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I'll take a shot at clarifying this anomaly... not that I am a doctor of physics or anything. When you first pluck a string it will always read high to a frequency counting device or software at first and when the initial vibration has traveled up and down the full length of the string it will "ring" at it's tuned frequency. So I would surmise that the later detected vibration count would be the most accurate as that is the natural harmonic of the string at the tension it is at.. Either way it is usually best to check the note at a couple of locations on the neck to be sure you are fairly close as intonation comes into play as you shorten the string length by fretting.     

Try this link  https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/al … ds-2403941



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Welcome to the Community! Sorry our Welcome Wagon is in the shop due to Covid.... so nobody will be knocking on your door with the fruit basket.  But make yourself to home, tune up, and join right in !!     

I checked Bill's blog and the last entry was 29 March, I'd call but he's changed phones since we last spoke. It is concerning!     

I e-mailed them to check up last week and have yet to get any response.  Just wondering if they are alright in these dangerous times, or just keeping themselves to themselves.

Be safe not a statistic ! 

I have a Champ, and it is a good amp although "vintage".  I'd run it into a shop as well these days, because even with a new set of tubes, if you power it up without a speaker load it will let the smoke out of your new tubes if the speaker is dead. I know that one from experience.... mine was and the replacement speaker is only 2 Ohm orininal spec..  Hard to find.

Had to clean all the pots and switches also to get past assorted crackles and stuff. I did replace the tubes (valves for our friends across the pond) With Sovtek or Svetlana because they last longer than the original RCA or Sylvania tubes do.  I'm not even sure we still make vacuum tubes here in the States anymore, but our Russian friends do !     


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Sure!  As long as you have a printer, you have to look for the [print] icon on the right side of the page of the tune you want and it should start your printer to do so. Be sure to check your printer options (paper size, orientation etc.).... and naturally plugged in and turned on works best for me! 

Have fun and Stay Healthy !!     


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Try clearing your cookies. Most log in issues can be solved by doing that.     


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That John Prine has been diagnosed with Covid 19 and is in serious condition.  I fear we may lose many more of our older "idols" before this thing is over. Be Safe and Stay Healthy Everyone!!

Lighting a Candle over here..... 


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That is a nice looking instrument..... did it come with a hard case?  How long do you think it'll take to teach the Cat to play it ?

Take Care, and Stay Healthy!     


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Nothing wrong with audacity, if you have the audio file you could feed it to chordify.com and it should be able to sort it for you.     


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looking forward to giving that a listen !     


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Congrats on the new "Baby"..... hope you are prepared for all the sleepless nights ahead, or is it more like spoil 'em rotten and send them home to the folks ?

Have Fun and keep us posted on how it comes together !     

Howdy Sage and welcome aboard !  Wander on down to the chat corner and introduce yourself to the community, I'm sure you will be welcomed by others as well.
Happy Holidays!     


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What you really need is an army of SPAMBOTS to inject links to your vids all over the planet.....

Just kidding.... really I have no idea what it takes to increase traffic without being a pest.  But maybe you have to do something really bad just to get folks attention ?  Works for Politicians !!     

Check Ultimate Guitar, they have a thread on the tune. Although no tabs/chords yet. Tuning is reported to be CGEA so perhaps Uke?  You might try feeding an audio track into Chordify and see what it comes up with.... usually if not exact, it gets close enough to refine down to a really close simile.  Good Luck !!     


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Tenor Guitar is commonly tuned D G B E although alternate tunings can be used (much like most stringed instruments), this common tuning makes it easier for those of us who already play the 6 string version to transition down to 4. The open chord shapes are the same as the larger cousin and easily mastered. Baritone Uke is also tuned this way and if you find the tenor neck to still be a bit wide, you might try one of those as a smaller option.     


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Lpeters56, What particular tune are you having issues with ? with a bit more information I can go there and see if it is an internal issue, one with the source file (link) or something with the iPad print interface itself (such as a file type restriction). i usually choose PDF format for printing options as it is compatible with most operating systems and document handling applications. As well as being "native" to Apple from inception.     


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There sure is, with the tune displayed, you can hit the print option on the right side of your screen or Ctl+P to send the text to your printer. I usually just"print to file" which saves a copy to my hard drive which travels with me so my music is always available even without an internet connection.     


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I  really have no idea, but would surmise a guess for some errors would be transcription by those with fluency in other languages or poor recordings, or in my mind a hedge against claim of copyright violation by inserting exclusions or errors.  A lot of the music available is someone's interpretation of a song and should be used as a guide rather than "gospel" unless you have a genuine piece of sheet music in front of you from the licensed publisher.  Even then some chords may be simplified or transposed to make the tune easier to learn and or play.     


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Well the best that I know is that it is a "pick and choose" thing.... since no files are stored on our servers, the songbooks are just a list of links that resolve to sources elsewhere. If anybody knows better, I'm sure they will wonder along and share.

Thanks for asking, and Welcome aboard !!     


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Bienvenido a Chordie Gemma. La información en los posts anteriores se aplicaría a casi cualquier tipo de guitarra. Noté que su sitio web es un sitio de mercadeo, y la publicidad no autorizada está prohibida en nuestro sitio. Elimine los enlaces comerciales de su perfil y continuaremos manteniéndolo en nuestra comunidad con la esperanza de ayudarlo en su viaje musical.     


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Have a Safe and Happy Easter Everyone !!     


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I've been out of touch until recently, but nothing I am aware of concerns dropping the topic.  It may be up to us to continue as best we can as it is appreciated by many.  All contributions are welcome !!     


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Good point and I would tend to agree that although the engagement of members does seem to wax and wane (with the seasons it seems), it brings to mind a question.  If we are having conversations outside the forums, what topics are foremost and would those be truly appropriate within the guidelines of this forum.

The Chat Corner is pretty much open for any topic, BUT we do refrain from things that are not inclusive such as politics, religion, and such.  At least within my circles, the topics seem to lean towards things that are dividing us (not that we favor that position) rather than subjects that bring the world closer together (re: any news source you would care to name).  The space in my tiny brain that is devoted to music has been compressed by concerns over the global implications of current events. Our friend Beamer reminds us that music is an effective way to decompress from the stress of it all, and I for one intend to follow his example now that I'm home, and try to be more active on this front as well.

BTW please accept my condolences over the recent events in Christchurch and the repercussions pending. As an American I feel somewhat that we may have contributed to that situation by the poor examples we have set.  sad