Yes to the Bad To The Bone question.

I play Lee Oskar harps. They can be taken apart, cleaned or the reed plates can be replaced. I think other brands have that option also...not real sure on that one though.


Yes...Play the 12 bar blues in G and go at it with your C harp.

Just remember to refrain from playing after you have anything to eat...they don't work well with chunks of food in them.

Hey Bill.

A diatonic is a normal harp. You can bend most of the low notes with one. There are other tunings but diatonic is what you should start with, in my opinion.

In that video you put up, he is playing a B flat diatonic, so the second position would be F. His band is playing the song in F...That was a good video!

I have an idea..Get two harps and Dondra can learn with you.

So you're looking for easy are ya?

Are you good at rubbing you stomach and patting your head? Or is chewing gum and walking hard for you?

Take a look at some of the youtube videos on blues harp instructions. Then check out ebay for harmonica's. Good ones go for around $40 and up. To start with you can get some for half that or less, I would stay away from used ones. 
C diatonic is a good key to start with. With that you can play straight harp or first position songs in C, or cross harp, also called second position in the key of G. Second position is used for most blues. Second position is mostly breathing in and first position is mostly blowing out.

I'm not a very good teacher but I hope what I have told you is some help.
You might want to practice when Dondra's away from the house at first.



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If I notice you saying anything hurtful, I will send you a note saying so..I got your back.


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Alright Dondra. I'm glad to hear your doing better.

Here's some good juju for you. I hope all goes well for you back at work.

If you go on mine or easybeat's soundcloud page and look at who we are following you can find her.


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See what I'm saying?.

I found Mac. Very nice. I hope to hear more of her.


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I'll second that thank you to easybeat.

He is so willing to help others with words of encouragement.

Good evening easybeat.

You have helped many with your song writing advice. You even tried to help me to get writing my own song. I would say I don't have that talent but then I would be getting emails from you with words of encouragement. I have passed on some of the emails you have sent me and it has helped friends of mine with their endeavors with song writing.

I checked on soundcloud and couldn't find the name Mac.

I want to thank you for encouraging Jandle. Her voice and playing ability are wonderful. I like her song very much and I look forward to see what she comes up with next.

Thanks again, Rick

I do have one I recorded on youtube but I'm not sure how to get it to come up here.

Computer literate I'm not. I'll keep playing with it and just maybe get lucky....or blow the whole thing up.


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dino48 wrote:

I have busted alot of e strings its,pretty common among players. I have been putting on safety glasses the last couple of years as I almost took out my eye once. Ovekill but I like two eyes! I also do it use them while mowing and trimming my yards because I had two trips too the emergency room for my eye's.  Evil stuff out there!!

I also had a close call years ago. I used to use an Ovation tuner that had a small strobe light that you put under the strings and you looked down at it. I was tuning my 12 string and that small G string broke and hit the bridge of my nose, very close to my eye. It left a blood spot and a fear of that happening again. I always used safety glasses after that.


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Your bag of "batguano" is bigger than mine friend.


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You have a way with word's Bill.


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I am a veteran and I have friends and family that are also... I don't see any reason why that song won't be well received.

You and your friends sound like a good group of people..I wish there were more like you.

Hello Bill.

I had 2 songs up there but decided to take them off for several reasons. One was that I wasn't comfortable putting copyrighted material on there. The second reason was that the equipment I used was less than satisfactory. I have no volume control with my current set up so it was LOUD and unpleasant to the ear. I am working on getting a new set up.

I just checked and found Peatle's recording's are still there.


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mojo01...There is a another song you have on soundcloud that got to me. "Johnny" is a great piece of work. You have a talent I wish I shared.


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Good luck with your new toy.

Giving back to the community is very rewarding. The pay isn't great but the rewards are the least for me.
Our group plays once a month at a nursing home. To be able to brighten someone's day is pay enough for us. It's the paying it forward thing that I like...maybe someday when I'm in their situation some will play for me. Karma.

And Happy Birthday, a bit early.


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Nothing like breaking a string to give you a little start. TWANG is right.


I remember seeing that movie when it came out....the song I don't remember. Let's call it old age and move on.

I couldn't find it in on this site. I would like to hear what you come up with if you can record it safely.


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Thanks Jan for putting it up here.
I see I'm not the only one it touched. Good song and well done.

I have to agree with Graph when it comes to the uke. The uke always sounds like a happy sound rather than a serious, heart felt instrument to me. I like your uke playing and your voice lends well to the song.

I'm looking forward to playing around with it on the guitar. Maybe some day I will get some decent recording equipment and get something up on soundcloud.


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I've always like Pink Floyd.

I enjoyed it...Thanks for the flashback.


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I think I hurt myself on that first one Bill.

That second one....I haven't had enough coffee yet.

I hope you and Dondrs are well this morning.



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You got my attention with that last song. I must admit that I haven't listened your others but you can bet I'll listen in the morning with a fresh pot of coffee.
I don't profess to be a any kind of big deal or music expert. I love music and am grateful to be able to strum some chords and sing in key most of the time.