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Welcome to Chordie Peter!
You might want to introduce yourself down in the Chat Corner section. Tell us a little about yourself, where you are in your musical journey and such. As to getting around in the forums, at the top of each section there are posts labeled "sticky" that act as a guide to each section, most are helpful hints to aid in getting the most out of Chordie and what we have to offer.

The community is friendly and welcoming to everyone and really there are few hard fast rules except to be respectful of others, ditch the profanity (there are ladies and children present) and by general consensus avoid discussion of politics and religion. Although we are an "International" community, English is the preferred language and we are aware that it may not be everyone's primary language. Many of us are multi-lingual so if English is difficult for someone to find a word to express themselves and one uses another, someone will translate or at least understand.

Ask questions, post answers, join discussions and make yourself at home.
Welcome Aboard!


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mojo01 wrote:

looking to get an acoustic amp , looking for suggestions on what to get. what are ya,ll using?

I've used a bunch of different amps over the years, Fender, Marshall, Vox, Orange, etc. But I do electric and acoustic so I'm not that picky. Currently I use a Behringer 212 which is a bit much for just a practice amp. With a couple of cabs, and coupled with my powered mixer it will fill an auditorium!     


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Not an advertisment for Ovation.... But I would agree with Grah1 on his statement re: Applause. A good friend recently bought one on the knowledge that my Ovation has traveled thousands of miles with me through the heat of desert and frigid conditions in the hold of airplanes, the abuse of clumsy baggage handlers (and my own clumsyness) suffering no damage and minimal fret/setup adjustments. With a fitted case still in the sub-$500 range.  So to the question, you can buy them and are generally available.     


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I'm pretty sure Chordie was around prior to 06. I migrated over here when some "Lawyer Types" forced OLGA (On Line Guitar Archive) to fold their tents around 2002-2004? (I forget... old age I suppose). Started visiting fairly regularly for a couple of years before joining, so I would guess Chordie predates 2004. Finally registered in July 2006 I think, and up til then hadn't felt any need to post in the forums. There was a nice community of "Chordians" forming and a few names I do remember were Upyerkilt, Old Doll, Riddler, Fat Strings and with some time there should be more names buried in the dusty recesses of my memory. From time to time I do wonder about those inactive former friends, and remember those that have passed on to another plane of existence, Their friendship and welcoming nature helped build Chordie into one of the best sources of music and inspiration available today. Thank You All for Participating.     


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Windows, iOS, or Linux? Some are better than others, and it depends on which format you want to convert to.     


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Howdy Atticdust, a little more information would help us to answer your question.
What app?
We don't have an App, and we don't host any content, so if you want to put music you have found by using the Chordie search engine, into another local storage device some work will have to be done by you.  I usually print to file the songs I want and put them in a folder on my PC in a format that I can then export (and sort) onto the device I plan on using when playing. For me it is easier to make "set lists" and organize them depending on what the situation needs..     

I agree with Phill, CDs and portable hard drives are long lived and durable. You can upload backups to iCloud or
Google drive for free, and I stash my media in a safe with other important documents labeled with the location and
access information because my memory for passwords is not as good as it once was. LOL     

I'd drop a couple dollars in your guitar case.  Good on ya' !     

You might try searching for royalty free music for videos, and you might check out bensound.com, they seem to have a good selection of various genres.
Good Luck!     


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Happy Christmas to you and the family as well!  Good to hear from you! Be Safe and Be Well.     


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Chordie or
Two different dogs that don't play the same way. The "native" player in Chordie is Jango, and you don't get to follow along unless you have the tabs or sheet alongside in another window (or on paper ,or another device). Would like to help, but need more info Please.     

We missed you Bill, Dondra too!  Sent you a couple of e-mails without reply and naturally was concerned, even tried your grandson but could not come up with an address for him.
Nice to hear from you buddy, it's been lonely out here in covid-land without your conversations.     


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Happy Christmas one and all !!

Be Safe NOT a Statistic !     


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We lost another one to Covid on Saturday.  He was 86 and made his last public performance on the 11th of November at the Country Music Awards where he received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Country Music Fans will miss him, but his music lives on. 


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Arad like you I started learning guitar through Classical, but self-taught.  Good lessons would be helpful for awhile to avoid bad habits early on.  I should ask, have you training in other instruments such as piano?  The skill of reading standard notation and a basis in music theory is a real asset.  From there it is mainly developing familiarity with where the notes occur on the fretboard and lots of practice, practice, practice.

The folks here on Chordie are very good at providing encouragement and helpful advice as you may need, so coming here was a good place to join in.



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Been following this thread but keeping quiet.... I have the itwo but haven't played around enough with it over the couple years I've owned it to have a meaningful opinion.  Worked well last time I used it, seemed a solid piece of kit, just not getting as much use as expected.     


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Welcome to the Community Arad !  No worries about your grammar, American English is my first Language..... and I'm sure many of my English friends would think mine is terrible.
We make ourselves understood though, and that is what counts. 
Pull up a chair, tune up, and make yourself comfortable..... you are in good company.     


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I'll take a shot at clarifying this anomaly... not that I am a doctor of physics or anything. When you first pluck a string it will always read high to a frequency counting device or software at first and when the initial vibration has traveled up and down the full length of the string it will "ring" at it's tuned frequency. So I would surmise that the later detected vibration count would be the most accurate as that is the natural harmonic of the string at the tension it is at.. Either way it is usually best to check the note at a couple of locations on the neck to be sure you are fairly close as intonation comes into play as you shorten the string length by fretting.     

Try this link  https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/al … ds-2403941



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Welcome to the Community! Sorry our Welcome Wagon is in the shop due to Covid.... so nobody will be knocking on your door with the fruit basket.  But make yourself to home, tune up, and join right in !!     

I checked Bill's blog and the last entry was 29 March, I'd call but he's changed phones since we last spoke. It is concerning!     

I e-mailed them to check up last week and have yet to get any response.  Just wondering if they are alright in these dangerous times, or just keeping themselves to themselves.

Be safe not a statistic ! 


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Sure!  As long as you have a printer, you have to look for the [print] icon on the right side of the page of the tune you want and it should start your printer to do so. Be sure to check your printer options (paper size, orientation etc.).... and naturally plugged in and turned on works best for me! 

Have fun and Stay Healthy !!     


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Try clearing your cookies. Most log in issues can be solved by doing that.     


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That John Prine has been diagnosed with Covid 19 and is in serious condition.  I fear we may lose many more of our older "idols" before this thing is over. Be Safe and Stay Healthy Everyone!!

Lighting a Candle over here.....