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Hi Selso,

Go ahead - we'll call it a collaboration.


Never mind a tent, I've just been staying in a caravan on the coast in gale force winds for the past three days. Great to be back in the bricks again !


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She's wonderful - encourage her!

Wish my spelling was as evocative !


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Thanks Phill,

"are all you irish so deep and intense?" - no we live in houses like everyone else ; )

I was looking for a different perspective on the unspoken topic - wondering what would the Reaper have learnt down the years - apart from being fairly cynical and finding people pitful.

The twist is in verses 7&8.


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Well, good song and keep on rockin' Daddy - and don't let the B's grind you down. Good to hear that people on chordie are standing up for their rights.

I was a steward with Unison up until I changed jobs.


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Wonder what you'll make of this ?

Don't want to make it too obvious, but also don't want to make it so obscure there's no meaning.


I met him in Belfast.
The third week in May
He nodded and stalked off.
He'd nothing to say.

   He would usher them over,
   And they could never come back,
   Never come back, never come back.

The next time, he wondered
Why I was still there?
This kind of liaison
Was rarer than rare.

So we sat down and talked
Over coffee and dates
And struck up a friendship
On pipe dreams and fate.

For he'd known them all
The great and the good
Attila and Hitler
Ghandi and Hood.

And some would get maudlin,
Some would sigh with relief
When he'd steal away pain
Like some gentleman thief.

And one thing I learnt
As I let him talk on
Was the fact that without us
They'd get nothing done.

But it came time to call time
I put my hand on his arm
I saw the start in his eyes
And the ending in alarm.

He pulled himself together
It took all that he'd learnt
To let go the memories
So the book could be burnt

Message or messenger,
Killer or kill
There's none that will outrun
The stillness so still.


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Ok . This is a difficult one. Buck Alec was a Belfast character. He was implicated in many murders. Never committed, but certainly guilty. He was known for keeping a lion in his back yard And maybe that lion spoke more truth than Buck did. Buck lived in old Sailortown in Belfast.

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Hi Folks.

Just to say that , for reasons too reasonable to mention/ Will be recording soon.


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With your name, you can't fail to be a good guitarist

See http://www.paulbrady.com/video/default.asp

Up strokes can be a pain at the start. Check how your pick is hitting the strings - what angle and how tight you hold it can make a difference. Change the angle and the hold until you get a sound that you like, Then you need to practice how to hit the strings that way every single time.

It's a good idea to think about all the separate actions that your hands make when you play guitar - each one makes a difference.

You could also try playing along to a metronome



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Did you study Anglo-Saxon ? And that's a serious question, because heavy alliteration is a classic feature of the original Beowulf, Seafarer and Wanderer poems ( There's an English translation of the Seafarer here http://www.cichw.net/ .

Et moi, je n'ai q'un petit peu de francais. Et c'est tres mauvais. Et quand je suis en Paris, toutes la monde pense que je suis americain. Je ne suis pas americain.

Et Paris, j'y etait Septiembre dernier, pour les eglises, des Arts, les gustations.

Quand je vais a Paris prochain, j'irai au nord. Il-y-a un restaurant. La, une femme chante comme le piaf.

Well, I have very little french, and what I have is pretty grim. And when I'm in Paris everyone thinks I'm a yank, but I'm not a yank.

I was in Paris last September for the churches, the paintings and the food.

When I go there again, I will head up north, to a little restaurant. There a woman sings like the sparrow.

French speakers have it hard. There are only around 90 million native speakers in the world.

It's great to walk down Montparnasse in Paris and see the huge Movie Hoardings in french, but without restrictions on English movies being shown, a grand old culture would be swamped.

You could also mention Edith Piaf. Charles Aznavour and others.

Are there any francophone bands from Canada who broke through ?


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Wondered what was the best way of capturing a "live " sound when recording at home.

Is it best to mic an amp that has two channels ( vocals and guitar)? Or can you mic both guitar and vocals and squeeze both into the computer at the same time?