helps me alot


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wow, what a wealth of information this site is,  thank you all for your suggestions,  i appreciate it


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looks like the holes in the bridge all wearing, like the strings are cutting into it.  should i be concerned? what is going on here?


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i am new to guitar, started in sept 07,  love it......however, my singing sucks, i never really thought my voice was all that low until i tried singing with my guitar.  (i don't seem to have this problem when i am singing along with a cd) i want to belt out the song but my voice is low and i seem to be straining and of course it sounds terrible.  is there a way to change the chords to fit my voice.  for example, i've been playing "suds in the bucket" i'm okay with that song until i get to the chorus, then it seems to go up and i cannot do that. can anyone recommend anything,  different chords, capo etc,  i need help...


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looking for strumming pattern for "play me a rock and roll song" by Valdy


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looking for strumming pattern for 455 rocket by kathey mattea


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i have been learning guitar since september and loving it but all my songs sound the same, i would like to start really concentrating on my strumming and have chosen tequila sunrise to start.  my first thought is does the strumming pattern stay the same throughout the song (for any song)   and can anyone provide strumming pattern for tequila sunrise??