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A guy called Tom Eveson filmed me busking and uploaded me playing The Weight.
Hope you like it.



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Ha CJ! cool

For free softwares, listen to the guys here; they know Audacity (which is free) and can help you along.

I believe that Cakewalk is now known as Sonar! I don't know about free copies availability, I do know there is a version given away with certain hardware (same way you can get Cubase LE), so you can probably find a free version to download without making a purchase!

Hope this is helpful!


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You can lead a horse to water....

But a pencil must be lead! big_smile

I agree with Zurf - Eat some chocolate!

Take care and get well soon, mate!


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Ha David 137! cool

Sorry to get to this post so late, but it's one close to my history! (Heart aint the right word!)

To play in front of strangers in a place where people haven't come to hear/see you is no easy thing. You are already doing something that over 95% of people couldn't do (or don't have the stone ones to do!) and that's 95% of people that have, or wish they had, a talent they could earn money from!

I don't care if you're Eric Clapton in disguise, 150 people is NOT a big enough crowd to get an income from the 5% - 20% that will dip; rain is not a good enough environment to get people to slow down long enough to think about grabbing some money - physically! they're more worried about getting out of it (the rain NOT 4:20!) aside from the fact that it affects peoples' mood thus generosity.

Your ability as a guitar player? Don't take this the wrong way, but busking has little to do with talent and lots to do with stone ones and what you play/how you play it. If you take your financial success as a yardstick to your talent as a musician, then there are an awful lot of musicians who you wouldn't want to stop and listen to who are better than you - I mean by this that they know how to earn good money, but I'm willing to bet you could wipe the floor with them as a musician!!! cool

The only time to think about giving up busking is if it impedes on your social life; a bad days takings? Par for the course mate!

What I'm trying to say is: Do not feel bad about yourself and your talent ability as a musician and if rain impedes your takings learn some songs/choons that bring the sun out in peoples' hearts!

Keep going mate! You are part of an elite!!! cool !

Chons da!!!


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I read a great one by Arthur Conan Doyle that someone picked up on:

"Talent immediately recognises genius, but mediocrity knows nothing more than itself"

Take that "Captain" Pugwash!


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Ha Lilwing!

There's another thread here for artist musicians. I can kick things off with the Stones' Ronnie Wood!

I had being playing for over 20 years when I went to Art College to learn how to draw and paint. When I started I was ashamed to put my pictures up alongside everyone elses. It wasn't long before I wasn't!

And I take a fairly mean photo too! And I got an 'A' for my acting at the same time on another course (but is this related to performace?)

Definite connection; good question!



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Ha Eagleeye5851 cool

I have thin fingers and can't stretch because my little fingers curve in at the last joint (I can barely make 5 frets from the first and I've been playing over 32 years. Gonna have to work out how long it really is soon!)

Andre Segovia (Sp) is reputedly one of the greatest Classical Guitarists of all time. He has/had fingers like sausages and it didn't stop him being brilliant!

I would say that for sausage fingers, a wider neck is desirable; for stretch, a shorter scale length.

Whatever your problems, keep trying to defeat them, but don't let their stubbornness defeat you! Workarounds work!

Ha Badeye soaz! cool

Lowenna penn-bloedh! (s) (Happy Birthday!) (s) big_smile

Have a good one! I'm gonna raise a glass of Taylor's to salute you! tongue

(Plus what Kenny said!) wink

Why is it that companies that go by the name of Taylor make great stuff? (hic!) big_smile


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Ha Zurf soaz!

I still think if you are getting less than what your 4 track would do something is amiss.

As technology has moved on and other technologies have been abandoned there is a plethora of units which will purport to be able to do what your Portastudio did and other things that it could never dream of doing.

This unit will record 4 tracks simultaneously, only to get 4 tracks at once requires using the built-in mics. It has balanced inputs, internal effects and mixing, a wire to connect to your computer, a copy of Cubase LE to do more than 4 track projects in your computer and it works as an audio interface (soundcard) to your computer.

http://www.samsontech.com/products/prod … rodID=1994

With the choice of either, I'd get the Zoom!


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Budiest chompers in the clundy!!!



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Ha Zurf soaz!

From what you say I think the answer to your question is "No!" based on the fact that it only has 2 inputs (and on 1/4" jack AND they're unbalanced)

Yes you will be able to record on that, mix on that (although most mixer functions are software rather than hardware i.e. menu driven) and/or import to computer for further processing (mixing)/all processing, but you will only be able to get 2 signals at a time (i.e. 2 mics or 2 guitars or 1 mic and 1 guitar). The balanced thing is not an issue for many, but this thing is designed more as a rough notepad than an attempt at a semi-serious recording tool.

The Behringer Xenyx mixer I recommended a while back will only be able to send 2 signals at a time to go to your computer, BUT all inputs will be balanced connectors and you will have a fully functioning mixer. I'm basing this on what you said you wanted in your earlier post and the fact that to do all you want will require an up grade of EVERYTHING rather than using/integrating this Tascam unit into your future set-up.

Balanced signals: When you look at an XLR connector on a Mic it has 3 connector pins (the plugs on the ends of the lead have 3 corresponding pins or holes depending on which end.) 1 pin takes the earth, the other 2 both take the same signal but 1 pin/wire is "Phase Inverted" or "flipped over" so that if you were to look at a graph of the signal where + (positive/original signal) is going up the - (negative/phase reversed signal) is going down in the exact opposite way.

If you were to play the original signal through one speaker and the phase reversed signal through another speaker, when the 2 soundwaves met they would cancel each other out leaving silence; the same would happen in your mixer or your computer.

The beauty of this situation is that any noise picked up on the cable's travel will be the same phase on both the + and - so when it gets to the mixer and the - signal is flipped back and added to the original + signal, the noise becomes phase reversed/inverted and the 2 signals cancel each other out leaving you with a clean noise-free signal!

Hope this helps and remeber that shops want to make a sale, Chordians want to steer you right!!!

PS Tascam/TEAC products are superb, I own a DA 38 and it has always given me broadcast quality results!


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Ha BanjoEds. Dynnargh dhe Chordie! cool

Splann! Bryntyn!

Bramm an gath, you've impressed the wotsit out of me!!!

Any chance of comin this way? I'm only next county but one.

Rude question, but I couldn't see on your site so forgive me for asking - how old are you?

Only passed thru Mousehole; Looe, Fowey, Mevagissy, Liskard more familiar to me.

Oh, did I comment on your playing? - Marthys!!! cool

Gans pup bollonjeth oll da ha gwitha seni an Banjo!

(I'm off to listen to Horse and Buggy 'gain)


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Hey Wayne!

Now that's cool! cool

Favourited!!! big_smile


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Ha Kenny soaz!

http://www.e-chords.com/ have a lot of songs with various musical instrument icons beside them including Piano/Kbd WITH the Piano chords printed INCLUDING fingering.

I hope this adds to your arsenal of info - I'm off to check out Waynes site!

Chons da!!!


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Thanks, it aint bad! cool

Yup, all! Although I had a spot last weekend's Folk Festival, I waived it so more of the brilliant performers could do their thing!


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Soundcraft Powerstation 600, Behringer Ultracurve, Lexicon MPX100, Drawmer MX30, TL Audio Ivory Valve Para EQ, Focusrite Voicemaster, AKG D3800, Beyerdynamic DT100, Yamaha S115, Stands, Leads.

Dangerous subject to get me to elaborate upon, I could go on for hours about Pre Amps, EQs, Compressors, Mics, Mixers, Monitors, Cans, etc, etc, etc................



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Me explaining the finer points of my rig to Spanky while Bigs Blue looks on.

(You said you wanted photos of members at gigs Russell, does it count behind the desk?)


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Ha Selso soaz!

Did you know hairspray can provide a useful temporary fix to damaged speaker cones? Spray on liberally (when no music playing) and allow to dry.

Want to have a listen to the choon but no time the mo'. Will revisit when I have!

Chons da soaz!


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Hey Rattles and welcome to Chordie! cool

Don't know about teaching sites for kids. Try finding songs she likes and breaking them down into easy playing (i.e. many people are taught their first G chord as 1st string 3rd fret, and only strumming the top 4 strings. Likewise, C could be played with 2nd string 1st fret and only strumming top 3 strings, etc).

If no-one comes back with your ideal answer, this method might be worth considering.

Best of luck with it to you and your daughter!


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