Topic: Password Recovery

How do I go about getting my old, or setting a new, password?  I have tried an email request but the thing is, I need to recover a password from a second songbook. When I had inquired about password recovery it directs me automatically to the same songbook for which I have the password, i.e. Maz2.  The songbook I need is for Maz3.  I hope I have not violated any rules by having 2 songbooks, but I wanted more than the 100 limit. Thanks!

Re: Password Recovery

I'm pretty sure that you can have more than one book as a member, and usually all of them should be accessible from your primary log-on username and password. It would be unusual to have set a different username for each book.  If you did so, then you would have to send a password reset request for the account you cannot currently access and I would sure try that. smile

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Re: Password Recovery

You definitely can have more than one songbook and opening a second account to have a second, as you have found out, can lead to difficulties. If you have used the same e-mail address for both there will be complications but if you used a different one I can hopefully sort it for you. Please write to me privately with both account names and e-mails used and we will see what we can do.