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Well done Russell,  I've always enjoyed your music and style.     


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Glad you're back,  rebuilding the callouses on the fingers will be rewarding.     


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The old windows vista finally froze up and died, I decided to be merciful and not make any attempts at resuscitation. I had a new/refurbished computer delivered to the front door as I was not ready to appear in public at a time like this.  So, this morning as I was trying to figure out how this new fangled piece of technology worked, I hear a voice calling my name - now I know there aint nobody here except the four dogs and a sleeping wife,  I begin to reach for my pistol which is never far from my hand and I hear the voice again,  I spin around and - aint nobody there cept the beagle who now senses my growing agitation.  I slowly begin to realize it's the new puter talking to me,  now I'm willing to accept a lot but I gotta draw the line at a talkin puter -  which now brings me to the current situation, how do I make it stop talkin short of shooting it?  I miss my old quiet vista. This new thing is gonna take a heap of learnin before I get it sorted out.


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Politics is a dirty game,  it appears the shame of politicians exists everywhere.     

You might try moving songbook 1 to songbook 2 , or separate songbooks by artist. I've found that listing by artist makes it easier to find a particular song.     


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I like it Beamer.  I usually don't comment or critique because I'm not a writer and I'm not a very good musician. I only know when I like something and this is one I like. I look forward to hearing a recording.     


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TF,  the roads have been plowed and we're back to normal now.  This was not as bad as the winter in 2009,  we lost power for eight days over the Christmas holidays, the snow plows finally made it here after six days.

Zurf, I'm usually well prepared and stocked, what I didn't plan on was my spinal injury progressing as it has, age kinda snuck up on me.  I'm going to have to find or make a small sled to bring firewood to the house.  I usually enjoy the challenge, its just more difficult to keep up now. I'm as close as I ever want to be to a city so I just have to adapt and overcome.     


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CG,  I live up on a ridge and measured the snow at 13 inches,  my daughter lives six miles from me down in the valley and measured the snow at 9 inches. I can't shovel snow because of my spinal injuries so I have to use a snow blower. My machine has four forward gear settings and two reverse gear setting so all I have to do is steer it, the only way it can get any easier is if someone runs it.  It's mostly trees up here so a lot of power lines get taken down in hard to reach areas. The power company line men are awesome, working in places and conditions that are dangerous enough, then add in high voltage.  I always have hot coffee ready when they are working in our area during the winter.     


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Three days with no electric power and 16 degree temperatures with 13 inches  of wet snow. Most of the time my fingers were to cold to hold a guitar and I was to tired to even eat. I burned a quarter of my firewood supply,  and most of my generator fuel supply, I hope we don't get another storm like this before I can restock  our supplies and make generator repairs. Thankfully my spinal cord stimulator worked and kept the back pain to a minimum. My wife and I along with our four dogs, took up residence in our downstairs guest quarters where we kept a fire going in the wood/coal  stove.  I need to go back to bed and sleep for a day or two.  I think the guitars need some love and attention, so new strings will be installed and lovingly polished to perfection before the next storm hits. 

Dirty Ed wrote:

Never been thrown out of a band, although I have walked away from a couple.  I have been thrown out of a bar before if that counts. And I also remember being thrown out of a strip joint in Daytona Beach once.  smile


Ahhhhh - bike week - the memories - the hang-overs and the looooong ride back to Pa.  Those were the days!     


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I tried to play a friends nylon string guitar many years ago, the strings seemed to roll under my fingers and I've never had the opportunity to play one since.  I've used flourocarbon fishing line for years and never thought of using it for guitar strings. As guitar strings are they sold by gauge or by pound test?  Now I'm thinikng about buying a classical guitar just so I can give them a try.  Sometimes curiosity costs me a lot of money, so I gotta get the wife involved with the idea of another guitar or maybe I'll sell the deering banjo so I don't have to dust it anymore.     


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Well written Jan, you made this old war horse tear up thinking about those lost to cancer.  Life goes on and we're none the wiser until we stop and really listen to  other people.     


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Oh man that was cool!  If i tried to make my fingers do that they would just fall off, I have a hard enough time using a fork at suppertime.  Superb guitar playing!     

Definitve proof - Bill is actually Joe Cocker!  Loved it Bill.     


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Well done Jets,  I saw it this morning and it's been on my mind since,  bringing back memories of my final high school days, back  in "68". I knew a lot of  professional students who never held a tool or a toilet plunger while I took a job and started working. TF is right the colleges didn't teach real world skills back then (I don't know about now) and I know of a few with degrees who can't find work in their chosen fields. I worked while they schooled and I never felt guilty charging them money to fix their car or unglog a toilet. Some of those same students even came to work for me and now know how to use a wrench and a closet auger.


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Well done, and beautifuly played CG.  My stepdaughter is a classical pianist, I would have loved to hear the two of you play together.  I remember sitting with her while she played Moonlight Sonata.     [edited for spelling]


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Loved it Jandle!  It's one of those tunes that stays in your head all day, I've been singing it since this morning when I first listened to you singing it.     


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There are lots of amps that will fill your needs,  do you want a home practice amp or will you be performing inside or outside, do you want one with built in effects, new or used? and the list of questions you need to ask yourself goes on and on.  I don't perform so all I use is a small amp ($80.00 new) and I plug in "stomp boxes" for my reverb/delay effect. My guitars are acoustic/electric using a sound hole pickup on my main player and a bridge pickup on the 12 string.  Prices will vary greatly and the choices are endless. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along to help you learn more about amps, good luck and let us know what you decide and let me say, "happy new amp day" in advance.     


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Made me think of my own father,  he too missed the life he once had. I like to think they are together again.  It's beautiful as a poem, thank you Jandle.     

Biil, My  motto has always been "whatever works". Go ahead, it's your music, no one here will judge you, the only thing that matters is that you  like what you do.     


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That has got be heartbreaking,  if that had happened to one of mine I'd be cutting loose with a string of cuss words for a week.  I use tite-bond glue when working on boats above the waterline and it holds well, as long as you aren't using the Gibson under water it's going to hold.     


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I can't read music,  in elementary school sheet music just looked like bugs on the paper, no one noticed that I needed glasses.  I played bugle in a drum and bugle corp when I was in my early teens, the music instructor would play what I was supposed to play and I just copied what he played.     

I'm not complaining, just sometimes make me laugh when in the christmas songs I see titles like "Wake Up Little Susie", "Runaround Sue" and " I Wanna Be Sedated".  In all fairness sometimes I do need to be sedated during the holiday season. 

Graham,   sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.     


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Tommy is fantastic!  He will be doing a concert near our area soon,  I have house guests who are coming from Pennsylvania to attend the concert.