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Hello all.

I've been playing the guitar for about 5/6 months now (On a Fender Tiki Acoustic, and a Squier Affinity Strat), and I've come to the point where I would like to understand more about the instruments themselves.

The way I personally like to understand how things work, is to build them from scratch. When I took up mountain biking, I started off with a cheap bike, and ended up building my own one, as to understand how the components all work etc. Same with my computer.

Anyway enough waffle. Basically as a total idiot of guitar components (I can tune but haven't dared to adjust anything else on the strat) I need somewhere to start.

I love the shape of the strat, and I've seen a really nice yellow blank strat canvas. I've got about £500 or so I'm prepared to throw at this. (I know i could get a decent guitar for that, but like i've mentioned, its the building experience, and the knowledge im after, so i know i can change things easily and competently in the future, and understand there role in my music).

I'm guess i need the following components :

Neck (with head and nut and keys already attached?)
Socket for cable.

What else do i need to pick up? and are there any decent components I can get, that I could successfully build my guitar for my budget?

Thanks for reading.

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If your wanting to build a kit, then you need to make sure you buy quality parts, [not the junk they put in Squires] So be sure to get the parts they put in actual strats! The reason I say this is because my brother had a Squire years ago and it was a piece of junk. Could never keep it in tune, so make
sure you spend the extra money and get decent parts like they put in their more expensive guitars!
If you are truly building from scratch than your gonna need alot of expensive tools! I assume your
talking kit guitar, if so thats not totally from scratch, but I would build a kit. Like I said earlier [buy
quality parts or you'll be sorry.] Don't forget wiring! didn't see it on your list, but if it's a kit, all that
should come with it. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

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Re: Building...

E-Bay has Strat parts.
Good Luck

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Howdy ApeDoctor,

  Out here on the West Coast, I would look to Warmouth up in Seattle area for neck and body parts.  They have a website and are easy to work with if you want changes. But closer to you, I'm not sure where to refer you.  Perhaps a luthier in your area could give you some good leads.

  The neck and fretboard is the hard part, the rest is basic woodworking and finishing, choose your scale length before you order!

  Have fun with it & Take Care;  Doug

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I agree with the advice to make sure you get quality parts. It's not hard to acumulate just as much expense building your own as a good guitar would cost new. Or once you figure out what you want to build...then watch EBAY and scrounge parts as they become available. Or you can buy and used guitar and upgrade and hot rod it.
As mentioned by Doug, Warmouth is an excellent resource for parts and designs...also Allparts in Texas has everything needed to built a complete guitar from scratch...

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