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Once again, Doll, moved by your writing.  So nice to read you here again! - KC


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(just in time for All Hallow's Eve.....have fun!)

A Sleepless Night

The day dissolves in deliberate thaw
The twilight turns to dust
Horizon draws an underscore
While moonlight readjusts

Shadows deepen to obscure
The light once cast that is no more
Objects seamlessly transform
Into shapes that won’t turn back till dawn

Imagination runs askew
Tight gripped covers mask from view
The too tall form, reflects in the mirror
You blink your eyes; did it get nearer?

The hump-backed lump there in the arch
Makes your throat sand-filled with arid parch
With a lion’s mane and shark-like teeth
Eight legs below, ten claws on each

And what about that closet door?
Seems too wide opened; was it closed before?
By the window the spirit rises and falls
And beckons more ghosts, as the owl calls

Would love to get up, shake these thoughts of undead
But fear there’s one hiding under your bed!
Will grab at your feet as soon as they touch
A handful of blanket, tighter you clutch

Wind rustles the curtains, as if on cue
Causing hangers to tinkle; cold fingers now blue
You watch as the moonlight gives way to the dawn
And slowly; and surely; the evils transform.

The coat rack reflected, draped with a shawl,
Hat tipped at the top, with boots down below
The fringed baby’s blanket hanging over the chairs
Eyes heavy, you drift; gone are the stuff of nightmares


I'm sorry but I can't even watch the youtube tribute.  Still, nine years later, I can't get thru the day without a sinking feeling in my gut and some tears.  I'm grateful that I didn't know anyone who was killed on that day, but have friends and relatives who where unaccounted for but thankfully escaped.  We lived in the tri-state area and my husband worked in NYC.  I was working from home that day and he called to tell me to turn on the TV; I watched in horor as the 2nd plane hit, then flight 93, then the Pentegon, and as the towers fell.  I couldn't move from the TV.  Besides all the people in the buildings and on the street, I couldn't stop thinking about the people in the subways below the buildings. My husband's normal one hour commute took him nine that day.  I didn't know where he was most of the day as all phone service was cut out; he did manage to get a message to me that he was ok.  I used to work in that area years before so I was familiar with the buildings that were collapsing one by one.  The horor and the trama of 9/11/2001 and the days that followed (the Anthrax attacks) will never be forgotten.  It is still an open wound for the city.  Thank you for posting this tribute.


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StranS, I had to sign in so I could stand and applaud this lovely, heartfelt, powerful peice of writing!  I wish (and hope) that the gentleman that you're writing about knew even half of what you felt.  This is beautiful and spectacular!  Write ON!


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OMG, I want to cry!   This is such a sad song/story!  beautiful and sad.  very moving/touching/loving.  Nicely done!


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Phil, I'm so happy your writer's block is gone!  Was wondering where you'd been.

really like this... very fitting title!  It's no wonder we've all got so much stress in our lives!  Love the reference to "Dallas"....... showing your age... (and mine)!


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this is hysterical!  I loved it!


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StranS, this is very cool.  It's not the inanimate object that you're writing about.... it's the marked events (both happy & sad) of a life well-lived.  Love it; warmed my heart and made me smile.

Look forward to reading more of your writing.


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I love this.... it's quirky and cute ....["drained to my lees"!!] and makes me smile.  thanks for sharing!