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Got my Breedlove 12 string from American Musical Supply as a return. No marks, dings or issues and saved about  a hundred bucks. Lots of luck in your search


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Sweet Dean. I bought one of these in the 80's and really liked it . Great tone and played like butter once the set up was tweaked a bit. Don't have it now but you never know. Enjoy it and if you decide to part with it let me know. Yeah like that's gonna happen

This past summer I saw the Marshall Tucker Band (or what's left of them) and was so disappointed. The original lead singer was still performing and he was terrible. His voice was gone and he sounded like he was just mumbling random words and would stop mid verse to flirt with women standing by the stage. The sound tech must have been sleeping because all the guitar leads were buried but the flute parts were so jacked up it felt like spikes being shoved in your ears. I had waited years to see these guys and afterwards realized I should have kept waiting


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The chords for the remaining verses are the same as the first verse. The timing on the changes will be the same throughout the song you just have to figure out where they are in relationship with the words. Hope this helps and welcome to Chordie

The white dots are showing those strings are played although they are left open. Your fingers fret the strings that are marked with the dark dots, white dots show an open string and an x shows that string is not played. Hope this helps you and welcome to Chordie


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Late 80's Ovation Balladeer shallow bowl-Korea    Applause traveler-Korea    Danelectro '56 reissue-Japan   Early 80's Ovation Ultra GS solidbody-US    Ibanez resonator-Japan                 
unknown maker-6 string banjo it's probably Japan but not sure    Ovation Celebrity mid-depth bowl-China   Breedlove Pursuit 12 string-China from US parts   There's also a Washburn that's being used by a buddy  I believe it's made in Indonesia but not certain. Also have a couple cigar box guitars that were made locally

If you play sitting down they make a small rubber pad for your lap to grip the lyrachord back and prevent it from wanting to slide forward. You can find it on ebay for a couple bucks

I have several Ovations and love them all. I don't have any of the elite series (yet) but have played several. They all have a very fast neck and the electronics are great. The only drawback to the elite series is they don't project as well as the Celebrity and other models that use a round sound hole. However on the plus side they don't have as many problems with feedback.With my Celebrity I have to be conscious of amp and speaker placement and volume although with an adjustable sound hole plug you have a bit of lee way. A friend of mine has an elite and uses a small direct plug in amp (only a couple watts) to boost his volume if he happens to be outside. My advice is if you like it, get it and enjoy it. I've never played an Ovation I didn't like although I prefer the Celebrity/Balladeer models. Again just personal preference. Even though an Elite wouldn't be my go to I'm sure at some point I'll be adding one to my collection. Hope you enjoy whatever you end up with


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Just arrived the other day. Played well right out of the box and sounds great on it's own or plugged in. The Fishman electronics are very responsive and the on board tuner works great. This one's a keeper. Upgraded my computer so I'll be able to get some pics of this and the rest of the family up in the near future


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Congrats JJJ. Nothing like buying multiple guitars at one time especially when you get quality for a great price.


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Nice looking group of guitars. Congrats on the Gibson, looks like you really got a good deal


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Oh the phone is smart,unfortunately, maybe smarter than me. I accept new technology reluctantly. My youngest is the tech nerd so I'll enlist his help on this. In his opinion I need to get a real computer and not a glorified tablet. He's probably right since mine can't update anything, and shuts down at the worst times. Hard choice-new computer or money towards another guitar. Guess I'll have to do a little thinkin drinkin .May not reach a decision, but at least I'll enjoy myself


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That's it. I was ready to get an Ovation 12 then I saw this on ebay. Did some research and was impressed with the style and that they use a bridge truss to offset the tension on the top and bridge. Not actually a new one,it was listed as a return. Saved over a hundred bucks by ordering this one. Checked the UPS tracking and it's currently just across the state,in the Harrisburg area. Thinking it should be here by next Wed. Thanks for the info on moving pics from my phone Beamer. I'll see if my under powered laptop will let me load  photos and post them. Time to start saving for the next one.


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Earlier I posted in the acoustic section about Montaya guitars. I was torn as to whether I wanted it (a 12 string). I finally decided I did want a 12'er so I pulled the trigger. Just not on that one. I should have my new Breedlove A/E by next Friday. I'm going to try to get pics up of it and the rest of my guitars but have to find a youngster to get me through the technical process of transferring pics from my phone.Lol. Can't wait

It's been awhile but I used to run sound for a couple local bands and also took care of the lighting.You'll find every venue is different as to how you're going to set up your board. If everyone is playing through their own amp make sure your stage volume is loud enough that everybody can hear each other but not so loud it carries past your p.a. The bass (no knocks here) is usually the hardest to keep under control but you want that bass thump coming through your stacks so you can feel it. Get your board levels set so you can still turn up your leads but you're not clipping your meters. Remember to return any channels you turn up back to your original setting. I highly suggest you find somebody to run sound for you as trying to do it from stage can be challenging. Running from the stage you don't have the option of tweaking things while you're playing and if something needs adjusted you're having somebody drop out to do it. The lighting isn't such a big deal. If you're using par cans make sure everybody's covered and watch using green. It's fine to point a green light at somebody if you're doing back lighting. Pointing green at somebody from the front isn't wrong but it tends to make for a sickly looking performer. Set your sequencer and run a couple quick checks. If back lighting your light should extend slightly past the band but not blinding people dancing/watching. You may have a few bumps in the road figuring everything out but if you set up for practice like a regular gig (p.a. and lights) you'll figure it out. I prefer to run everything through the board and use monitors so everyone's on the same page and level but that's me. Good looking job on the studio and hoping things work out for you. As long as people can hear everything and nobody gets out of control,it's all good. Good luck


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Thanks for the replies. I'll probably go take a look at it a it's not very far from me. I don't mind where a guitar is made as much as what kind of standards they build to. Three of my Ovations are made in Korea and the newest one is made in China and I'm happy with all of them. I was more interested in not wasting my time if I got much negative feedback about these guitars. Maybe I'm a closet guitar snob but I'm leery about a lot of the cheaper brands. I've owned many cheap/off-brand guitars over the course of 40 years. A few were surprisingly playable and sounded fine, others not so much. I suppose it could make a good campfire guitar if nothing else. Besides I have a hard time passing up anything with strings if the price is good. If I decide I don't want it I know enough guitar players with small budgets that I can probably flip it and get my money back.Who knows, it might become a permanent resident. Thanks again and I'll keep you posted .


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I've been offered a Montaya 12 string with case for 200 bucks. Anybody know anything about them? I've done a little looking and can't really find much. I've seen prices from$60.00 to $900.00. I really don't want to waste my time checking out something I don't want (cheap korean guitar). Any advice appreciated.


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Best wishes to all and be safe. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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Well there's lots of time between now and June so we'll see what happens. If I remember correctly it's only a hundred bucks for the facility for a 24 hour period and I'd be more than glad to cover that. As I said ,we'll see what happens. Very good possibility of making one or more of the other gatherings as I pretty much set my own work schedule and don't have to ask for time off. Maybe by then I'll have figured out playing with a slide and be able to bring the resonator. Great to be back and back in touch with my Chordie family and wish all a safe and happy holiday season


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I have a Berhinger chorus pedal that is in constant use. My only complaint is it has to be plugged in, no place for a battery. But it works well and was fairly cheap. Enjoy your new pedal


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Being like many other people I've tried a lot of strings and different picks also looking for the elusive perfect sound.I finally hit the right combo(at least for me) and use the same setup on all my acoustics. Ernie Ball Earthwood medium lights for strings and Jim Dunlop medium/light picks. The strings are a bit bright at first (especially on the maple top Ovation) but mellow out quite nicely. The picks are heavy enough I don't feel like I'm holding tissue paper but thin enough to make the notes ring out. It's all personal preference, if it sounds good to you,play it


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Thanks for the welcome back. I've actually been back to playing for a couple years now. No pain in my hand,just a frozen joint on my index finger but as I said I've been able to work  around it. The pain involved was getting calluses to build on top of the scar tissue and since then it's been fine. I've also semi-retired so I've been playing more in the last couple years than I had for quite awhile. Purchased a small PA and have hooked up with a good friend who is an amazing guitarist. We've played a couple small parties and it seems like we may try to get some  actual paying gigs. Neither of us have a great voice but with some electronic help (love that vocal harmonizer) we don't sound too bad. I'm looking forward to  the Pa. gathering as it's only a couple hours from me and New York and Va aren't that far either. I've had a small gathering here the last couple years with people I'd been in bands with and people I just jam with. Nothing big, only goes for a day( or less,depending how many adult beverages are consumed) but it's a lot of fun. We'll have to see how things play out but I would love to set up a Clarion River jam. There's a small town right on the river where a building with a full kitchen can be rented for a small fee and is only 20-30 minutes from I-80. The river is fairly shallow there which keeps powered boats away allowing swimming,tubing, fishing and canoes. Lots of camping available (Cooks Forest State Park ) and hotels are close also. So if there would be any interest let me know and maybe set up for sometime in June. It could be a lot of fun and with everything there is too do there even the kids should be happy. keep on pickin


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been quite awhile since I've posted here although I have been lurking about. For the newer members and those who may have forgotten, my name is Butch Swyers from Clarion PA and I have a total love affair with Ovation guitars. I've been away from here for a few years but have thought often of my fellow Chordians. I see some have disappeared and there are many new members. I'm looking forward to getting to know the new members and becoming reacquainted with the rest. Had a lot of stuff going on in my life that resulted in relationship and life changes, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I had given up on playing due to a left hand injury but after feeling sorry for myself(doesn't do any good) for about 6 months I picked my balladeer back up. It hurt to play but it hurt worse not too. Long story short I'm back. Some chords I can't play due to finger mobility (open f chord and open c) but there are ways around it(nothing like some constructive cheating).I've also increased the number of Ovation's in my collection. Besides my mid 80's balladeer I now have an 84 Celebrity solid body electric,a late 90's traveler and a new Celebrity standard. I still have my Danelectro 56 reissue and have picked up an Ibanez resonator and a no name 6 string banjo. I'll try to post some pics but may need some help doing so since I'm not real computer savvy. Looking forward to getting to know everyone again and hoping I can make one or more of the gatherings. Who knows,maybe set up one here in western PA. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday season and keep on pickin


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I've been playing about 35 years and the number of songs I play that sound like the original I could probably count on one hand. I find the longer I play a song I have a tendency to add my own style. It still sounds right but is not note for note. I have gotten some flak over this time to time but most of the time I get compliments for how I play. It's virtually impossible for me to play every nuance of a song done by a full band with multiple guitarists. I take pride in the fact that I play close enough to the original that it's recognizable but still sounds like me. My advice is if it sounds good play how you like. Lots of people are willing to critique but aren't willing to show they are any better. Enjoy playing for playing.


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Gibson came out with the robot guitars a couple years ago. Saw no need for one then and although this is cool I see no need to change. I'll keep my stock tuners on my Ovation and use the money these would cost to buy something important. Like another guitar.