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Good advice from Classical Guitar.  Here is a link to another source for information on everything Cello;  https://www.johnsonstring.com/cellos-facts

There are a lot of variables to consider whenever you are shopping for an instrument, and research is the key to making an informed decision before you invest.

If you can, play before you pay, as quality instruments are individuals like people, and some you will get along with better than others.  The one that is right for you will let you know in short order, and you will be friends for along time.   smile


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OK..... Luck !!    You do know it is all a matter of practice and technique (healthy doses of both), and don't get too frustrated if it does not go as smoothly as expected.  There is always at least one musical phrase that just seems to want to hang you up..... at least that is the way it goes for me most times.   big_smile

BTW, Welcome tp Chordie !!! smile


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Dirty Ed wrote:

  Thankfully, unlike some of the other adventures I've been on, bears are a rarity.


Oh there are Bears too..... Somewhere I have a video of one that wandered into the campground, sauntered up to some folks sitting at a picnic table and absconded with one of those really big Hershey Bars.  Then it ran across the road and crawled under another vacant table where it daintily peeled the wrapper off with it's claws and munched the whole thing down while a crowd of campers (cameras in hand) gathered to preserve the moment in memory.  Once it got too crowded, the critter come up out of there at a full run scatterin' kids, and dogs, and panicked city folks like the running of the Bulls in Spain !!  It was funny because (thankfully) nobody got run over and the general course of conversation all around the area centered on "the best way to winch your cooler of food 10 feet in the air and at least the same distance from any tree".  Over on that side of the hill, trees are a little further apart than here on the Western slopes..... If you'd had a truck-full of rope, you coulda' sold every inch to good profit !!  You wont usually see Bear because they know where you are and where you are going long before you know, just from smell.  They'll avoid you mostly unless you advertise free yummy munchies, and leave them laying around. Or camp in established camps where they get used to being fed by tourists, or via unsecured dumpsters.

Cats are another matter..... you rarely see them, but they always have "eyes" on you.  Safety in numbers. wink


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Almost forgot to add :  put some shotshells in yer' sidearm...... there be snakes that also can bite.  Nothin' like waking up to the sound of rattlers that crawled under the floor of your tent during the night lookin' for a warm place to curl up.  They tend to object if you lean on 'em while rolling out of the sack early in the morning.  Yeah it only happened once..... but it still gets the old heart a thumpin" !!


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That's just a few weeks away.... and the John Day stays well up into mid-August most years.  We are still getting a little rain now and then so you should be in good shape for a float.
It is getting hot during the day (in the mid 90s this week) and over on my side of the Mountain the micro-hydro plant shut down the other day for lack of water.  It'll be down into September and gives us a chance to catch up on a few chores up there.

Fishin should be good and there are some nice fish in those waters !!  Wear your sunscreen, bug juice, and stay hydrated...... don't forget to bring your camera and batteries, some pretty country out here.  smile    The skeeters are blood-thirsty just like at home though!  Deer flies are the worst..... got bit right through the back pocket of my Levis. That's TWO layers of denim and my "fruit of the Looms".  big_smile

What stretch you gonna be on ??


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Come to think of it, I know that guy and you could say we are friends...... we look kinda alike...... but he's the one who got all the talent musically.  big_smile

ETA:   We met up in Portland at the Handmade Musical Instrument Show.  I found him lurking in one of the halls just off the main showroom running through a couple of tunes he was performing onstage during the event, and we had a short nice conversation.  The stage performance was top notch by everyone who demonstrated instruments off the showroom floor.  Doug is a genuinely personable guy (a couple of inches taller than me) but we have similar backgrounds, and I actually felt hat he would be the kind of person that would fit right in here in Chordieland. Now if I could just figure out a way to get him to attend one of the Annual Chordie Functions........
Just 20 minutes of up close observation of Doug's skills and technique was for me an educational and enlightening experience.  Inspirational..... but waaaay above my level !!!


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Jus' been lurking and doing that moderator thing.  Tis Summer around these parts and there's plenty of chores to attend to.  Thankful the livestock is a thing of the past..... not so much the kids etc. the 4 legged ones.  Not missing the horses and other critters, but there were times I had wished I hadn't taken all those Vet Med courses.  Shots, drenching, hoof-trimming and such. 

I'll drop you a mail and tell you all about it soon !!

Planning to spray the orchard this weekend and still have a couple of acres to mow while it's not raining but before things dry out too much as to be a fire hazard. 
Even retired Farmers have a full time job.  big_smile


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That is a good one there Bill !!  Those fellows were talented musicians, and it shows in their performance.  It also shows that they weren't limited to the particular genre they were "famous" for..... not all electric guitars and reverb.


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I'm a Marine (there is no such thing as a "former Marine").... anyway, back when the kids were little we started a tradition of going to the local Veteran's Cemetery and doing a little "housekeeping" on the markers in the older section.  Many of the monuments there are from the Civil War,and it always seemed fitting for Memorial Day to tend to that chore as a matter of respect.  I know it seems odd that we should have Civil War burials way out here in Oregon..... but sides were taken everywhere, and there were losses on both sides, even out here on the edge of civilization.

I usually wear a cover that shows my affiliation ie: service, and yes there are usually a couple of those "Thank You for Your Service" comments.  Like Bill I usually just say something like Thank You back.  On Memorial day, I change that to "Thank You for remembering those folks who gave it all".  Then we go about placing flowers on the graves of those we knew, and as a last gesture I float a wreath down the River to honor the friends and comrades who never made it back at all......

Semper Fi


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Done !!  My Friend.  smile

Good going there Bud.... another "milestone" passed under-foot. smile  So now the next question is:  What's Next??

Don't dwell on it too much at this time, but Seriously do think about it.  A good many of us took one of the many paths laid before us at the time we stood where you are now.  No matter which you choose, they all lead to the same place eventually.  You will spend your lifetime learning.  Some in School, some on the way to wherever you want to wind up, some "on the job", some from the friends and mentors you will meet and make, and some lessons will be learned through the process of life.

May you always see your way forward with clarity, may you never fear the asking of questions, may you always be curious and find joy in the things you discover.  And whenever you can..... Share.   smile

In California (during my "formative years") the Schools were well funded in the arts, and generally all round.  High Schools had very good music programs and staff, but a bit difficult to get involved with unless you had come up through the school system or had developed skills through private lessons earlier..... at least in the instrumental area.  Choral groups were popular and only required that you have the ability to carry a tune and take direction to participate.  Concerts and productions were regular and well done.

Then we moved North into the "edge of civilization",  where intramural Sports were funded, and Music not so much.  There is still massive gaps in the arts due to lack of staff and funding, but the High Schools do have their Bands, and choral groups.  These days supported by tuition rather than District Funding.  There are 2 High Schools, 4 Middle Schools and 8 Elementary schools in town.  All supported by as little as 5 Music "Teachers", with one "Band Director" bouncing between the two High Schools, and running the Music department for all of the others. They do log some miles commuting between schools !!

The Community however, has a good "base" of musically inclined folks,and between them and the Churches, most kids can have access to lessons and encouragement..... it's just not "spoon-fed" like it would be inside the School System.  There are free lessons, clinics, concerts in-the-park, buskers on the waterfront, garage bands, street dances, and a few of us old hippies jammin' at the coffee houses and Pubs on any given day when the weather is not too rainy.  big_smile


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Have a great day ladies !!  (although a little late).  Without Moms most of us wouldn't be here would we??  Hope your "kids" sent flowers, cards or at least a phone call. We cut flowers and made a nice arrangement for the only "Mom" in the family that is still on "this side".  Thanks to a good Spring we were able to come up with almost a dozen Roses.


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I think Jim's right about the copyright, but there may be a bunch of "WIGGLE ROOM"  in there for things like parodies and such.   As long as you state your intention and credit the original author/artist as the source and don't malign the original, you could be in the clear. I too doubt that you will have guys in suits knocking at your door.  FWIW   smile


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I learned the "Mel Bay Way", for some chord shapes it makes sense to have an "anchor" string that you slide on to index the more common chord changes, and I still use the Mel Bay fingering pattern for A (in the first position).  That "crossed finger" does throw off others that might be trying to follow along, but it works.  He also had a whole slew of unusual fingerings for more complex chord voicings that required more joints in the fingers than I was built with.  smile  Then you look at Django who had 2 1/2 fingers at best ...... so why am I complaining ?  Just takes more practice !!  big_smile


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I totally agree with all above !!  A good friend whom I have played with for many years is a "lefty"..... and as long as we both know the tune and the chords, all is well.  Until I try to introduce a new piece and then it does get trying.  Not because he can't follow me, but because he will ask what chord is that?  Jeff is self taught and never took the time to learn the common names of chords, so if I toss in a Maj7b5 or anything in the 6 or 9 group, one has to stop and "teach" the new shape before going on (and hoping it "sticks").  Which is too bad because we do like to wander out in the blues/jazz zone once in awhile.  This year we do have to work on scales and modes.  smile

That is the great thing about taking up guitar, it is a lifelong "learning experience".  big_smile


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edwardmyersuk wrote:

I want to play guitar

Well then you should !!  it is Fun, Portable, and a lifelong endeavor which is very rewarding in the hours spent making music and making friends almost anywhere you wander. smile


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A couple of things..... first off Chordie does not host any actual song files locally, so it is not as simple as just putting them here and then adding them to a songbook.  A "songbook" is essentially just an index of the locations where songs are "actually stored" and they can then be retrieved on demand via the Chordie Songbook.

So in order for you to put your songs (originals) into the system, you will have to have them "hosted" somewhere, then request that they be added to the Chordie index.  Then the links (to the url) will have to be verified and added to the main index (under the artist's name), and then they will be accessible and addable to songbooks inside the Chordie framework.  You will want to publish them wherever you decide to host them in Chopro format in order for the transpose and instrument preferences function to work properly.

Sorry that's the only way I know of to make them available for others to get them into their own songbook here on Chordie.  There may be other applications that will allow your mates to get them, but you would have to do a little research into them and their capabilities.  Personally, I store all my tunes on a local drive in pdf format and send them to my friends via email.  If they keep a folder on their devices with the "setlist" and in order, it is easy to move them around and have them available for gigs or sessions on a tablet etc..  smile


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Keep at it Donna !!  Just little bits at a time.  Many of us have "put it aside" for extended periods..... for me almost 20 years !   While running my business, raising kids, and such, until they all seemed to go on autpilot and the time seemed right to start over again.  Not as tough as the first time around (mostly because I didn't have to learn all those nasty chord shapes again), but lots of practice and yeah in little steps done often.  The most helpful single thing was setting a guitar stand right next to my desk so it would be at hand for those long intervals of phone time when I was put on "ignore" and I would play along with the Muzak.

Try to fit in about an hour daily, in 5 - 10 minute stretches, and don't fret it if you don't get it done everyday.  Calluses, muscle memory, and stamina will all come back with time and persistence.  Choose some easy tunes that you remember well, and play them until you get bored and then go find a couple of more difficult songs and add them to your list.  Cycle through the entire list and before you know it you'll have them all memorized and be ready for anything.  smile


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And who could forget Bunker Hill..... birthplace of Forensic Dentistry !!  smile

As long as your username and logon have remained the same you should be able to "find those books".  But having said that I can think of a couple reasons certain songs might disappear, such as the index no longer has them available (which I would suspect would be a result of the hosting website no longer having the tune available) and the link is not verifiable.  The recent update, I think included an extensive review of the entire catalogue and some things may have changed.


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I would have to agree with most of the posts here, a majority of the registered members likely registered because they thought that it was a requirement.  Much like a lot of other sites do.... mostly asking for your e-mail address to sell on to others for $$ gain from advertisers.  Chordie is an exception only requiring registration to post in the forums or to maintain a songbook index here.  Posting is not required, so only those with interest, or questions, or a willingness to help others, or a social bent seem to do so regularly. There will be times when only a couple of "members" will be attending, and the rest may be "guests".  We always try to be welcoming of everyone and encourage participation, but it's a lot like that "horse to water" thing.  smile


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And there's this one by Jose that is a better example of his dedication and talent:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4fu9IFtNaM


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bbfast1212 wrote:

beginners blues course

Wander over to You-Tube and check out Justinguitar.....  He has a bunch of good instructional videos and a fairly complete free course on Blues that is well worth spending some time viewing.  Not too much delving into the theory part, but valuable stuff for those getting into the genre as well as those brushing up on their skills.  smile

Are you talking about "hanging thumb style"??  I've been accused of doing that.... a habit from years ago playing a 12 string and looking for an easier way of getting a "clean" sounding barre chord with all those tight strings pushing back.  Of course it does help to have big hands to wrap around the neck.  As for IF it is taught or just 'learned" I have no idea,  sometimes it just works and that is the important thing at the end of the day.  smile