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Phill Williams wrote:


you may have noticed that it's only airy-fairy in the first verse which i wrote early morning (about 10 o'clock). second and third verse arrived about twelve hours later, so they aren't so floral or Shakespearean.
as for a voice you can choose between Richard Burton or Peter Sellers, oh no you cant as they're both no longer with us... drat

Phil, I use to love hearing Peter Sellers reciting the lyrics to the Beatles Hard Days Night  in a Shakespearian manner.


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Cheers Jim in the old days playing the keys down here was called tickling the Ivories. Now days I hear the kids talk about bashing the keys when playing the keyboard. The old pianos here were also known as Joanna's. Which came from the Cockney rhyming slang  for piano. Old Joanna. or  some would say Aunt Joanna. .


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How out thou Phill. I love the way you wrote this.  Well written in a ye old style.   I can hear in it my head been spoken by someone with a  Shakespearian type voice.


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Here is a song I wrote for Maree in a style she likes not my usual thing. It was good to give the Ivories a bit of a tickle on his one.


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Great lyrics Jim reminds me of some of the wild woman I knew in my younger days who were travelling around drifting in and out of jobs different countries and towns.     


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Phill those lyrics hit the mark our Kiwi kids down here in NZ would love them in a song.  I look  forward to hearing you playing  it .


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Beamer I like the way your lyrics flow without getting to complicated. I guess the lyrics are sort of a metaphor for wanting to stay in a relationship or a situation even though  things aren't working out well at that time?


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Mojo love the way you can tell a good story in a song. I can imagine that picture through your  cleverly written and performed song.     


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Good folky tune there EB. I have heard people from time to time say Sling Ya Hook but up until now I didn't realize what  it meant.  One of my old work mates use to say it and I never had a clue what he meant.     


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Ctech Interesting  subtle choral backing sound on this one.


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Ctech I like the way you sing and play this song.     


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Jeff many a muso I have known over the years could relate with what you have written.


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Ctech now  I have heard the music music component of this song I can hear in my head someone with an Elvis type voice singing it. Excellent piece of composition.     


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Ctech I love German Shepherds my mother last dog was one. It was a very faithful  pet to her when he died he was mourned more so than many humans in our family. I mention to a young  couple who live close by to me that their German Shepherd reminded me of Rin Tin Tin' forgetting that many people today don't know who Rin Tin Tin is. All  I got in reply was a weird roll of the eyes and the comment, " who the hell is Rin Tin Tin?"    I guess if I was to mention to my younger relatives  who keep horses about Mr Ed the horse or Lassie the dog I would get the same reaction. Though these relatives did know about Arnold Ziffel when they use to have a pet  kunekune pig most probably due to us oldies talking about Green Acres.


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EB good Poem.  There will be many brick and mortar retailers in  the situation your poem describes plus many food, drink and entertainment places in that situation this year.
Only up side will be the courier companies are experiencing growth due to online shopping and the covid.     


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Jeff and Phill vocals worked perfectly on this song. The story behind the song and the lyrics brought back happy childhood memories of my own. The musical arrangement was bang on a brilliant collaboration.  As a duo Phill and Jeff have got something very special with this song.  This song is one of the best songs I have heard on chordie.     

Jim another  excellent song. I like the message and quiet often I have noticed over the years peoples perception of a person judged on their outward appearance can be wrong. Your  song addresses that perfectly.     


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Congratulations Phill on your Afa (half) century of guitar playing. I love hearing your style of playing every time i have heard it and also your singing. Recently it has been a privilege to have been able to collaborate with you on a couple of songs.     


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TIGLJK wrote:

Sounds like a good ending to a  troubled life

Even after hearing this ladies family story I have had a lot questions come into my head. Questions like when did the young girl become aware her mother was in prison for her fathers death and things like that. Originally I started out writing a song,  How Do You Tell Your Children, Nana killed Grandpa". It sounded corny and didn't work that's when  I went down the track of a poem. Though I would like to talk to her more about this subject I wont unless she brings it up as I feel its not appropriate thing for me to do,. In  a strange way I wanted the poem to leave people thinking what's next.


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Cheers Jim what I gathered from what she told me is they had a very young girl who was adopted by an extended family member. She has grown up and has a good life.  The sister was released from jail on parole after doing 20 something years . She was allowed to live  in a   small town where  she  apparently  had a good job and died of natural causes  a number of years after being released from jail.


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Cheers Phill the lady who told me about her sister story is from the UK originally. The murder happened over in the USA many years back after her sister and brother in-law moved there. Apparently her brother in-law had a terrible inferiority complex every time he got passed over for a promotion he would go home and be hell to live with. His work  colleagues and friends after his death apparently said when he drank alcohol he would become horrible and abusive. Apparently he aspired also to be an actor but never got anywhere with it because many times he never got passed the audition. When he was rejected for a roll apparently he would be hard to live with while brooding over not getting parts. Then if he got the part he would get sacked for turning up drunk or just decide himself that the part wasn't for him and walk out. Apparently when sober he was meek and mild. This story was told to me by this lady when I was talking to her recently up until then I hadn't heard about this sad thing that had happened in her family. As far as NZ being a place of  milk and honey. It is a laid back country but also we have an underbelly around drug addiction high youth suicide rates. There are murders but generally it is a safe place to live.


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A lady I know told me about a murder and the two people involved. One of them is her sister and the other her brother in-law. Here is my poem about what she told me.                             

                                               Blurred Private Hell

Sometimes he has an image in his head of how he wants things to be.

It’s quiet a clear picture inside his head.

Somehow, he hasn’t got the courage to put it all together and show it to the world.

He has a way of pointing out peoples faults and humiliating them while maintaining his own sense of false power and control which is not too endearing.

He wants something but he’s not prepared to do it for himself.

All he presents is a blurred picture in the hope that someone else will make it stronger for him.

All it Is.

Is a blurred image which comes out as blurred memories.

Blurred hopes.

Nothing that you can clearly see.

Somewhere in there is a forest but you can’t see the trees.

You just can barely make out the road he wants to travel.

You know there is somewhere he wants to head to.

He hasn’t got the courage to colour it in for himself.

Is he being secretive?

Is he being private?

His better half.

She is a bulldozer on the streets of life.

Inside her tough exterior hides a hurt little girl.

His words cut her deep.

In the  night in his sleep her gun comes out.

Fully loaded pointed at his sleeping head.

There is this loud explosion.


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Powerful lyrics Ctech and also an empowering way to  encourage Jennifer.     


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Ctech that is a song that I would love to hear, not only sung in church  but as a religious anthem in all settings.     


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CG I like the way Kelly puts it all together with just himself and a guitar.