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I went out and bought the Boss DS1 and wow! What a difference! Now I am reading about some mods that can be done. Think I'll leave it stock for awhile. Thanks for the advice.


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I say it is generational. OP worships metallica. I think they are a bunch of overated,self absorbed ..... nevermind all that. I wonder how the lead singer orders breakfast? "I'd like ah.... glass of orange ah.. juice ahh..."    Spinal Tap ruined it all for me. Being a Zappa fan didn't help.


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The lead guitar guy in my "classic rock/hair " band wants us to cover Kids' sampling adventures....but he is also a self confessed Jugalo.


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I would think Van Morrisons' "Brown eyed girl"!  The song has had so much airplay that everyone has heard it. Who can't sing to the 'sha-la-la-la-la la la di da' part? What man hasn't had a thing for a brown eyed girl? What lady hasn't wished a man would lament for a lost love? The song is genius in it's construction,content and vocal phrasing, and even just simple chords on a box guitar will get the intent of it but also has enough to keep two guitars busy.  I never tire of hearing it. Damn I'm wordy this morning.It's the coffee..


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Hey Crevs,
   I had the same problem on my Epi dot but with the bridge p/u. I rarely use it by itself and when I switched to it I got various troubles similar to what you described. Turned out to be the notoriously cheap 3 way switch the Epiclone company uses or the fact that it may not have seen the "Lead" position for a few months.At any rate I used some electrical contact cleaner and got the switch in better working order. The clearance on your SG seem a bit much. I would got to an SG specific site and get the proper specs.

Good luck with it.

Talk about getting that vintage sound! And a great opening line for a blues song:
"My gitar is fawty but mah strings is fitty year old..."


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Thanks for the responses. The Boss might be the way I lean. I have tried several multi effect units and while they have versatility,they seem too harsh with no depth. I'm using a $14 Behringer now and it's time for a change. Thanks again.


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Ah.. the first love. Mine is a Tokai Hummingbird.Light as a feather and dinged up but still very dear to me. Got it on my 15th bday and still have it 38 years on. It has been around the world twice and never been in a case or gig bag. She is currently undergoing restoration. Don't feel guilty,enjoy all your guitars. I can have fun on a $10 hondo!


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Greetings all. I am new to the site and my first post will be a question.I play a solid body with HB's and a semi hollow with HB's through a Roland Jc-120. I am looking for a descent overdrive pedal to get some better blues tones. The Ibanez tube screamer in any flavor claims it will overdrive a tube amp.That's nice but my Jc-120 is solid state. I currently use a cheap off brand "blues overdrive" pedal and am not happy with it. Anyone with a similar setup and what do you have to to to get a good sound from it? I realise there are alot of variables in this equation. Any help is welcome.