Well the best that I know is that it is a "pick and choose" thing.... since no files are stored on our servers, the songbooks are just a list of links that resolve to sources elsewhere. If anybody knows better, I'm sure they will wonder along and share.

Thanks for asking, and Welcome aboard !!     


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Bienvenido a Chordie Gemma. La información en los posts anteriores se aplicaría a casi cualquier tipo de guitarra. Noté que su sitio web es un sitio de mercadeo, y la publicidad no autorizada está prohibida en nuestro sitio. Elimine los enlaces comerciales de su perfil y continuaremos manteniéndolo en nuestra comunidad con la esperanza de ayudarlo en su viaje musical.     


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Have a Safe and Happy Easter Everyone !!     


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I've been out of touch until recently, but nothing I am aware of concerns dropping the topic.  It may be up to us to continue as best we can as it is appreciated by many.  All contributions are welcome !!     


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Good point and I would tend to agree that although the engagement of members does seem to wax and wane (with the seasons it seems), it brings to mind a question.  If we are having conversations outside the forums, what topics are foremost and would those be truly appropriate within the guidelines of this forum.

The Chat Corner is pretty much open for any topic, BUT we do refrain from things that are not inclusive such as politics, religion, and such.  At least within my circles, the topics seem to lean towards things that are dividing us (not that we favor that position) rather than subjects that bring the world closer together (re: any news source you would care to name).  The space in my tiny brain that is devoted to music has been compressed by concerns over the global implications of current events. Our friend Beamer reminds us that music is an effective way to decompress from the stress of it all, and I for one intend to follow his example now that I'm home, and try to be more active on this front as well.

BTW please accept my condolences over the recent events in Christchurch and the repercussions pending. As an American I feel somewhat that we may have contributed to that situation by the poor examples we have set.  sad     

Yup we made it and although it is supposed to be warm and sunny only half of that is true. Not warm at all but greenish and a bit cold. Missing having the ability to  check in regularly due to lack of web access and doing this via Android cell connection. Thinking about you anyway and wishing I was home and better connected. Lots of music going on around these parts but mostly small venues and jam sessions. It is surprising how many folks have not heard about this huge and supportive community but I am doing what I can to educate them. Lots of talents folks out here living on the rough side and enjoying the environment and each other's company.

The rubber tramp rendevous is over and most folks have wandered further south in search of warmer climes, but we are hanging in hoping it gets nicer.

You folks keep on, and we. Will check in as we can 

Just the one:  chordie.com/song.php/songartist/Grant%2C+Isla/index.html

In the artist's index.... there are I'm sure other sources out there in webland, but that seems to be the only tune indexed here on Chordie.     

You might try searching by song title and see if anything comes up.  There are a couple of reasons that an artist might have  been removed from the index, such as a request from the artist or owner of copyright.  sad     


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I find this  topic interesting seeing as how this is an "English Language" forum, although many of us are at least bi-lingual and some are multi-lingual.  So I wonder what the point of the exercise is ?  What is the motivation for gathering up an assortment of words for a lyric that only a small number of readers would recognize ?  smile     

Happy Christmas Everyone !!  When I saw this thread my first thought was the same as Peatle's..... so here's my addition to the album:




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Always happy to help out..... but more info is required.  I will assume that your printer is connected and you are able to print from other applications, so please check that first. Then a bit of information about what software (OS) you are running, browser and version, do you have the latest printer drivers update installed ?  Is it only one particular tune or all of them in your book giving problems ?

Otherwise we are just "shooting in the dark".  In the meantime I will check things from this end and see if things seem normal for me, and await your response.



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Well say "HEY" to the gang !  Especially Detman.... he's been scarce for  quite awhile and some of us do miss his contributions to the Community.  smile

Sounds like a fun gathering, looking forward to some audio/video or at least a few photos...... Please ?     

Hi Bill,  you might want to try ditching Windows S for vanilla Windows Home.... the S version does restrict installation of software to only those available on the Microsoft Store.

Despite the reference to "Surface Go" on this article, the steps to change the installed version of Windows 10 should be the same for all hardware.

https://www.windowscentral.com/surface- … -10-s-mode

As usual, I am available to talk you through it if you want.  Either way there should not be any need to pay for an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, and the change to Home version is FREE !!     smile     


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Good deal Zurf !!  Not a lot invested except a bit of time and sweat.  Squire are not reputed to be at the top of the line, but every one that I've had my hands on were playable and not what one would call "total junk".  Usual issues are related to things like noisy pots and switches, loose neck joints and rough tuner gears, all more of an annoyance than worthy of a toss into the "burn pile".  Play it, enjoy it, and don't feel bad about a dent or scratch, it gets the job done.  smile     


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I was wondering..... only had 2 calls this afternoon, both from some telemarketer in San Diego.  Just knew they weren't you !!  Info on the way.  smile     


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Hey Bill !  I have you on my Skype contacts list.... perhaps "webcam" would be a better term than video camera.  Most video cameras don't connect via USB, and might be more bother to get working than the other. I can make myself available tomorrow afternoon at a time convenient for you to get you up and running.... a couple of errands for the
AM but pretty free afterwards. Ring my cell and we'll talk it over.



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Keep at it Bill, you're doing alright !  It gets easier with practice, once one gets over how different we sound on a recording versus what we "hear" from within.  "Cranial resonance" and all that.  smile     


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Thanks for posting.  Actually there is a limit of 100 tunes per book, but no real limit on how many "Books" you can keep.  So open a "Book 2" and just keep going.  Some members have labeled their books according to genre, for easy reference.  smile     


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The Fender Bullets comment made me laugh !  Years ago I played a Fender Mustang, and went through about 4 sets in one gig.  The darn strings kept launching those little swedged on "Bullets" across the stage literally like their namesake.  Turns out they had been over-crimped and a whole lot of them suffered breakage ballistically and were eventually recalled.

Went back to Ernie Ball's and didn't look back.  No lawsuits, but spent more time changing strings than playing that night.  The Bar crowd was in good humour.... one would go "Ping", i'd cuss, they'd laugh and I'd go to work as a "Techie".  Some memories just make you chuckle.  big_smile     


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Wow a lotta views and no comments.... well, I would expect that on newer products that have not had a huge user base yet.  But for my $.02 I'd see high expectations from them.  The specs are good and I looked up your amp as well.  Going from a single 12 inch to a pair especially if you wire them to 4 Ohm total impedance, will make the most out of what the Amp is rated at and will certainly "rattle yer winders" .  Look forward to your review when the project is complete.  smile     


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A gifted Musician and Entertainer who will be missed.  RIP     


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3852 wrote:

Can’t save songs in songbook, keeps telling me to long on when I’m already logged on, frustrating. I’m on ipad

You might try clearing your browser cookies, exiting and logging in again.  Most times that seems to cure that particular problem. If that does not work, specify your browser and we'll investigate further.     


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Hi Bruce, the problem you are describing sounds similar to one from another member that I addressed awhile back.  In that particular case he was accessing Chordie through a third party App called Chordinator which didn't get along with some of the formatting code that we use currently.  Are you accessing Chordie through your browser or with an App ?
As Top mentioned, a screen shot to admin is always helpful in case it is something at this end easily fixed.

Thanks for posting !!   smile     


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neophytte wrote:
Baldguitardude wrote:

That's incredible. how many members are still around who were here on month 1?

The wayback machine archive of Chordie from 2002 shows no forum, and no log in ...

https://web.archive.org/web/20021208055 … ie.com:80/

That's cool, the Forum shows up in 2005 and the "familiar" format and logo in 2006. There should be a few of us from about that time still hanging around, I was a little late as I jumped over here when OLGA folded their tents under legal pressure (for you old timers that remember OLGA).   smile     


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Thanks for the kind thoughts. But seriously at a certain age Birthdays don't seem like such a big deal..... excepting the part about avoiding the "Grim Reaper" once again. That happens pretty much every day you get to see a sunrise, or learn something new, or find something to laugh about.  So we all should laugh every day, do as much as you can, don't dwell on regrets, cherish your friendships, and make music as often as you are able.   big_smile

Thank You for letting me "Sit In" !!